Thursday, April 22, 2010

Birthday and Blessing Day (1.5 weeks late)

I just realized I completely forgot to include anything about Aiden's birthday and Caleb's blessing day in my last post.

Because Caleb was being blessed the day after Aiden's birthday, my parents were able to drive down and be here for both, which was lovely and fabulous.

We had a little birthday party for Aiden in the morning on his birthday, with all his grandparents, and his aunt and uncle and cousins that live here still. My parents took both kids out on a little walk and to the park for a bit beforehand so that we could hang up streamers and balloons and I could decorate his cake, so he could be surprised by all the birthday stuff when he got home. We inadvertently had a red, green, blue, and yellow color scheme going on with the cake and streamers and balloons. For his cake, I did a two layer round cake, funfetti, with white buttercream frosting. Then I melted some white chocolate chips, added food coloring (which made the chocolate seize up so we had to add some vegetable oil), and Mike and I made chocolate circles in 3 different sizes to decorate the cake with. I also made a 2 and Aiden's name in chocolate. The circles got stacked on top of the cake with the 2 in the middle, Aiden's name was put on the front, and then half-circles were stacked on the sides. Aiden blew out both of his candles all by himself. He ate all the chocolate bits off of his piece of cake, but wasn't even vaguely interested in the cake itself (though he did eat a good bit of his ice-cream cup I got for the kids with chocolate or strawberry flavoring swirled throughout, the kind I used to eat as a kid with a wooden paddle spoon thing that came with it, these ones had no wooden thing, but the kids liked them anyway). Mike and I gave Aiden a little toddler bike with training wheels, and he also got a big toy bus with blocks inside, a bulldozer toy that makes noises, a Curious George story collection, the movie Up, a small gardening kit, and a toy doctor kit. He loves all his presents, though I think his favorite thing about his birthday was getting to play with his cousins and grandparents.

Caleb's baby blessing was really nice. He was tired and had a little cold and wanted to be walked to sleep, so he screamed during the entire blessing, just like Aiden did during his 2 years ago. Mike gave him a beautiful blessing anyway, with his grandfathers and a member of the bishopric standing in the circle. Aiden had a full-blown cold, so he got to go home with my parents after Sacrament Meeting (after a couple of pictures, of course), while we stayed at church. Then we all went over to Mike's parents' house for dinner that night, which was great, then came home and put Aiden to bed, and Mike watched Caleb so I could play Scrabble with my parents. My dad won the first game, then went to bed, and I won the second game against my mom, which I consider fairly amazing.

My parents left the next morning. I am trying to figure out how I can go up to visit them with the kids sometime, since I miss them. All in all it was a lovely weekend.

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Marci said...

There are special colorings that they sell to mix in with chocolate that keep them from seizing up. I've found the easiest thing is to buy the Wilton's chocolates from Michaels, all though the colors aren't nearly as vibrant or lovely as one would like.