Tuesday, June 01, 2010

4.5 months

Ok, so, I missed posting about Caleb when he was 4 months old, so you get a 4.5 month post instead.

Caleb's favorite things currently:
Rolling over
Watching Aiden

His least favorite things:
Sleeping longer than two hours
Baby oatmeal made with water
Not eating every 2 hours

Caleb is currently huge.  He is at least 17lbs. and over 2 feet tall now.  He fits quite comfortably into Aiden's old 6-9 month clothes.  He is tall and chubby and still looks mostly bald, since most of his fringe of brown hair on the sides of his head has now fallen out and the peach fuzz that he has all over is pretty invisible from further away than about a foot.  He likes cooing and blowing bubbles.  He loves rolling over.  He occasionally manages to roll onto his tummy from his back, but usually needs help.  Once he's on his tummy though, he can almost instantly roll back onto his back, and smiles his giant happy smiles when I clap at his success.  He loves standing on laps and being jumped up and down whenever he bends his knees.  His grandma is the best at getting him to giggle.  He despises baths.

He has been waking up every two hours or so every single night for weeks and weeks now.  He almost always likes to fall asleep while eating, and it is the easiest way to get him to sleep, so he's been eating a lot, which I'm sure has contributed to his giant size.  Unfortunately for him, we are going to start some sleep training, which is going to include not feeding him every single time he wakes up during the night, because ultimately we will all be happier if he sleeps a little longer at night.  He's extremely good at grabbing toys and loves trying to shove things into his mouth the instant he's grabbed it.  He is not very good at holding onto his toys for very long.  He's taking two moderately-lengthed naps a day finally.  I've started feeding him a little bit of baby oatmeal every day.  He grimaces and spits it out when I make it with water.  When I make it with apple juice, he likes it much better, though most of it still ends up on his bib.  He likes trying to blow bubbles whenever the spoon is in his mouth.

He still has an absolutely adorable giant grin, and has developed an incredibly cute giggle to go along with it, though getting him to giggle is often fairly difficult.  He hates baths.  I don't know if it's the noise of the water filling the tub or the being naked or the wet head or what, but he screams and locks his legs straight out the entire time.  Luckily he doesn't get terribly dirty, so we don't have to torture him with baths terribly often.  He loves watching Aiden play.  He gets upset when he can't see any of us nearby.  He likes it when I sing to him.  He generally doesn't like his car seat very much, and will sometimes scream the entire time he's in it.  The rest of the time he falls asleep in it, though he wakes up within minutes of reaching our destination.  He seems to either prefer laying down or standing up to sitting most of the time, though he does like sitting in his bouncy chair or his Bumbo chair or in the baby walker for extremely short periods of time (no more than 15 minutes generally).  He's getting too big for his playpen bassinet that he's been sleeping in (and is much too large for the diaper changing station that hooks onto it), so we are going to move him into the crib as soon as we have somewhere else for Aiden to sleep.

He didn't like the ocean when we were in Hawaii.

I think that about covers it.

(In other news, Aiden is talking using complete sentences on a regular basis now, and sometimes comes up to me when I'm sitting on the floor with Caleb, and rests his head on my shoulder and puts his arm across my back and says, "I loooove you."  And it is the most adorable thing ever.  He has become addicted to his grampa.  He fell in a koi pond while we were in Hawaii, as well as bonking his head on a water slide, being bitten by a sea turtle, and being terrified by some particularly loud fireworks.  He mentions the fireworks every day still ("See fireworks, Grampa's house?  Boom.  Boom.  Boom!")  He knows his colors and could care less about numbers, and likes to read his books by himself (he has most of them reasonably memorized and will flip to random pages and summarize what it says on that page for me).  He throws tantrums sometimes, is extremely cranky when he's tired or hungry, will eat most anything but is sometimes rather picky about what he actually wants to eat, and likes to sing.)

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