Thursday, September 09, 2010

8 months

In 4 days, Caleb will be 8 months old.  I have time right now, the boys are both napping, so I am writing this post now instead of later.

Currently, the teething situation stands at two front bottom teeth.  The two top teeth were threatening to come through for a while but seem to have receded again.

In terms of mobility, Caleb has become an expert scootcher.  He army crawls all over the place, and is getting quite speedy at it.  It is a very cute wiggly little pulling himself forward with one hand while jiggling the rest of himself forward.  He's getting his tummy up off the ground more and more often, though as soon as he tries to move forward, it lands back down on the ground.  He seems quite happy to be mobile, and is already trying hard to get into trouble eating the extension cable that goes to my desk, any plastic crinkly thing he can find, dirty socks that have been left on the floor, and one of his very favorites is trying to eat my toes.  The only one of those I'm actually worried about is the power cable, so we will have to get some sort of cover or something to attach it to the wall with so he can't pull it out to where he can bite it.

He's eating three meals of baby food a day, though the amount varies quite a bit from day to day.  He quite likes Cheerios, and likes grabbing them and then trying to figure out how to get them from the middle of his fist into his mouth.  He's finally figured out how to chew them, so I don't have to worry about him choking on them anymore.  He doesn't much like any sort of green baby food (with the worst offender still being green beans, and peas being a close second), and surprisingly doesn't seem to like many of the orange ones either (like sweet potatoes and squash, both of which Aiden loved).

Caleb is still super-smiley most of the time, extremely attached to me still vs. anybody else, adores watching Aiden, is quite good at babbling, and tends to say "mamamamamamama" when he wants me to pick him up.  He likes it when I dance or clap for him.  He's getting slightly more ticklish.  His very favorite show out of all the shows that we've been watching randomly with Aiden is (unsurprisingly) Baby Signing Time.  I don't know what it is about it exactly, but it is absolutely magical with babies.  I don't sign with him as often as I should, so I don't know how long it will be before he starts picking up a few signs of his own.

He is now sleeping in our third bedroom (after much rearranging on my part to get the crib to fit in there along with all our storage).  He's down to waking up once a night now, between three and four, which is much nicer (though I've been having trouble falling asleep after getting him back down, so I am as tired as ever).  I think it has helped a little bit that I've been trying to keep him up just a little bit later at night so that he's not in bed before 6:30.  The last two days he has also slept in longer in the morning, though Aiden has made up for it by deciding to wake up at 6:15 every day.  One of the big benefits of having Caleb out of our room is that my crafting space is now accessible again, which means I can finally work on a bunch of projects that have been put on standby for the past many months.  Also, I can now take a shower during nap times when they overlap (which they do almost every day!).  So that's fairly fabulous, and is precisely what I'm going to go do right now.

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