Thursday, April 22, 2010

3 months, 2 years, 1 long post

So, this post is almost two weeks after the fact, but I am now the mother of a 2 year old and a 3 month old. So, this post is about them! (Just like almost all my posts now.) And it is very, very long.

Caleb is still growing well. He is a little over 15 lbs. and is about 25" long now, which puts him in the 90th percentile for both height and weight. He is much chubbier than Aiden ever was. He is wearing shorts that are the same size as his shirts, whereas Aiden wore shorts and pants a size smaller. He is in his 3-6 month clothes now which are fitting him well. He likes practicing rolling over. He can roll from his back to his side by himself, and has rolled from his tummy onto his back a couple of times. He's very good at holding his head up when on his tummy, and also does a face-plant scoot forward during tummy time. He loves kicking, and standing. I think he is teething already as he is drooling all the time and constantly chewing on his hands and has been kind of fussy for a few weeks. I suspect he will be like Aiden and that his teeth will move up and down a lot and not come out for quite a while yet, unfortunately. He likes to be held and walked during his daytime naps. He usually sleeps well at night now, only waking up once most nights (though this past week he has been sleeping very poorly and waking up 3-5 times a night again). He's got a good set of lungs and can cry very, very loudly. He loves watching Aiden play, and gets upset if he is not within sight of either Mommy or Daddy at all times. He has very stinky gas. He also has the cutest happiest smile where his whole mouth opens up in the widest tallest gummiest grin. He is starting to figure out how to giggle a little bit, which is lots of fun. His eyes are most definitely blue, and his hair is going to be blonde, though he still has a bit of dark hair on the lower parts of his head like an old man. The hair on the top of his head if very short and fine and light and so is invisible unless you are very, very close.

Aiden is getting more fun to play with all the time. He currently weighs 27.5 lbs and is 34.5" tall, which puts him at the 50th percentile for both height and weight. He's bright and happy and cheerful usually. He gets cranky just like his mommy does whenever he is particularly tired or hungry or sick. He will start to cry with both hands crossed over his mouth, or he will lay his head down on whatever's nearby and cry, or he will throw tantrums and fall on the floor and cry. He has been sick a lot this winter, with pneumonia twice, and pink eye twice, and several ear infections, and endless colds. Hopefully with summer almost here he will start feeling better. He is also getting his 2-year molars in which I think has been making him extra cranky lately.

Aiden loves singing. He sings long low notes, dropping his voice as low as he can and he opens his mouth really big and sticks his lips out as he sings. His favorite song to sing is Happy Birthday, but he sometimes will try to sing other songs as well. He likes to march around while he sings, with one arm bent at the elbow swinging back and forth. Occasionally he will spin in circles while he sings until he gets dizzy and falls down. Sometimes he will play his little toy 4-note piano and sing, or hit the keys on our keyboard (even if it's not plugged in and doesn't make any noise). He sings to himself in the car regularly, and sometimes sings himself to sleep. A few weeks ago I heard him singing himself to sleep. At the end of his song, he said, "Yay, Aiden!" and then went to sleep.

He is turning into quite a good talker. He is making small sentences now, between 2 and 4 words. He is extremely good at repeating words and learning what new things are called. He knows his basic colors and we like to play the "name that color" game pointing to different things. We were playing Uno last Sunday with his grandparents. Grandpa Ron was holding him near the end of the game, with one card left in his hand, and Mike jokingly asked Aiden what number the card was (since he doesn't know his numbers yet). Aiden gleefully responded, "Yellow!" We went to the doctor's office twice last week, once for ear infections, and once for his two-year checkup. There is an elevator on the way to the office which Aiden likes quite a bit since it throws him off balance every time it starts and stops moving. After we got home from the doctor's, he kept telling me, "Doctor, alligator. Running, alligator." He said "alligator" quite perfectly, and so it took me a while to figure out that he was talking about the elevator (he had run down the hallway to the elevator).

He really enjoys watching movies now, and will pay attention to almost the whole movie. His favorites currently are Kiki's Delivery Service (which he calls "Jiji"), My Neighbor Totoro ("Totro"), Up ("baoon movie"), and lately, Ponyo. We watch a movie almost every single day, which I would like to get out of the habit of, but it's been hard with the kids both being sick and Caleb only sleeping during the day with me holding him. When we finish the movie of the day, Aiden generally starts his other favorite activity, playing pretend. He likes to pretend to fly on our broom, like Jiji. He likes to pretend to find acorns, like Mei does in Totoro (and any of his toys can be an acorn). He likes to pretend to make milk and honey tea like in Ponyo. He still likes pretending to cook with his pots and toy kitchen. He enjoys pretending to give his toy baby baths in the bathroom sink (which involves having me take the baby's "jamas" off (that's what he calls pajamas), then going and sticking the naked baby in the sink for a minute, then bringing it back to me to put the "jamas" back on).

Aiden loves helping around the house. He likes to help vacuum, cook, clean, do the laundry, yard work, pretty much anything his mommy or daddy are doing he wants to do too. He really likes storytime before bed, and particularly loves his collection of Curious George stories that Grandma and Grandpa Stay gave him for his birthday. I also finally fixed up two of his touch and feel books that he had started ripping apart months and months ago (yay for packing tape), and he has quite liked reading those the last couple of days. He adores rough-housing with his Daddy almost every night before bed. They do Superman, and jumping, and rolling over together (Mike makes a roll-cage out of his arms for Aiden), and Aiden will climb up and on and over Mike in every way imaginable. Aiden also likes it when I do airplane with him (holding him horizontally in my arms and spinning around and around and around). He likes playing outside and can go down slides at the playground all by himself now.

Aiden is a really good eater (except for when he's really sick). He loves all sorts of crazy foods like olives, pickles, and salsa. He will usually eat whatever we're eating. He loves juice, though not as much as he loves chocolate milk. He likes canned fruit a lot, and goes through phases of wanting yogurt all the time. We've been having snacks the last few weeks of mini marshmallows and graham crackers, which I, like him, think are delicious together.

He loves shoes. He will put on any pair of shoes that he can find, no matter whose they are or how big they are, and will clomp around the house in them. He particularly likes "Mommy's pretty shoes" or "church shoes", since those aren't out very often. He is surprisingly good at walking around in my flip-flops, and I can never find them anymore since he will wear them around and then take them off leaving them in random places.

Aiden now comes over to me whenever he gets an ouchy (real or pretend) for me to kiss it better. He answers questions with "No" or "Yeah" which is nice except for when he gets stuck on "No". He loves bikes, but since we got him one for his birthday he has kind of lost interest (I think he will regain his interest once he figures out how to pedal).

I can't wait for both boys to keep growing and learning and getting more fun to play with over the next year!

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