Monday, November 22, 2010

10 months

Better to post late than never!

I'm posting about how things currently are, rather than how they were ~2 weeks ago, because my brain is fried and I can't remember what may have been different a couple weeks ago anymore.

Caleb now has 6 teeth.  He's still not sleeping through the night.  He pulls himself up to a stand on everything and takes side steps occasionally.  He finally is crawling with his belly off the ground most of the time.  He no longer signs anything at all, but likes to scream at me occasionally and flaps his arms when he's excited about something.  

He's eating all the same things we are now, in very small pieces, and is very happy about it for the most part.  He loves sweet things, especially ice cream and lollipops (Aiden decided to share with him at Halloween).  There are regularly things I make that he won't eat, whether it's because he doesn't like it or because it's too warm or because he's just not used to the flavors, I don't know.  He eats quite a lot right now, whether it's because he's recovering from being ill (see below) or because he's having another growth spurt, I am unsure.

He had his first ear infection this past week.  He had a fever for five days, and was terribly, terribly cranky, and didn't sleep well (understandably).  We went through a lot of infant Tylenol and a course of amoxycillin and he seems to be doing much better now.  He really liked the medicine, yay sugar?

Caleb is very adamant about when his naptimes are.  If he doesn't get to nap when he wants to, he cries quite a lot.  He normally goes down for naps at about 9 and then again between noon and one.  Every once in a while, if he's really really tired, he will take a very short third nap in the late afternoon.   His normal two naps average about two hours each.

He shows no signs of wanting to stop nursing, I think we may have a bit of a battle over that since we will be starting weaning soon.

He loves sticking everything and anything in his mouth still, including paper, rocks, dirt, sand, grass, sticks, flowers, plastic bags and wrappers, his clothes, my crochet hooks, etc.  This results in me having to chase him down regularly to remove things from his mouth before he either chokes on them or swallows them.

Caleb will chase Aiden around the room to the best of his ability, crawling along after him as quick as he can.  When Aiden notices, he runs away, which makes Caleb quite frustrated.  He loves trying to play with his big brother and likes grabbing whatever Aiden is playing with, which Aiden of course doesn't like.  Caleb sometimes will hand things to people to play with when he's done with them, and grins his head off when you actually play with it for a bit.  He and Aiden like to spit at each other in the car, and both erupt in fits of giggles about it (blowing very, very wet raspberries).

He weighs almost 22 pounds now, and I am thinking I ought to break out the 18 month clothes.  I need to get some winter clothes for both kids, since it's finally getting a bit cold outside (highs in the 60's!)  Caleb doesn't mind the cold too much, he's still got a nice layer of baby fat to keep him fairly warm, but Aiden starts shivering pretty quick.  They both like going on walks and playing outside.  Caleb likes story time quite a bit now, and likes trying to grab/turn the pages of the board books.  He also really likes trying to play with my yarn whenever I'm trying to make something (I took up knitting a couple weeks ago, and between that and my crocheting and Christmas coming up, there's been a lot of yarn out at our house).

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