Thursday, December 31, 2009

Toodaloo, 2009.

I have happily returned to eating spicy food. Surprisingly, I have not experienced any heartburn since I resumed eating it (which is, frankly, amazing after seemingly having it for a solid 3 months). I am trying, simultaneously, to remember to stay well-hydrated. It is difficult. Drinking lots of water throughout the day requires frequently getting up to refill my water cup or bottle, and getting up is difficult, therefore staying hydrated is difficult.

Every day now I am more pregnant than I have ever been before. Since I was induced with Aiden at 37 weeks, and I am now past 37 weeks pregnant with this child, I am learning just now what the end of your standard pregnancy is like. Unsurprisingly, it is fraught with discomforts. But there's some bright points as well, like my wonderful husband who has taken over the cooking almost entirely, and who has been doing the dishes, and the laundry, and changing the sheets on our bed, and doing pretty much everything. I am sure he is looking forward to after this kiddo is born, when I ought to be able to resume my normal household responsibilities.

He had yesterday off of work, so we finally got the infant carseat installed again in the car (and cleaned the whole car while we were at it, ridding it of approximately a pound of crackers and countless empty water bottles). We also got the play-yard set up with its bassinet attachment so that the baby will have somewhere to sleep. I need to clean up my craft table area in our room so that it will be neat and clean and baby won't be able to inadvertently grab anything off of it, since the bassinet is wedged between the table and our bed. I also need to pack a hospital bag, and we need to clean out the "storage" bedroom a bit so that my mom will have a place to sleep when she comes. After that, we will be all ready. I'm feeling much calmer and readier today, just having the carseat and bassinet ready. A bout of false labor a couple nights ago (in the middle of the night, of course, right after having watched "The Business of Being Born" which may have triggered it for all I know) had me all in a panic because it didn't feel like anything was ready yet. But now the most important things are done, so I am resting easy.

Christmas was fabulous. We got lovely, generous gifts from our families, which we have all been thoroughly enjoying. The weather was really nice, also, so Aiden got to go in the spa at his grandparents' house for a couple of hours, which he was ecstatic about. For New Years' Eve tonight, I think Mike is going to go deliver my belated neighbor treats for me that I made last night, and then perhaps we will watch a movie and go to bed early. It sounds like the perfect way to celebrate the end of the year to me. Mike is also going to cook us a tasty delicious dinner, which I am quite excited about. And we are going to have shrimp, which honestly I don't think I have ever purchased before (I know, we've been married almost four years, and I've never bought shrimp? It is a travesty).

Aiden got a little doll for Christmas, to help him get ready for the new baby. He likes to feed it from a toy bottle. He figured out that the bassinet in our room was a bed, and as soon as I told him it was a bed for the baby today, he ran into his room and got his doll and brought it back and threw it into the bassinet, saying, "Night-night! Night-night!" Thoroughly adorable. He still is spending most of the day every day pretending to cook. I think he's finally grasped the concept of giving kisses as well, which I adore.

I hope you all have a lovely, safe New Year's Eve tonight, and that the upcoming year is one of peace and joy.

Monday, December 14, 2009

I miss you, spice.

I am not supposed to eat spicy food until I am at least 37 weeks pregnant, to try to avoid having the contractions happen again. I am starting to really miss it. Not that it would sit very well in my stomach right now, but not being able to eat it at all makes it sound really, really good.

Aiden has pneumonia. We got to take him to a Pediatric Urgent Care on Thursday night. They put him on amoxycillin and breathing treatments (as needed based on coughing and wheezing). So, I did the breathing treatments twice on Friday, and on Saturday he sounded almost completely better so I didn't do them, and Sunday he was still sounding pretty good, so I didn't do them, and today we had a follow-up at the Pediatrician's office, so of course, he was doing horribly this morning and was really congested and wheezing again a tiny bit. So now I get to give him significantly stronger antibiotics for the rest of the week (which I doubt taste good like the amoxycillin does), and have orders to do the breathing treatments every day until he's not coughing AT ALL, not even occasionally. Which is fine, except he is not feeling sick enough any more to sit still nicely for the ~15 minutes each one takes, and we've read through all his stories soooo many times in the past few weeks that he is not finding that much fun as a distraction anymore either, and the albuterol makes him fairly hyper.

I am getting to be one very tired mommy. Even with him generally feeling better than last week, he is still sick enough that he is prone to throwing tantrums much easier, and throwing food a lot more, and it is difficult to get him to eat enough food. I think he had a nightmare during the night Saturday night. He woke up crying loudly. I discovered I was too tired to roll over, let alone get up to take care of him, so I woke Mike up to go care for him instead. The first two or three times Mike got him calmed down and then tried to leave the room, as soon as the door was closed, Aiden started crying hysterically again. So, I suspect he was scared.

My cold is hanging on as well, which of course is not helping with the energy thing. We are up to weekly OBGYN visits now, so that's kind of exciting. I have no energy to cook for the past week. That is one thing I am really looking forward to about my mom coming to visit for the new baby, is she can make me delicious food (and perhaps we can get a few extra meals made and in the freezer, too).

My apologies to my friends, between being nine months pregnant and having a fairly sick toddler, my Christmas present giving list is getting whittled down to pretty much just family members (and half of those are going to be late getting there as is).

I am getting eager for it to be Christmas. Once the holiday is over, then I can focus entirely on getting ready for the new baby. I am feeling fairly unprepared. We need to set up the bassinet, and get the infant car seat installed in the car again, and the floors desperately need to be mopped, and the fan blades really ought to be dusted some time or other, etc, etc. I think I am feeling the nesting urges without any of the energy necessary to take care of any of it. I have given Mike a To-Do list as a result. I think he thinks some of the things on the list are a little silly, but I tried to keep it mostly to things that really do need to be done, preferably before the new baby arrives.

And now, naptime is over, and so, this post is also over.

Monday, December 07, 2009

This is my December

Thanksgiving was lovely. The turkey turned out pretty well. We did a rosemary, salt, pepper, and butter rub both under and over the skin, and made a standard bread stuffing to go inside, and made gravy from the drippings after the turkey was cooked. It ended up being done cooking early, it was nice and moist and flavorful, the skin wasn't quite as crispy as I think I would have liked and the salt wasn't perfectly distributed resulting in pockets of salty turkey and pockets of blander turkey, but overall we liked it.

The rest of that weekend wasn't as hot. We ended up in the hospital on Saturday night and again on Sunday afternoon because I was having regular contractions. They gave me terbutaline on Saturday which made me horribly shaky, and on Sunday I got an IV in case it was dehydration, but got to avoid getting another shot of terbutaline because the contractions stopped pretty much right after we got into triage. Long story short, there's absolutely no sign of the baby coming early, and the contractions were probably due to "gastrointestinal distress" combined with dehydration. I had a buffalo chicken salad with blue cheese dressing for dinner on Saturday night, which was pretty spicy, and had a fried onion rings appetizer as well, and was feeling pretty sick to my stomach several hours later, and ended up throwing up in the middle of the night (several hours after we got home from the hospital). So, the end result is, I am supposed to avoid spicy and fried foods for the next month, and am supposed to make sure I stay well-hydrated, and am supposed to generally take it easy. The doctor said, "No hikes, no long Christmas shopping excursions in large crowds" both of which I thought were pretty funny. There's 0% chance of me wanting to go on a hike in the next month. And I don't like really long Christmas shopping excursions either.

Oh yeah, add an icky cold on top of all of that, too. And waking up between 3:30 and 4:30 every single morning for over a week now and being unable most mornings to fall back asleep for at least 2 hours if at all. I'm feeling pretty wiped out at this point.

The few Christmas presents I am making are coming along well, though more slowly than I would like. Our tree is up, though not decorated yet since it will be making an appearance at the ward Christmas party on Friday so there's no point putting any ornaments on it now since they'd just have to come off again before then and then go back on again after. Aiden really likes looking at the lights on the tree, and the colored lights and tiny ornaments on my old dollar-store mini-tree that I've had since I was a freshman in college.

I had an ultrasound this past week, which was kind of fun (though long, again). Absolutely no signs of kidney reflux or excess amniotic fluid, which is great. Little baby Caleb boy is looking quite cute in there. When we were at the hospital for the conractions, the nurses both nights seemed a little surprised by just how active he was, rolling and kicking vigorously, which made their attempts at fetal monitoring a little difficult. He's got his head downwards like a good boy already, but I don't know if he's dropped yet (I kind of think not right now). So, things are good. I am getting tired of being pregnant, and six more weeks seems like an interminably long time to have left, but I am glad that he is not likely to come before Christmas at the least, and figure I shouldn't start feeling really impatient about it until after New Years at the earliest.

I have put together a long to-do list of things I would like to accomplish before the baby gets here. They're all things that ought to be done regardless, but some of them might not end up happening in the next month's time. Very few of them will end up happening, I suspect, unless Mike helps me a lot. I've discovered cleaning is really quite difficult when you can hardly bend over at all. And weeding and most other yardwork is practically impossible (and ill-advised considering my doctor's advice to take it easy). So we'll see what gets done, since I can't do most of it myself and he is busy with work and other obligations a lot of the time.

Aiden is getting very big. He has finally grown out of most of his 18-month clothes and is wearing the ~4 different 24-month outfits I have for him currently every day. He feels a lot heavier to me, too. Who knows, perhaps he is approaching the 30lb. mark. He's definitely quite adamant most of the time about what he wants (generally one of the following things: going outside, seeing grandma and grandpa, playing with his pots, marshmallows, cookies, crackers, milk, water, string cheese). He's doing pretty well at learning to say "please" although he is not doing so well at not throwing tantrums which involve him collapsing on the floor in a pitifully crying heap when he doesn't get what he wants. He is also not doing so well at not throwing his food when he's done eating, and at not kicking mommy during diaper changes. I rather suspect these are very typical toddler behaviors though, so while I do try to help him learn to be nice, I am not feeling like a failure when he is not. Though sometimes I do end up having little tantrums and meltdowns of my own.

It's been cold here lately, finally. Sometimes I like it and sometimes I don't, depending on whether or not I'm feeling overly warm or overly cold. The high today is supposed to be 56 and it is likely going to rain. It still doesn't feel very Christmasy to me without any snow, that is one aspect of Arizona that I am not used to still, though I do appreciate it. I don't even want to think about how many times I would end up falling down right now if there were snow and ice on the ground. I am not a very stable or well-balanced pregnant lady. The cool weather and rain should be nice, though it makes going outside to let Aiden run around a bit more complicated.

Overall life is still pretty good, despite all my end-of-pregnancy and mother-to-a-toddler complaints. We're getting by alright, and are all usually pretty happy, and there's not really much more I can want than that. Except for sweets. And those, those I can make any time. :)