Wednesday, March 23, 2011

This and that

The kids have been sick (Aiden has had a stomach virus for the past week and a half, and Caleb's got ear infections in both ears), I have been sick (a cold and morning sickness), and I am tired of everybody being sick.

A couple of weekends ago we went to Disneyland with Mike's family.  We drove there in our new (used) minivan (2007 Honda Odyssey, I love it so far, remote open doors are fantastic), which was quite nice.  Aiden came down with his stomach virus in the middle of the night after our day at Disney, which was kind of terrible.  I will spare you the details.  But the kids really enjoyed the park, though Aiden thought the Nemo subs were a little scary.  They were both entranced by It's a Small World.  Aiden also really liked the Casey Jones train, and I think he enjoyed Autopia quite a bit as well.  We probably won't be back to Disney for quite a while due to the logistics of so many small children.

My stomach is growing ridiculously large.  I have already switched to my maternity pants and will soon need my maternity shirts.  I want to buy a maternity swim suit, I never purchased one with the other two pregnancies, but I am waiting to buy anything baby-related until after my next appointment, as I must admit I'm still a bit nervous about how well things are going in there.  Aiden is convinced that both babies are girls.

My mom gave me a really pretty bird feeder for Christmas.  I've been filling it up with bird seed ever since, but only recently have we started to actually get birds using it.  Mostly it's doves and sparrows that come to snack.  We've also got a couple of little birds that I think are probably a type of flycatcher that stop by occasionally.  And there's some big old black birds that come eat things off the patio and lawn, probably bugs.  I've been enjoying watching the birds and trying to identify them.  It would probably be easier to do if I cleaned my sliding glass door so that I could see all the little markings on the birds.

I've been letting the kids watch ridiculous amounts of movies and TV lately while I've been sick and they've been sick.  I am really sick of all three Toy Story movies, as those are Aiden's favorites lately.  I discovered there's Sesame Street episodes on Netflix, so we started watching that yesterday.  Much more enjoyable.  Also, we have been watching Shaun the Sheep which is hilarious.

My family is having a family reunion next month in Virginia.  I'm really excited to see everybody again, I've been missing my family lately.  And it is probably the last time I'll get to see my parents for the next three+ years.  I find it somewhat funny that I will be pregnant again.  I was pregnant at our last reunion, and very newly pregnant at the reunion before that.  I also seem to be running into the problem of being pregnant every time we go to an amusement park and being unable to go on any of the rides.

Lots more cravings with this pregnancy than the previous ones.  Mostly for protein, like steak.  Yum.  Occasionally chicken.  I seem to have an aversion to fish at the moment, as well as milk.  Cheese is good though, along with basic carbohydrates, especially if they're smothered with butter and, well, cheese.

It's been beautiful weather here lately.  We would be spending a lot of time outside if we weren't all sick.  Though we did go out last week and I pulled the weeds from our front yard and side yard (of which there were a lot, mostly very, very large).  My cilantro, arugula, and basil plants are all flowering.  The garden's quite pretty with all the little white flowers.  I'm giving up on the garden for the summer, I just don't have the energy to take care of it properly this year.

We went to the zoo awhile ago.  I got to see the face of one of the visiting koalas, and oh my goodness, they are freaking adorable in real life.  Aiden really enjoyed trying to touch the stingrays in their pool, and absolutely loved brushing the goats.  He was running from one to the other, touching their heads or ears with the rubber brush for a split second, then running away laughing.  It was so cute.

Caleb just woke up from his nap, so that ends this post.

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