Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday, Caleb!

I'm only a month and a half late with this post...oh well.

Caleb, at age three, is becoming more independent all the time.  He likes trying to do things all by himself.  He is at that stage though where he still craves some amount of dependency and help.  It's a balancing act trying to figure it out sometimes, but it's getting easier.

He's slightly above average in size for his age, at 35.5 lbs and 38" tall.  He seems very large to me, perhaps because Aiden was so skinny at that age, and Caleb is a little sturdier.  He's leaned out a lot over the past year though, and no longer has the little round tummy he had when he was 2.  We are working, slowly, on potty training.  He is capable of using the potty, he just doesn't want to most of the time and would rather just wear his pull-ups.

Caleb is really excited at the prospect of attending preschool at the end of this summer.  He knows almost all of his letters (and is very good at recognizing them, and constantly surprises me by pointing out various letters out of the blue), and is learning how to count to ten fairly well, though he still can't count actual objects with any sort of accuracy (that, in my experience, takes a much longer time to learn than just reciting the numbers or recognizing them in print).  He's very good at his colors and shapes now.

He talks in complete sentences most of the time now, and makes up elaborate pretend play for his hands or for some of our action figures or cars.  He doesn't enunciate very well, so he's still rather hard to understand for most people (including me when he's upset, since he doesn't enunciate at all when he's frustrated over something).  He makes up funny little stories for his hands all the time that they act out, mostly involving dialogue between them as they climb up and fall off of things.  They are generally brothers, and one of them usually saves the other.  Caleb still adores Aiden, though he is starting to assert his independence from him a bit as well, and will refuse to participate when Aiden tries to force him to play one game when Caleb wants to play something else, or play by himself, instead.  They get along well most of the time though, and play together all day.  It will be a big change for both of them, I think, when Aiden starts full-day Kindergarten and Caleb starts preschool.

Caleb loves music, and frequently tries to sing along with the songs in the shows and movies we watch (and does quite a good job at it), and loves trying to play instruments and dancing (which still just involves running around in circles).  He still likes to have things 'just so' when he goes to bed, with his animals lined up just right, and his blanket not crumpled on top of him.  It's probably nice to have a bit of order after the chaos of most of our days.  He doesn't usually nap anymore, though he will fall asleep on the couch occasionally in the afternoons after we've played outside a lot in the mornings.  He adores nursery, and is having no problems whatsoever with Gwen and Chloe being in there with him now.

He is getting better at playing with them, now that they can both walk, which translates to he occasionally will share something with them, and sometimes likes to try to make them laugh by making funny noises, but he still doesn't like them to touch him generally, and refuses to show them how to play with different toys.  He likes saying, "I can't" if I ask him to do something he doesn't want to.  He loves pointing out, "It's morning, Mommy!" as soon as the sun starts coming up every day.  He likes trying to help me cook, and he and Aiden both like to help mop the floor with the kid-sized string mops they got for 3 Kings' Day this year.  His favorite drawing activity is tracing his hand on a piece of paper, which he can do by himself now.

Generally, he's happy and fun to be around (though if you ask him if he's happy, he'll usually reply by suddenly becoming downcast and declaring, "No, I'm sad.") His favorite color is the colors of whatever he is interacting with at that moment.  His favorite show is still Fresh Beat Band.  He really likes Cars, and Here Come the 123's, as far as movies go at the moment.  Sometimes he plays with our baby dolls and will make little beds for them and put them to sleep and carry them around or push them in the stroller if they are "awake". His favorite food is probably peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, cut into triangular quarters.  He eats a lot in the mornings and afternoons and then isn't much interested in dinner.

We tried going to the snow up in Flagstaff one day a couple of weeks ago.  He hated the cold and wanted to get back in the car after just a couple of minutes.  I think he felt personally affronted that anything could feel so cold.  It hailed last week, and he refused to go out and play in it, even bundled up in warm clothes.  It's somewhat entertaining.

It will be fun to see how he changes over the upcoming year.

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