Monday, December 14, 2009

I miss you, spice.

I am not supposed to eat spicy food until I am at least 37 weeks pregnant, to try to avoid having the contractions happen again. I am starting to really miss it. Not that it would sit very well in my stomach right now, but not being able to eat it at all makes it sound really, really good.

Aiden has pneumonia. We got to take him to a Pediatric Urgent Care on Thursday night. They put him on amoxycillin and breathing treatments (as needed based on coughing and wheezing). So, I did the breathing treatments twice on Friday, and on Saturday he sounded almost completely better so I didn't do them, and Sunday he was still sounding pretty good, so I didn't do them, and today we had a follow-up at the Pediatrician's office, so of course, he was doing horribly this morning and was really congested and wheezing again a tiny bit. So now I get to give him significantly stronger antibiotics for the rest of the week (which I doubt taste good like the amoxycillin does), and have orders to do the breathing treatments every day until he's not coughing AT ALL, not even occasionally. Which is fine, except he is not feeling sick enough any more to sit still nicely for the ~15 minutes each one takes, and we've read through all his stories soooo many times in the past few weeks that he is not finding that much fun as a distraction anymore either, and the albuterol makes him fairly hyper.

I am getting to be one very tired mommy. Even with him generally feeling better than last week, he is still sick enough that he is prone to throwing tantrums much easier, and throwing food a lot more, and it is difficult to get him to eat enough food. I think he had a nightmare during the night Saturday night. He woke up crying loudly. I discovered I was too tired to roll over, let alone get up to take care of him, so I woke Mike up to go care for him instead. The first two or three times Mike got him calmed down and then tried to leave the room, as soon as the door was closed, Aiden started crying hysterically again. So, I suspect he was scared.

My cold is hanging on as well, which of course is not helping with the energy thing. We are up to weekly OBGYN visits now, so that's kind of exciting. I have no energy to cook for the past week. That is one thing I am really looking forward to about my mom coming to visit for the new baby, is she can make me delicious food (and perhaps we can get a few extra meals made and in the freezer, too).

My apologies to my friends, between being nine months pregnant and having a fairly sick toddler, my Christmas present giving list is getting whittled down to pretty much just family members (and half of those are going to be late getting there as is).

I am getting eager for it to be Christmas. Once the holiday is over, then I can focus entirely on getting ready for the new baby. I am feeling fairly unprepared. We need to set up the bassinet, and get the infant car seat installed in the car again, and the floors desperately need to be mopped, and the fan blades really ought to be dusted some time or other, etc, etc. I think I am feeling the nesting urges without any of the energy necessary to take care of any of it. I have given Mike a To-Do list as a result. I think he thinks some of the things on the list are a little silly, but I tried to keep it mostly to things that really do need to be done, preferably before the new baby arrives.

And now, naptime is over, and so, this post is also over.

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