Saturday, May 18, 2013

Some stuff

Today, I discovered a trail of small ants coming into my house from my back door, and I discovered that our air conditioner decided to stop working properly (and there is a puddle under the condenser unit outside...I think it's the condenser, and then the compressor is in the attic? I don't know), and I strained my hamstring.  So we are having Papa John's for dinner, and Mike is out getting a new filter for the a/c to see if that helps it at all, and he took the three awake children with him because he is amazing like that.  And we went to the farmer's market this morning, which was fairly fun.  The kids' favorite part of going to the farmers' market is when we stop by the big ball afterwards that spins on a bed of water when you push it.  Needless to say, the girls both got soaked, because, hey, what's more fun than getting really really wet and playing in a bunch of water when it's 90 outside and you've been stuck in a stroller for the previous hour?  Nothing, that's what.  Well, maybe some popsicles and some water to drink would have made that more fun, and some towels to dry off with a bit afterwards...

I have been doing a small bit of yard work lately.  I mowed the lawn, and discovered that most of our summer lawn is dead (which I kind of already pretty much knew).  I used my wonderful telescoping tree trimmer to cut a bunch of dead branches off our trees.  I did not immediately clean up the dead branches I cut down, so over the next several days, the boys had lots of fun whacking the branches against each other and breaking them into hundreds of tiny branch pieces which are much harder to clean up, but at least they've been having a lot of fun and have not whacked each other with the branches at all.

Last night, the boys got out of bed several times, and I sent them back to their room with not-so-dire warnings to please stay in their beds.  A little while later, I heard some yelling from their room, so I went in the hallway to listen and figure out what was going on.  I heard Aiden yelling, "In the galaxy! In the whole world! In all the planets! On the moon!"  I have no idea what he was pretending, but whatever it was, it was awesome.

Two nights ago, Mike had a "camping sleepover" with the boys in the family room.  They stayed up late, and woke up early, and generally had a fantastic time I think.  I got to have a nice relaxing evening in my room.

As lovely and funny as my children are, some times they are also cranky and demanding and sometimes I need something else to do other than mommying to keep myself from going completely crazy and just yelling at everybody all day.  So, I decided I should finally teach myself calculus, and sat down with my book I got awhile ago, and discovered a few pages in that I didn't remember what logs were.  At that point, I decided perhaps a general math-refresher-course would be a good idea, so I am going through all the math categories on Khan Academy and am learning lots of neat stuff, and re-learning a few things that I had completely forgotten, and remembering how to do other things that I only vaguely remembered.  I am almost through the Arithmetic and Pre-Algebra section.  The only thing I have not liked so much was the unit on rates with the quiz full of word-problems of the following variety:

Tommy travels an average speed of 20mph on the train, and then travels an average speed of 15mph on his bike, and he travels 50 miles total over 3 hours (I am making this up so the math probably doesn't work at all on this problem!), so how many minutes (or miles, or whatever) did he ride his bike for?

And the videos before that quiz don't really explain how to solve that problem, and the hints show the formula to use to solve it, but they don't explain how you get to that formula, or where all the units go, etc., and it's very frustrating.  Similarly there were problems like the following:

If it takes 9 people 5 hours to paint 11 walls, how long will it take 5 people to paint 27 walls?

And the hints again show the formula, but not how they got to that formula, which wasn't explained in the videos at all either, and was, again, frustrating.

But I've liked everything else.  We'll see how I feel after I get through the algebra section.

I've also been playing a lot of Draw Something on my phone over the past year or so.  It is a fun game. Here is a random picture I drew in it recently:

The End

P.S. Upcoming soon will be posts about Aiden's birthday, and my birthday/Mother's Day/anniversary, etc.

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Kestrel said...

You should learn Spanish, since your family is in Guatemala. There's a great app/site called Duolingo that is fantastic for learning a new language. I just discovered it a few weeks ago and it's keeping my brain in shape till I get back to BYU in September for Spanish 206.