Friday, March 12, 2010

2 months

Caleb is getting increasingly adorable every week. He is getting fairly chubby, the top of his head is covered in practically invisible peach fuzz hair, his eyelashes are slowly growing, and he has started smiling lots at us. His smiles are the most adorable thing ever. He opens his mouth really big with happy eyes, and then stretches into a smile. I love it.

He's sleeping for a 4.5 hour stretch most every night now, which is lovely. During the day he doesn't like to sleep for very long unless he's being held. He spends more time awake now, and likes to be played with. He gets upset almost instantly if you put him down and walk away, though if he's happy, he doesn't mind being put down as long as you stay right next to him. He doesn't generally like his car seat a lot, but he does like the baby carrier (with the insert), which has saved my arms on several occasions of his wanting to be held all day (although it does make my back hurt a bit).

He's moved into size 2 diapers, after a series of diaper leaks and blowouts with the size 1's. I have no idea if he is in the weight range they recommend for the size 2's (though he probably is, he's quite large at this point), but they fit him nicely. The size 1's just wouldn't fit over his chunky thighs anymore.

Aiden still adores him, and insists on giving him kisses repeatedly throughout the day. When Aiden accidentally hurts me, he will apologize to Caleb first instead of me, which is always more amusing in hindsight than it is at the moment.

I'm afraid I don't give him baths nearly often enough, I tend to forget because he smells so nice all the time. He sleeps with his hands tossed up above his head, and I'm sure he will be a happy tummy sleeper once he can roll over, just like Aiden.

We're going to be blessing him next month. I am going to have to wish Mike good luck holding him, as I think he will be quite heavy by then. He did a little better during church this past week, and actually let me sit through most of Relief Society, which was lovely. It's a bit hard, because when he's sleepy if he's not in whatever exact position he wants to be in to fall asleep, he starts to scream, and will continue to scream until you figure out some way to get him to fall asleep.

Life is getting more pleasant with him all the time, though, and should continue to improve as he gets older and can do more. He's very good at holding his head up. He shows no inclination yet to try rolling over.

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