Tuesday, December 14, 2010

11 months

Almost a year!  Whoo!

Caleb now crawls with his stomach off the floor all the time, though he does tend to slide his knees rather than bothering to pick them up off the tile when he's wearing pants (which is most of the time, now that it's winter and the tile is quite cold).  He loves standing up and is very good at sidling along the edge of the couch or coffee table.  He particularly likes chasing down Aiden now as long as it doesn't take him too long to catch up.  He loves doing whatever Aiden is doing, and is always trying to "share" with his big brother (i.e. take things from him).  Aiden, of course, does the same thing back.  Luckily, they are learning to actually share with each other, and Aiden is starting to enjoy teaching Caleb how to do things (mostly how to drum).

There were a couple days when Caleb refused to take a morning nap, but he's gone back to taking it again now, which I am ecstatic about, as not taking it made him quite grumpy.  We started a couple days ago (again) with not nursing him to sleep.  He's doing fine with falling asleep for naps and bedtime, but is not liking it so much when he wakes up in the middle of the night.  Our poor neighbors are getting to listen to lots of crying in the middle of the night.  It was slightly shorter last night than the night before though, so I think things are improving.  Hopefully by the end of the week maybe he will be sleeping all night (or putting himself back to sleep at midnight or 3AM or whenever he happens to wake up).  Since I'm not catering to Caleb's every whim as he tries to fall asleep anymore and am letting him cry it out, I've decided to do the same (again) for Aiden, who had gotten to a point of calling/crying for one or the other parent at least four times after we left his room post-bedtime-routine, asking for water or another song or his hat on or a random stuffed animal or, most often, nothing at all ("I need something." "What do you need?"  "Um.  Nothing.").  So I am refusing to go back in his room now.  He was very distraught about it last night, though it only took ten or fifteen minutes before he went to sleep.  Hopefully tonight will be better.

Caleb adores eating anything sugary and will get quite distraught if it runs out once you start feeding it to him, even if he's overly full already.  He goes through phases (undoubtedly related to teething) where he only wants food he can chew a lot, or where he's very picky about what he'll eat, or where he'll eat as much food as you give him, putting away ridiculously large amounts into his small little tummy, or where he doesn't particularly want to eat much of anything at all.  Aiden was never quite so discerning with regards to food, and I am now realizing just how lucky I was when it came to feeding him.  Not that Caleb is all that bad about eating either, he's usually a good eater and will usually eat what I give him.  He has recently discovered, however, that throwing food on the floor is fun.  Also, he is starting to want a utensil to play with while I'm feeding him (if it's something he can't eat with just his hands), and will grab at the one I'm using, which results in lots of spills, which he also finds quite interesting.  He's finally figured out how to drink from a straw, which I'm a fan of, as our most spill-proof sippy cups (that I like to carry in my purse) have straws.

He has figured out how to put things in other things, and so I got out our ball-popper toy that shoots balls out the top via a fan, and he's been enjoying putting the balls back in after they fly all over the room.  Now I just need to teach him how to press the button to make it go by himself, and convince Aiden to not steal the whole thing from him, and we'll be good to go.  He also loves taking things out, which is not so fun for me with Aiden's wooden puzzles  as Caleb loves tipping all the pieces out and carting them around the house with him as he crawls around.  We are back to the stage of me lying on the floor multiple times a day trying to reach my hand under the couch to fetch whatever toys or pieces of toys have rolled/been pushed under there.  At least we haven't entered the LEGO phase yet, my feet are not looking forward to that.  The boys do quite like playing with their blocks though.  Aiden has gotten rather good at building decent-sized towers before he knocks them over, and Caleb loves to knock the blocks over as soon as one is on top of another, and then picks them up and chews on them.

Caleb loves, loves, loves sticking things in his mouth that he's not supposed to eat.  Particular favorites of his are paper (no Christmas presents waiting under the tree at our house this year, they're all up out of reach), sand (always fun times when we go to the playground, and several days after with his diapers), grass, leaves, paper, rocks, sticks, paper...and yet he spat out a delicious avocado I tried to feed him the other day.  I am mystified as to how sand and leaves and paper are apparently delicious and yet an avocado is not.  At least he ate the avocado eventually (once I mixed in some salt and lemon juice and mayonnaise and made it into a sort of guacamole).

He also loves playing with open appliances, like the fridge, freezer, and dishwasher.  We make sure he is contained elsewhere whenever we have to open the oven, as he's quite speedy at crawling over to large open doors and reaching his little hands in before you even realize he's there.  He likes pulling things out of the door of the fridge, and out of the utensil holder in the dishwasher.  He also likes pulling things down off the pantry shelves whenever it's open.  I'm amazed he hasn't broken his foot yet from pulling cans down on it (amazingly, they've all missed hitting him on the way down so far).  Doing dishes is infinitely easier when he's napping.  He also likes sticking his hand in any dripped water on the dishwasher door when it's open, and then licking it off his hand.  Caleb insists now on having a wet paper towel of his own whenever I'm cleaning him off post-meals with one.  He sticks his in his mouth and sucks the water out of it while I wipe off his hands and face.  He also likes ripping the paper towels apart and then trying to eat the small pieces.

Once we've gotten several days of good sleeping under our belts, we're going to start cutting out daytime nursing sessions, which he is not going to like, but hopefully it won't be too bad now that he can drink from a variety of cups and can have juice or whole milk instead.

While Caleb is busy trying to figure out basic things like blocks and balls, Aiden has entered the active questioning phase, and is constantly asking me "What's that look like?" (which means he wants to know what it is), after which he asks, "What kind of _____?"  and occasionally he sneaks a "Why?" in there too.  He also really likes saying, "Look at me, Mommy!" when he's doing something he's proud about, like standing on top of the arm of the couch, or jumping on the cushions, or running around really fast.  He calls letters "numbers" and is starting to ask me what things say.  He's getting better at counting, and knows when there's two of something now.  He's getting more social and likes going to our ward park day every week and sharing his sand toys with the other kids.  He actually talks to them too, now.  He's still nervous about high places, and won't go down the tallest slides, but he'll climb up to them and look over the edge before going back down the stairs.  He likes climbing the ladder at the playground.  As he's interacting more with other kids, he's also discovering that other kids don't always have as nice of manners as he does, and he's been getting pushed off of things regularly lately, which results in a flurry of tears.  Luckily kisses from Mommy still seem to heal most of his hurts, both emotional and physical.  He likes rehashing sad/scary things that have happened to him, and frequently mentions things that happened months and months ago.

Mike's been really busy lately with work, photography, and callings, and I've had a nasty cold or something for a little over a week now, and somehow Christmas has snuck up on us without me being terribly prepared.  We got our tree up and decorated at the beginning of the month, but I think most of our presents for our little family will end up being Three Kings Day presents rather than Christmas presents.

I hope you're all having a fabulous holiday season.

Monday, November 22, 2010

10 months

Better to post late than never!

I'm posting about how things currently are, rather than how they were ~2 weeks ago, because my brain is fried and I can't remember what may have been different a couple weeks ago anymore.

Caleb now has 6 teeth.  He's still not sleeping through the night.  He pulls himself up to a stand on everything and takes side steps occasionally.  He finally is crawling with his belly off the ground most of the time.  He no longer signs anything at all, but likes to scream at me occasionally and flaps his arms when he's excited about something.  

He's eating all the same things we are now, in very small pieces, and is very happy about it for the most part.  He loves sweet things, especially ice cream and lollipops (Aiden decided to share with him at Halloween).  There are regularly things I make that he won't eat, whether it's because he doesn't like it or because it's too warm or because he's just not used to the flavors, I don't know.  He eats quite a lot right now, whether it's because he's recovering from being ill (see below) or because he's having another growth spurt, I am unsure.

He had his first ear infection this past week.  He had a fever for five days, and was terribly, terribly cranky, and didn't sleep well (understandably).  We went through a lot of infant Tylenol and a course of amoxycillin and he seems to be doing much better now.  He really liked the medicine, yay sugar?

Caleb is very adamant about when his naptimes are.  If he doesn't get to nap when he wants to, he cries quite a lot.  He normally goes down for naps at about 9 and then again between noon and one.  Every once in a while, if he's really really tired, he will take a very short third nap in the late afternoon.   His normal two naps average about two hours each.

He shows no signs of wanting to stop nursing, I think we may have a bit of a battle over that since we will be starting weaning soon.

He loves sticking everything and anything in his mouth still, including paper, rocks, dirt, sand, grass, sticks, flowers, plastic bags and wrappers, his clothes, my crochet hooks, etc.  This results in me having to chase him down regularly to remove things from his mouth before he either chokes on them or swallows them.

Caleb will chase Aiden around the room to the best of his ability, crawling along after him as quick as he can.  When Aiden notices, he runs away, which makes Caleb quite frustrated.  He loves trying to play with his big brother and likes grabbing whatever Aiden is playing with, which Aiden of course doesn't like.  Caleb sometimes will hand things to people to play with when he's done with them, and grins his head off when you actually play with it for a bit.  He and Aiden like to spit at each other in the car, and both erupt in fits of giggles about it (blowing very, very wet raspberries).

He weighs almost 22 pounds now, and I am thinking I ought to break out the 18 month clothes.  I need to get some winter clothes for both kids, since it's finally getting a bit cold outside (highs in the 60's!)  Caleb doesn't mind the cold too much, he's still got a nice layer of baby fat to keep him fairly warm, but Aiden starts shivering pretty quick.  They both like going on walks and playing outside.  Caleb likes story time quite a bit now, and likes trying to grab/turn the pages of the board books.  He also really likes trying to play with my yarn whenever I'm trying to make something (I took up knitting a couple weeks ago, and between that and my crocheting and Christmas coming up, there's been a lot of yarn out at our house).

Thursday, October 14, 2010

9 months!

Ok, so Caleb is 9 months old now.  He is 75th % height (29") and 50th% weight (20lbs. 11oz.) now.  His loss of baby fat and slower growing rate is undoubtedly due to the fact that he is incredibly mobile now.  He army crawls very fast all over the place.  He can switch from crawling to sitting and back again without any problems.  And he pulls himself up to a stand or a kneel on just about anything he can reach.  I'm sure he will try walking soon, though he's still very wobbly while he's standing up, so it might be a little while before he succeeds.  He has managed to climb up onto the couch a couple of times now.

He's still just got the two bottom teeth, though his two front top teeth have been on their way in for about a week now (highly unpleasant, light fever yesterday, crazy drooling, not sleeping well, etc.)

Caleb is still a momma's boy, though he is liking his Daddy more and more.  He gives him big smiles and lets him hold him when he gets home from work every day.  He also still likes Aiden bunches, and will follow him as best he can crawling when Aiden runs from room to room.  They occasionally try to play together, which Caleb loves, though Aiden still has a bit of a hard time sharing and being soft and not knocking Caleb over accidentally (or occasionally on purpose).

Still not sleeping through the night.  I really need to re-train him so he can fall asleep without nursing.  Maybe we will start on that next week (hoping, of course, that the teeth will have popped through by then and stop bugging him so much).

He's eating stage 3 baby foods (which only come in jars, so I have been collecting ideas for crafts with baby food jars).  He likes them, but he absolutely loves eating small pieces of bread, cheerios, animal crackers, biter biscuits, crackers, and small pieces of real food.  So, with the approving nod of the pediatrician, we are going to start sharing more "table food" with him, which I'm sure will make him extremely happy.  He's quite fond of his transition bottle/cup currently, but only if it has juice in it.  I need to start trying to get him to drink from a sippy cup.

He is "talking" a fair amount now.  He knows how to sign "more" and recognizes the sign for "all done".  We are working on "milk", "sleep", and other basic signs.  He still is grabbing things with his whole palm rather than a nice pincer grasp.  I'm sure he'll figure it out soon though.

Other than being cranky when he's sleepy or hungry, he's still a very pleasant happy boy almost all the time.  He has his moments of freaking out because I walked out of the room or he got surprised by something or whatever, but not quite as often as he used to.  He's got the most adorable grin.  He still looks bald, because his hair that is slowly growing in is so fine and light that you can't see it.

Aiden has taken to pretending to be a baby himself.  He crawls around and makes squeaky noises and waves his arms at me and asks me to hold him.  I think he's a bit jealous of the amount of attention Caleb gets.  Though he has started pretending to be a dog or a cat just as often now, so it's a nice change of pace (and a little less demanding than when he pretends to be a baby).

I've got pictures to post up soon.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

8 months

In 4 days, Caleb will be 8 months old.  I have time right now, the boys are both napping, so I am writing this post now instead of later.

Currently, the teething situation stands at two front bottom teeth.  The two top teeth were threatening to come through for a while but seem to have receded again.

In terms of mobility, Caleb has become an expert scootcher.  He army crawls all over the place, and is getting quite speedy at it.  It is a very cute wiggly little pulling himself forward with one hand while jiggling the rest of himself forward.  He's getting his tummy up off the ground more and more often, though as soon as he tries to move forward, it lands back down on the ground.  He seems quite happy to be mobile, and is already trying hard to get into trouble eating the extension cable that goes to my desk, any plastic crinkly thing he can find, dirty socks that have been left on the floor, and one of his very favorites is trying to eat my toes.  The only one of those I'm actually worried about is the power cable, so we will have to get some sort of cover or something to attach it to the wall with so he can't pull it out to where he can bite it.

He's eating three meals of baby food a day, though the amount varies quite a bit from day to day.  He quite likes Cheerios, and likes grabbing them and then trying to figure out how to get them from the middle of his fist into his mouth.  He's finally figured out how to chew them, so I don't have to worry about him choking on them anymore.  He doesn't much like any sort of green baby food (with the worst offender still being green beans, and peas being a close second), and surprisingly doesn't seem to like many of the orange ones either (like sweet potatoes and squash, both of which Aiden loved).

Caleb is still super-smiley most of the time, extremely attached to me still vs. anybody else, adores watching Aiden, is quite good at babbling, and tends to say "mamamamamamama" when he wants me to pick him up.  He likes it when I dance or clap for him.  He's getting slightly more ticklish.  His very favorite show out of all the shows that we've been watching randomly with Aiden is (unsurprisingly) Baby Signing Time.  I don't know what it is about it exactly, but it is absolutely magical with babies.  I don't sign with him as often as I should, so I don't know how long it will be before he starts picking up a few signs of his own.

He is now sleeping in our third bedroom (after much rearranging on my part to get the crib to fit in there along with all our storage).  He's down to waking up once a night now, between three and four, which is much nicer (though I've been having trouble falling asleep after getting him back down, so I am as tired as ever).  I think it has helped a little bit that I've been trying to keep him up just a little bit later at night so that he's not in bed before 6:30.  The last two days he has also slept in longer in the morning, though Aiden has made up for it by deciding to wake up at 6:15 every day.  One of the big benefits of having Caleb out of our room is that my crafting space is now accessible again, which means I can finally work on a bunch of projects that have been put on standby for the past many months.  Also, I can now take a shower during nap times when they overlap (which they do almost every day!).  So that's fairly fabulous, and is precisely what I'm going to go do right now.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

7 months, plus Utah

Part 1:

Caleb is now about a week (and a half?) past 7 months old.  Highlights include: stage 2 baby food, no teeth still, almost getting his tummy off the ground occasionally, advanced rolling and scooting skills, an intense love of chewing on things, an extreme attachment to his mommy, an intense hatred of having his nose messed with (wiped or de-snotted), improved skill of toy grabbing, a still bald-appearing head, and an adorable giant toothless grin.  Oh, and he's still not sleeping through the night.  And he adores Aiden.

The End.

Part 2:

We have been visiting my family in Utah.  My mom flew down this past Sunday and helped me drive up with the boys on Monday.  Mike stayed home to go to work as usual, in addition to partying and generally living it up while his family is away.  Our drive was largely uneventful, save for the giant hail storm we drove through, Aiden throwing up while we drove through a mountain pass, Caleb having a giant blow-out while I was trying to get his jammies out of the trunk in the middle of nowhere necessitating a change of clothes for both him and me, two terribly runny little boy noses, a very long stop at a park in Panguitch so Aiden could run and Caleb could roll and both found sticks to play with, and lots and lots of other stops along the way as well.  My mom was incredibly nice and did the majority of the driving, and had lots of presents that she used to entertain Aiden with (and he now has some very cool new toys).  I had packed a preposterous plethora of snacks, most of which I have eaten in the days since we got here.

On Tuesday, we went in the morning to Wheeler Farm, where Aiden's favorite thing was climbing on the giant gutted tractor and pretending to drive it.  His second favorite thing was running and falling down on the grass.  I think he also liked getting splashed by the pig, and found watching the horse eat vaguely interesting, and all the ducks, geese, and swans were kind of fun to look at for a bit.

(I neglected to mention that before the farm, we went to Target, where my wonderful mother bought us all new shoes since I had forgotten my tennis shoes and my feet were hurting from my flip-flops (no arch support has finally caught up to me after years of wearing my flip-flops non-stop) and neither of my boys had closed-toe shoes that fit them.)

In the afternoon we went to Thanksgiving Point ($2 Tuesdays!) to their Farm Country.  Aiden liked pushing some leftover corn that was on the ground through the fence for the goats and sheep to eat.  He really enjoyed playing with the Fisher-Price Farm house that they had set up on a small table inside.  He thought it was interesting watching them milk the cow, but was too scared to touch it himself.  He thought the chickens were a little funny.  For the "pony ride" (due to a 9-ish year old girl in the group in front of us deciding last second that she didn't want to go on a ride), he ended up on a full-size horse, which absolutely terrified him and he was crying that he wanted to get off most of the way (though later that night he proudly exclaimed that he rode a horse).  Once again, though, his favorite thing was running around on the grass and falling down, and laying on his back in the grass looking up at the sky, with his limbs spread-eagled.  He varied it up after a bit by jumping off the child-size picnic table they had outside, tumbling across the ground upon landing, and rolling onto his back for a moment of peaceful sky staring before repeating.  His second favorite thing was probably the cow-shaped bench, which he quite enjoyed trying to climb onto the head of.

Wednesday my mother was quite busy for most of the day so we stayed home.  We went and played in the backyard for a bit, where Aiden decided the trampoline was too big and scary to want to jump on (even when I held him while I jumped, and when I held his hands for him to jump, etc.)  He had fun digging holes in the garden (no biting ants!), playing with the grass, looking at the tomatoes (which he has since learned to pick, but only if they are red), and running around throwing some balls.  Caleb had a marvelous time grabbing at the grass, tasting it, grabbing it some more, staring it down, waving it in the air, and so on.

On Thursday, we went to the zoo with my cousin and her family.  There, Aiden's favorite thing was the bulldozer that we saw sitting in one of the old exhibits waiting to renovate it.  He also enjoyed the train ride, where he saw a goat and a buffalo and a cougar and some hairy pig things I've forgotten what they were.  We also saw some bats and bugs, the giraffes, the elephants, the tigers, the snow leopard, the bird show, a variety of monkeys, the orangutans (my favorite that day, since one of them was playing), a gorilla, and oh, yes, a rainstorm of monsoon proportions (we sheltered by the monkeys where there is a roof).  And my younger sister and her husband came over for dinner, which was a lot of fun.

Friday morning we went to the Discovery Gateway children's museum/activity-center/what-have-you.  Aiden loved all the child-sized vehicles they had to ride around in (his favorite was the pick-up truck), and the larger pretend vehicles.  After playing there for quite awhile, we went and had lunch with my dad at his office building, where I had a lovely lunch and Aiden ate practically nothing, but had lots of fun seeing Grandpa and running on the sidewalk and grass to get there and then back to the car.

This morning, we went to Kennecott Copper Mine so Aiden could see the giant dumptrucks.  It was insanely windy, so he didn't watch them for as long as he would have otherwise.  He liked looking at all the model construction equipment inside, and really enjoyed running around and around in circles, and then resting on the floor and the bench, alternately (flopped all over the place with no regard to other people there).  It was quite entertaining.  His comment about the bronze statue in the entrance of the visitor's center (of a miner and his family) was, "He don't have eyes!"  Then we went and I got to see where my younger sister is living, and chat with her for awhile, and then it was home for lunch and naps.  Tonight we are going to an extended family party for a cousin that is getting married in a few weeks, which should be fun, and then tomorrow is church and then dinner and games with my younger sister and her husband, which I am very much looking forward to, and then on Monday we drive back home to Arizona (and my mom flies back up to Utah on Tuesday morning).

Oh yes, and my amazingly talented brother-in-law, who happens to be a very skilled jeweler, re-set the stones in my wedding ring, which were on the verge of falling out, rounded out the band, replated it and polished it and now it looks like new and is absolutely beautiful.

It has been a wonderful trip so far, and so very much fun to see my parents, whom my kids both instantly adored.  Aiden has gotten a bit mixed up the past few days and has started calling both my mom and I "Grammy" (a mix of Grandma and Mommy).  He still is saying, "I'm a man" regularly.  The most recent was, "I'm a man using my fork!"  There has also been, "I'm a man running," "I'm a man eating food," and the most entertaining to me, "I'm a man changing his diaper!"  He has also added the variant, "I'm a guy."

I'll post some pictures a few days after we get home.

The End.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Because kids are just like that

As if, solely to prove me wrong, not ten minutes after I posted my last post, I looked over at Caleb on the blanket on the floor and he had rolled onto his tummy. He stayed there for a good three minutes, too, playing with his taggy blanket. And he has been rolling onto his tummy consistently and regularly to play with toys ever since. Currently he is on his stomach happily chewing on a Little People bus.

Maybe I should write in my blog about things he can't/won't do yet more often.

Monday, July 05, 2010

6 months

I'm approximately a week early for the 6 months post, but I skipped 5 months completely, so, it all evens out.

At (almost) 6 months old, Caleb is a champion roller...from his tummy to his back. He will not spend any time on his tummy whatsoever, and instantly rolls onto his back whenever I try to have tummy time for him. He has fun rolling though, so I guess it's alright. He doesn't ever roll from his back to his tummy, I don't think he's interested in trying, though he does roll onto his side regularly.

He's sleeping in his crib alright now, although whether or not he is going to sleep for very long is a constant mystery. Sometimes he takes long naps, sometimes he sleeps for most of the night, and sometimes he wakes up frequently, and I have no idea what makes the difference.

He is still quite large for his age, fitting comfortably into 9-12 month clothes at the moment. He still looks completely bald, though he's got peach fuzz all over his head, it's fine and thin and pretty invisible unless you're really, really close. He's generally very smiley, and tends to grin with his mouth wide open and his tongue sticking out lately. He chews almost constantly on his fingers or his sleeves or my sleeves or anything he can get in his mouth. He drools a lot. No teeth yet, but I suspect they are well on their way.

He had a fever for a couple days a few weeks ago, and refused to eat any baby food for about a week and a half after that, but since then he has returned to being quite a good eater. The only thing he has tried so far that he obviously dislikes a lot is green beans.

Caleb has turned into a complete mama's boy. He cries after a couple minutes of anyone else holding him. He screams if someone else is holding him and he sees me (even if I'm right next to him). He dislikes it when I set him down unless I sit down right next to him and play with him. He's also fairly shy. He will smile giant smiles at other people, but usually buries his head in my shoulder after a few seconds of smiles.

He still adores watching Aiden, and for the most part they get along well. Aiden finds it hilarious when he makes him laugh, and tries to share with him regularly. He also screams, "Stop crying, Caleb!" when Caleb has been crying for awhile, particularly in the car. Occasionally he tries to play with him a little too roughly, but he's not hitting him with things nearly as often anymore. Watching Caleb chew on everything seems to have inspired Aiden to do the same, again, and he's been sticking all sorts of things in his mouth. Aiden particularly likes chewing for a few minutes on his old pacifiers.

I am hopeful that Caleb will learn how to sit up soon, so he can start riding in the cart at the store rather than me having to carry him in the baby carrier. And that he will consistently sleep longer. And that he will be willing to spend some time on his tummy soon.

Overall, he is a delight to have around (tiring, but delightful). Hooray for your half-birthday, kiddo!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

4.5 months

Ok, so, I missed posting about Caleb when he was 4 months old, so you get a 4.5 month post instead.

Caleb's favorite things currently:
Rolling over
Watching Aiden

His least favorite things:
Sleeping longer than two hours
Baby oatmeal made with water
Not eating every 2 hours

Caleb is currently huge.  He is at least 17lbs. and over 2 feet tall now.  He fits quite comfortably into Aiden's old 6-9 month clothes.  He is tall and chubby and still looks mostly bald, since most of his fringe of brown hair on the sides of his head has now fallen out and the peach fuzz that he has all over is pretty invisible from further away than about a foot.  He likes cooing and blowing bubbles.  He loves rolling over.  He occasionally manages to roll onto his tummy from his back, but usually needs help.  Once he's on his tummy though, he can almost instantly roll back onto his back, and smiles his giant happy smiles when I clap at his success.  He loves standing on laps and being jumped up and down whenever he bends his knees.  His grandma is the best at getting him to giggle.  He despises baths.

He has been waking up every two hours or so every single night for weeks and weeks now.  He almost always likes to fall asleep while eating, and it is the easiest way to get him to sleep, so he's been eating a lot, which I'm sure has contributed to his giant size.  Unfortunately for him, we are going to start some sleep training, which is going to include not feeding him every single time he wakes up during the night, because ultimately we will all be happier if he sleeps a little longer at night.  He's extremely good at grabbing toys and loves trying to shove things into his mouth the instant he's grabbed it.  He is not very good at holding onto his toys for very long.  He's taking two moderately-lengthed naps a day finally.  I've started feeding him a little bit of baby oatmeal every day.  He grimaces and spits it out when I make it with water.  When I make it with apple juice, he likes it much better, though most of it still ends up on his bib.  He likes trying to blow bubbles whenever the spoon is in his mouth.

He still has an absolutely adorable giant grin, and has developed an incredibly cute giggle to go along with it, though getting him to giggle is often fairly difficult.  He hates baths.  I don't know if it's the noise of the water filling the tub or the being naked or the wet head or what, but he screams and locks his legs straight out the entire time.  Luckily he doesn't get terribly dirty, so we don't have to torture him with baths terribly often.  He loves watching Aiden play.  He gets upset when he can't see any of us nearby.  He likes it when I sing to him.  He generally doesn't like his car seat very much, and will sometimes scream the entire time he's in it.  The rest of the time he falls asleep in it, though he wakes up within minutes of reaching our destination.  He seems to either prefer laying down or standing up to sitting most of the time, though he does like sitting in his bouncy chair or his Bumbo chair or in the baby walker for extremely short periods of time (no more than 15 minutes generally).  He's getting too big for his playpen bassinet that he's been sleeping in (and is much too large for the diaper changing station that hooks onto it), so we are going to move him into the crib as soon as we have somewhere else for Aiden to sleep.

He didn't like the ocean when we were in Hawaii.

I think that about covers it.

(In other news, Aiden is talking using complete sentences on a regular basis now, and sometimes comes up to me when I'm sitting on the floor with Caleb, and rests his head on my shoulder and puts his arm across my back and says, "I loooove you."  And it is the most adorable thing ever.  He has become addicted to his grampa.  He fell in a koi pond while we were in Hawaii, as well as bonking his head on a water slide, being bitten by a sea turtle, and being terrified by some particularly loud fireworks.  He mentions the fireworks every day still ("See fireworks, Grampa's house?  Boom.  Boom.  Boom!")  He knows his colors and could care less about numbers, and likes to read his books by himself (he has most of them reasonably memorized and will flip to random pages and summarize what it says on that page for me).  He throws tantrums sometimes, is extremely cranky when he's tired or hungry, will eat most anything but is sometimes rather picky about what he actually wants to eat, and likes to sing.)

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Aiden's Easter Basket

Tiny Bunny

Easter Octopus

Whipped Cream

Cute, cute, cute

Aiden's Birthday Cake in the freezer

Blowing out the candles

Baby blessing day



Birthday and Blessing Day (1.5 weeks late)

I just realized I completely forgot to include anything about Aiden's birthday and Caleb's blessing day in my last post.

Because Caleb was being blessed the day after Aiden's birthday, my parents were able to drive down and be here for both, which was lovely and fabulous.

We had a little birthday party for Aiden in the morning on his birthday, with all his grandparents, and his aunt and uncle and cousins that live here still. My parents took both kids out on a little walk and to the park for a bit beforehand so that we could hang up streamers and balloons and I could decorate his cake, so he could be surprised by all the birthday stuff when he got home. We inadvertently had a red, green, blue, and yellow color scheme going on with the cake and streamers and balloons. For his cake, I did a two layer round cake, funfetti, with white buttercream frosting. Then I melted some white chocolate chips, added food coloring (which made the chocolate seize up so we had to add some vegetable oil), and Mike and I made chocolate circles in 3 different sizes to decorate the cake with. I also made a 2 and Aiden's name in chocolate. The circles got stacked on top of the cake with the 2 in the middle, Aiden's name was put on the front, and then half-circles were stacked on the sides. Aiden blew out both of his candles all by himself. He ate all the chocolate bits off of his piece of cake, but wasn't even vaguely interested in the cake itself (though he did eat a good bit of his ice-cream cup I got for the kids with chocolate or strawberry flavoring swirled throughout, the kind I used to eat as a kid with a wooden paddle spoon thing that came with it, these ones had no wooden thing, but the kids liked them anyway). Mike and I gave Aiden a little toddler bike with training wheels, and he also got a big toy bus with blocks inside, a bulldozer toy that makes noises, a Curious George story collection, the movie Up, a small gardening kit, and a toy doctor kit. He loves all his presents, though I think his favorite thing about his birthday was getting to play with his cousins and grandparents.

Caleb's baby blessing was really nice. He was tired and had a little cold and wanted to be walked to sleep, so he screamed during the entire blessing, just like Aiden did during his 2 years ago. Mike gave him a beautiful blessing anyway, with his grandfathers and a member of the bishopric standing in the circle. Aiden had a full-blown cold, so he got to go home with my parents after Sacrament Meeting (after a couple of pictures, of course), while we stayed at church. Then we all went over to Mike's parents' house for dinner that night, which was great, then came home and put Aiden to bed, and Mike watched Caleb so I could play Scrabble with my parents. My dad won the first game, then went to bed, and I won the second game against my mom, which I consider fairly amazing.

My parents left the next morning. I am trying to figure out how I can go up to visit them with the kids sometime, since I miss them. All in all it was a lovely weekend.

3 months, 2 years, 1 long post

So, this post is almost two weeks after the fact, but I am now the mother of a 2 year old and a 3 month old. So, this post is about them! (Just like almost all my posts now.) And it is very, very long.

Caleb is still growing well. He is a little over 15 lbs. and is about 25" long now, which puts him in the 90th percentile for both height and weight. He is much chubbier than Aiden ever was. He is wearing shorts that are the same size as his shirts, whereas Aiden wore shorts and pants a size smaller. He is in his 3-6 month clothes now which are fitting him well. He likes practicing rolling over. He can roll from his back to his side by himself, and has rolled from his tummy onto his back a couple of times. He's very good at holding his head up when on his tummy, and also does a face-plant scoot forward during tummy time. He loves kicking, and standing. I think he is teething already as he is drooling all the time and constantly chewing on his hands and has been kind of fussy for a few weeks. I suspect he will be like Aiden and that his teeth will move up and down a lot and not come out for quite a while yet, unfortunately. He likes to be held and walked during his daytime naps. He usually sleeps well at night now, only waking up once most nights (though this past week he has been sleeping very poorly and waking up 3-5 times a night again). He's got a good set of lungs and can cry very, very loudly. He loves watching Aiden play, and gets upset if he is not within sight of either Mommy or Daddy at all times. He has very stinky gas. He also has the cutest happiest smile where his whole mouth opens up in the widest tallest gummiest grin. He is starting to figure out how to giggle a little bit, which is lots of fun. His eyes are most definitely blue, and his hair is going to be blonde, though he still has a bit of dark hair on the lower parts of his head like an old man. The hair on the top of his head if very short and fine and light and so is invisible unless you are very, very close.

Aiden is getting more fun to play with all the time. He currently weighs 27.5 lbs and is 34.5" tall, which puts him at the 50th percentile for both height and weight. He's bright and happy and cheerful usually. He gets cranky just like his mommy does whenever he is particularly tired or hungry or sick. He will start to cry with both hands crossed over his mouth, or he will lay his head down on whatever's nearby and cry, or he will throw tantrums and fall on the floor and cry. He has been sick a lot this winter, with pneumonia twice, and pink eye twice, and several ear infections, and endless colds. Hopefully with summer almost here he will start feeling better. He is also getting his 2-year molars in which I think has been making him extra cranky lately.

Aiden loves singing. He sings long low notes, dropping his voice as low as he can and he opens his mouth really big and sticks his lips out as he sings. His favorite song to sing is Happy Birthday, but he sometimes will try to sing other songs as well. He likes to march around while he sings, with one arm bent at the elbow swinging back and forth. Occasionally he will spin in circles while he sings until he gets dizzy and falls down. Sometimes he will play his little toy 4-note piano and sing, or hit the keys on our keyboard (even if it's not plugged in and doesn't make any noise). He sings to himself in the car regularly, and sometimes sings himself to sleep. A few weeks ago I heard him singing himself to sleep. At the end of his song, he said, "Yay, Aiden!" and then went to sleep.

He is turning into quite a good talker. He is making small sentences now, between 2 and 4 words. He is extremely good at repeating words and learning what new things are called. He knows his basic colors and we like to play the "name that color" game pointing to different things. We were playing Uno last Sunday with his grandparents. Grandpa Ron was holding him near the end of the game, with one card left in his hand, and Mike jokingly asked Aiden what number the card was (since he doesn't know his numbers yet). Aiden gleefully responded, "Yellow!" We went to the doctor's office twice last week, once for ear infections, and once for his two-year checkup. There is an elevator on the way to the office which Aiden likes quite a bit since it throws him off balance every time it starts and stops moving. After we got home from the doctor's, he kept telling me, "Doctor, alligator. Running, alligator." He said "alligator" quite perfectly, and so it took me a while to figure out that he was talking about the elevator (he had run down the hallway to the elevator).

He really enjoys watching movies now, and will pay attention to almost the whole movie. His favorites currently are Kiki's Delivery Service (which he calls "Jiji"), My Neighbor Totoro ("Totro"), Up ("baoon movie"), and lately, Ponyo. We watch a movie almost every single day, which I would like to get out of the habit of, but it's been hard with the kids both being sick and Caleb only sleeping during the day with me holding him. When we finish the movie of the day, Aiden generally starts his other favorite activity, playing pretend. He likes to pretend to fly on our broom, like Jiji. He likes to pretend to find acorns, like Mei does in Totoro (and any of his toys can be an acorn). He likes to pretend to make milk and honey tea like in Ponyo. He still likes pretending to cook with his pots and toy kitchen. He enjoys pretending to give his toy baby baths in the bathroom sink (which involves having me take the baby's "jamas" off (that's what he calls pajamas), then going and sticking the naked baby in the sink for a minute, then bringing it back to me to put the "jamas" back on).

Aiden loves helping around the house. He likes to help vacuum, cook, clean, do the laundry, yard work, pretty much anything his mommy or daddy are doing he wants to do too. He really likes storytime before bed, and particularly loves his collection of Curious George stories that Grandma and Grandpa Stay gave him for his birthday. I also finally fixed up two of his touch and feel books that he had started ripping apart months and months ago (yay for packing tape), and he has quite liked reading those the last couple of days. He adores rough-housing with his Daddy almost every night before bed. They do Superman, and jumping, and rolling over together (Mike makes a roll-cage out of his arms for Aiden), and Aiden will climb up and on and over Mike in every way imaginable. Aiden also likes it when I do airplane with him (holding him horizontally in my arms and spinning around and around and around). He likes playing outside and can go down slides at the playground all by himself now.

Aiden is a really good eater (except for when he's really sick). He loves all sorts of crazy foods like olives, pickles, and salsa. He will usually eat whatever we're eating. He loves juice, though not as much as he loves chocolate milk. He likes canned fruit a lot, and goes through phases of wanting yogurt all the time. We've been having snacks the last few weeks of mini marshmallows and graham crackers, which I, like him, think are delicious together.

He loves shoes. He will put on any pair of shoes that he can find, no matter whose they are or how big they are, and will clomp around the house in them. He particularly likes "Mommy's pretty shoes" or "church shoes", since those aren't out very often. He is surprisingly good at walking around in my flip-flops, and I can never find them anymore since he will wear them around and then take them off leaving them in random places.

Aiden now comes over to me whenever he gets an ouchy (real or pretend) for me to kiss it better. He answers questions with "No" or "Yeah" which is nice except for when he gets stuck on "No". He loves bikes, but since we got him one for his birthday he has kind of lost interest (I think he will regain his interest once he figures out how to pedal).

I can't wait for both boys to keep growing and learning and getting more fun to play with over the next year!

Friday, March 12, 2010

2 months

Caleb is getting increasingly adorable every week. He is getting fairly chubby, the top of his head is covered in practically invisible peach fuzz hair, his eyelashes are slowly growing, and he has started smiling lots at us. His smiles are the most adorable thing ever. He opens his mouth really big with happy eyes, and then stretches into a smile. I love it.

He's sleeping for a 4.5 hour stretch most every night now, which is lovely. During the day he doesn't like to sleep for very long unless he's being held. He spends more time awake now, and likes to be played with. He gets upset almost instantly if you put him down and walk away, though if he's happy, he doesn't mind being put down as long as you stay right next to him. He doesn't generally like his car seat a lot, but he does like the baby carrier (with the insert), which has saved my arms on several occasions of his wanting to be held all day (although it does make my back hurt a bit).

He's moved into size 2 diapers, after a series of diaper leaks and blowouts with the size 1's. I have no idea if he is in the weight range they recommend for the size 2's (though he probably is, he's quite large at this point), but they fit him nicely. The size 1's just wouldn't fit over his chunky thighs anymore.

Aiden still adores him, and insists on giving him kisses repeatedly throughout the day. When Aiden accidentally hurts me, he will apologize to Caleb first instead of me, which is always more amusing in hindsight than it is at the moment.

I'm afraid I don't give him baths nearly often enough, I tend to forget because he smells so nice all the time. He sleeps with his hands tossed up above his head, and I'm sure he will be a happy tummy sleeper once he can roll over, just like Aiden.

We're going to be blessing him next month. I am going to have to wish Mike good luck holding him, as I think he will be quite heavy by then. He did a little better during church this past week, and actually let me sit through most of Relief Society, which was lovely. It's a bit hard, because when he's sleepy if he's not in whatever exact position he wants to be in to fall asleep, he starts to scream, and will continue to scream until you figure out some way to get him to fall asleep.

Life is getting more pleasant with him all the time, though, and should continue to improve as he gets older and can do more. He's very good at holding his head up. He shows no inclination yet to try rolling over.

Monday, February 22, 2010


My throat feels like it's on fire. Aiden has had a fever since Friday to go along with his horrible cough and a nasty case of pink eye to top it off. Caleb decided all he wanted to do all weekend was eat. Mike has had to go to work every day (including a few hours last night) since last Monday. I am really, really looking forward to the end of cold and flu season. I would really like to be able to go to church regularly again rather than staying home almost every other week with a sick toddler.

I have started a new crochet project. Compared to what I have crocheted in the past, it is big and complicated. I'm having a lot of fun working on it, though I really only get to do so while the boys are napping (yes, I am crocheting instead of napping). I have learned, because of this project, how to wind center-pull balls of yarn using only my thumb. My yarn balls do not end up very round, but they work.

I have my six-week checkup on Thursday.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

4 weeks

Really quick post here, as I need to take a nap while both boys are asleep.

On the road to recovery after colds all around. I'd forgotten how miserable it is trying to use a bulb syringe on a baby. I've given him several bloody noses accidentally. He understandably hates the thing. Le Toddler Extraordinaire on the other hand, loves it, and wants to try to use it on himself every time he sees it. He has been throwing "collapse in a heap on the floor" tantrums a bit more often lately, which I am blaming on getting used to not as much mommy time as well as being sleepy from going to bed late a lot lately and on being sick as well. The Baby has not been sleeping in the mornings the past couple days, I think I need to start trying to have "oh, he's awake?" playtime on a blanket on the floor, if I can figure out how to keep Toddler from killing him in his efforts to play with him and help mommy take care of Baby. He needs a LOT of reminders right now to be soft, be nice, don't pick up the baby, don't throw things on the baby, don't touch the baby's eyeballs, don't put things in the baby's mouth, don't try to scalp the baby with your spoon or your fingers or anything else, etc. Don't get me wrong, he adores his little brother, he just doesn't know how to interact with him yet and is starting to lose patience with me telling him the baby is too small for this or that or any of the other things that he wants to do together. It is the cutest thing ever when he kisses the top of the Baby's head though. His brother gets better kisses than either I or Husband do.

I need new nicknames for everybody.

Taking care of two kids is really, really, really hard. I am utterly exhausted all the time, and they seem to manage to end up crying at the same time frequently, resulting in me having to pick which one can keep crying for awhile while I take care of the other. The lack of sleep is making me prone to grumpiness and intense frustration when Baby is crying and I can't do anything to get him to stop. Though, I have discovered he likes the noise of the dishwasher. The washing machine, unfortunately, doesn't work the same way, but the dishwasher noise often helps him fall asleep. So, I guess I ought to do dishes more often. I don't think I am going to be able to go shopping in the future without the baby carrier, it is impossible to fit the infant carseat with it's child-owner and the Toddler both in a shopping cart at once if I want to be able to put any actual food in there too. Plus, carseat = ridiculously heavy. So, we got an infant insert for our baby carrier and I will be using that for the grocery shopping until he's big enough to hold up his head on his own, at which time we can leave the infant insert at home.

Still having some feeding problems. Pain and discomfort. Working on it, hoping it will get better (it is a little better than it was a couple weeks ago), not using pronouns or subjects for the sentences, whatever.

We got the new Super Mario game for the Wii and have been playing it together. We just beat World 8 and unlocked the Star World. It's really fun, though I am ridiculously bad at it and the only reason we made it through is because Husband has played a lot of Mario and is good at it. I love being able to play at the same time rather than having to take turns.

The End. Time to sleep.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

1 week and counting

Caleb is officially one week old as of yesterday morning. My mom left yesterday morning. Mike went back to work yesterday morning. And I came down with what I suspect is mastitis yesterday morning, leaving me with horrible chills and an icky fever for most of the day. Aiden was grumpy already what with not having anybody around giving him their undivided attention anymore. Luckily, my in-laws came to the rescue and took him away to play at their house for the afternoon.

I still have a slight fever today but am overall feeling infinitely better than I did yesterday, so I may change my mind about calling the doctor to have them call in a prescription for some antibiotics. I think it is going away on its own. So, hooray for that. Aiden is grumpy again today. He loves the baby, but he wants me to play with him also, which is hard to find the time to do when le infant is wanting to eat every two hours, for at least half an hour each time, and frequently decides he doesn't want to go back to sleep unless I'm holding him afterwards. Hopefully he'll start sleeping for slightly longer stretches soon (I don't remember how long it takes before that happens). I am having a tough time figuring out how to balance the needs of both children along with my own needs.

Speaking of needs, both boys are asleep finally simultaneously. So, time for a nap!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New baby!

Caleb was born this morning.


Photos there.

7lbs. 13oz., 21" long, born at 6:53am.

I woke up at about midnight with a couple of contractions, but thought it was another false alarm like the one that landed us in the hospital for 2.5 hours last Thursday night, so I drank some water and took a warm bath and the contractions stopped hurting (they might have stopped entirely, I wasn't paying attention) and I went back to sleep.

4am I woke up with fairly severe pain. I tried to go back to sleep. I used the restroom a bunch of times to see if that would help. I waited until I was sure I could tell the nurse when we got to the hospital that my contractions were 5 minutes apart (I hadn't been able to tell them last Thursday exactly how far apart they were). By the time I was sure that this was, in fact, not a false alarm, they were 4 minutes apart. I woke up Mike, had him call his parents to come over to take care of Aiden, and we got the last few things thrown into the car. And they were 3 minutes apart, so we went ahead and left for the hospital (Mike's parents got to our house about 5 minutes after we left, so no worries really about Aiden being alone, especially since it was 5:30 in the morning and he was sound asleep). We got to the hospital at about 5:45-ish, and holy cow, the contractions hurt a lot. By the time they got me checked at Triage, she said I was dilated to an 8 or 9 and 100% effaced, and whoosh into the delivery room we went, and they paged my doctor, who was not on call, so they paged her partner who was on call, and apparently my water had broken at some point without me noticing (I'm thinking probably in the tub at midnight), and they only had time to get one dose of antibiotics into me via the IV for the GBS. And out of nowhere the contractions went from lots of moaning and ouches to yelling and grunting and during one of them, it was very suddenly and obviously time to push, which I tried to communicate to the two triage nurses who were still attending me, while they were trying to make me remember to not hyperventilate. Finally they just grabbed the nearest doctor that was at the hospital to come catch the baby, and after maybe 10 pushes total (I don't really remember) he was out! I think my doctor's partner walked in right afterward, he finished up with the afterbirth and everything. A couple tiny superficial tears, no stitches needed.

Anyway, there was no time for any painkillers, which was NOT what I was planning on. The pain and sensations were fairly different than I was expecting. And I was not expecting before I went to bed last night that I'd have a baby before breakfast this morning. But I do, and he's a cutie-pie, and I think we're all doing pretty great at the moment, though we have to stay in the hospital for 2 days to make sure he didn't get the GBS (which they had to do some blood draws on him to test for this morning, which he did not like in the least). And since Aiden still has pneumonia, that means I don't get to see him and he doesn't get to see me or Caleb either until Thursday, which is not a very happy prospect for me, but I'm sure we'll manage just fine. Though I have to keep them apart for awhile even after we go home, until Aiden is better. But my mom will be here tomorrow, and Mike is taking a week off work, so he will have lots of love and snuggles.

And that's that. Happy Birth-Day, little guy. We love you.