Tuesday, April 26, 2011

To summarize (or not...very long)

Easter was quite lovely, with some of the most delicious ham ever.  My children both ate way too much candy, between three different Easter Egg hunts total, and two pinatas.  They had a fantastic time.  We watched one of our church-produced films about Christ twice, and tried repeatedly to explain both death and resurrection to Aiden, but I don't think he quite gets it yet.

We went to Virginia Beach for a family reunion with my family, which was fabulous, other than the traveling there and back, which was terrible.  There were no direct flights, so we had scheduled a flight with a layover/plane-switch in Cleveland for the way there.  But, after an hour or so of hanging out at our gate for our second plane, they announced that there were tornado warnings in Virginia.  Eventually, our flight ended up being cancelled, and since it was due to weather, they only gave us a discount on a hotel for the night, and then there wasn't a direct flight from Cleveland to Norfolk with three open seats on it for the next day, so we got to fly to Newark, and from there to Norfolk.  Since the storm the day before had apparently smashed the entire East coast, the Newark airport was dealing with the aftermath of loads of cancelled and rescheduled flights, and the flight we were supposed to be on ended up being delayed, and Mike got us switched to a different, earlier flight, which also ended up being delayed so we got to Virginia almost exactly 24 hours after we were originally supposed to be there.  And our one checked bag didn't make it until later that night, and so we had to go pick it up from the airport the next day.

We went to Busch Gardens our first day there, which was nice, but I didn't get to hang out with my family as much as I would have liked, since everybody split up for most of the day to take their kids to all the different age-appropriate rides.  Aiden got to meet Grover and Elmo and Abbie from Sesame Street though, which he loved.  He gave Grover a flower that he had picked a few minutes before from a nearby planter.  It was unbearably cute.

The next day we went to the aquarium, which would have been fantastic if my children had not been fairly grumpy due to extreme fatigue still from all the traveling and missed naps and hunger from a very delayed lunch-time.  Aiden really liked it all until we got to the tunnel of fish, which seemed to terrify him for no apparent reason.  He also thought the sharks were a little scary, but I think realistically he was just so tired by the time we got to them that he wouldn't have liked them no matter what.  Watching the Harbor Seals out front was very fun, though, and I loved seeing all the different fish.  That evening we did a family photo, since we won't all be together again for over three years.  Mike was taking the photo, so he was busy all afternoon and evening getting all his gear ready and prepped and figuring out where to take what photos, etc.

The day after that was check-out and go-home day.  We all helped clean up the beach house and packed up all our stuff, then the kids did a pinata and we said good-bye.  I haven't let myself think too much about the good-bye part or how long it will be before I see any of my family again.  Caleb threw up that morning right before we left the beach house, so that was fun.  We had a plane change in the middle of our trip back, in Charlotte this time, and our first flight ended up being delayed so they switched us to an earlier flight so we could make our connection.  We still only had half-an-hour to deplane, get all our gate-checked items (2 carseats, one stroller, one suitcase), and make a mad dash from one end of the airport to the complete opposite end.  We ran about halfway, and then caught an electric cart for the second half, and ended up being pretty much the last people on the plane.  Caleb threw up again partway through the last flight.  My "Mommy reflexes" are getting pretty good when it comes to keeping vomit off of clothes.  And, of course, to top it off, our two checked bags on the way back didn't make it home to Arizona until an hour or more after we did, so we had them deliver them to our house the next day.

I really did love getting to see and hang out with my family, though!  But we have determined to not fly Continental or United or U.S. Airways again for as long as we can.

My Mom and younger brother came to visit us about a week before our trip, which was lovely.  My mom came to my nuchal translucency screening ultrasound with me, where they informed me that both babies seem perfectly healthy, and that they are guessing they're both girls, although we won't know for sure until my next ultrasound in May.  So, that was exciting.  We also had a birthday party for Aiden's third birthday while they were here.  He got way more presents than any 3-year-old needs, including nine different toy dinosaurs, a toy leaf-blower with goggles, a super-hero cape, some new clothes, and some other stuff that I can't remember right now.  He loved all of it.  I made him a cake that looked vaguely like a dinosaur.  He likes to wear his goggles and cape and run around being a super-helper or Super Grover or a space ranger sometimes when it's just the goggles.

Caleb is learning to talk, and in addition to MaMa and DaDa now says "Iiiii" for both Hi and Bye, and Uh-oh whenever anything drops.  He is almost walking, he loves holding onto our fingers and walking all over the place, and will take up to about six steps on his own without holding on to anything before he falls over generally, and has started crawling with all his limbs straight because it's more like walking. He got his first hair cut on Saturday, which didn't really make him look different at all because all his hair is still pretty much invisible, but we feel better that he doesn't have a mullet any more.

I got some new maternity clothes from Ross, which has been really nice.  They're light and comfy and should last through the summer pretty well (I hope).  And, they're cute too, so that's always a bonus.  I felt one of the babies moving a little on Sunday during Relief Society.  Still waiting to feel the other one some time.

That covers pretty much everything!

tl;dr: Things overall are great, kids are growing up, twins are doing well, airplane travel can suck.

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