Monday, November 02, 2009

New month, new post

So, we are in November now. Things I can tell you about my life:

I have approximately 11 weeks left of being pregnant.
I have no time to make all the Christmas presents I want to make, just like every year.
We still have ants in the yard.
Our winter grass is sprouting beautifully, despite the pigeons' attempts to eat it all.
I made Aiden an incredibly adorable Link costume for Halloween, complete with Master Sword and Hylian shield.
He quite liked wearing the hat.
He seems to be loving nursery, though he is still very happy to see us every week when we pick him up at the end of church.
There is little that is cuter than your toddler lighting up with huge smiles and running to you, calling out "Mama, mama, mama!" at the end of church.
A freshly bathed, dried, and pajamad toddler who is feeling cuddly may count as cuter.
The new baby is probably going to be named Caleb.
Aiden has been teething for the past month. All 4 canines decided to try to come out at once. That leaves just his 2-year molars.
Our trash can has been practically overflowing by trash day each week due to slowly getting rid of the bags of yard trash from making things look nice outside.
We went to a pumpkin patch for Halloween, and discovered our toddler adores pumpkins, especially ones small enough for him to pick up and throw. The hay bale maze was not as popular. The tractor was a hit. But mostly he just wanted to run around and throw things. And pick up everybody else's litter. He is an un-litterer. All trash must be properly thrown away.
It is entirely possible for it to be 88 degrees on Halloween here.
My glucose levels are fine, which is shocking considering the numbers of cupcakes I have consumed this month. However, I am slightly anemic. This makes me want to eat steak. The doctor recommended taking an iron supplement instead though. Bah.
I am getting the seasonal flu shot today. The H1N1 vaccine is still not available here anywhere.
My child's new favorite word is "pots".
Next time I'm pregnant, I'm going to invest in some expensive nice long enough won't-fall-off-all-the-time maternity jeans.
I beat World of Goo. Fun little game.

If you want to know more about daily boring details of my life, or see my photos from my "photo a day for a year" project, check FaceBook. I update it a lot more frequently than my blog.

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