Wednesday, November 25, 2009

He's singing in his crib

So, last night I decided to try stuffing my tiny round pillow underneath my burgeoning belly instead of between my legs. And it helped! Much less pain during the night. So that was nice. According to my doctor, I ought to try one of those pregnant belly harness things (and to think I had once supposed them ridiculous and useless and pointless, etc, etc) to help with the round ligament pain during the day. You see, as somebody or other manages to point out at least once a week, my belly and growing baby are all straight out in front of me. And it is proving too much for my round ligaments to handle, and they are complaining a lot. The worst was on Friday, when we went to park day with several other ladies in the ward and their kids, and my particular child decided to go explore the street, and I had to run to catch him before he made it onto the asphalt. Note to self: No running with a big pregnant belly. I could not walk for most of the rest of the day. Serious pain.


Things are going well. A month and a half left for this whole pregnant thing to finish up in. I have another ultrasound next week just to make sure things are still going splendidly. The baby is getting big, and his heartbeat sounds good. My already-birthed son is growing quite big as well (compared only to himself, of course...he's still on the small side compared to other kids his age). He weighs somewhere in the 25 pound range now, and is getting hard to carry. And he's finally into his 24-month clothes. And he's wearing size 7 shoes, which are still too big on him, but he will get to wear them longer this way (and, they didn't have any size 6 shoes at the store on the day we decided to buy him new shoes because his toes were hanging over the edge of his size 5 sandals). The toddler boy loves mini-marshmallows and will say please and thank you for them, and will sit quietly in the car in order to get some, and will sit nicely at the doctor's office as long as he has some to munch on. He loves playing with pots and other kitchen things, and pretending to cook, and likes to sit in his chair and watch us cook, and loves watching Cooking With Dog on YouTube. He has also discovered our old stick vacuum in the past couple of days, and has been having lots of fun pushing that around the house pretending to vacuum. For the most part he's been transitioning to afternoon naps, though this morning he decided to take a morning nap instead, thus, I am posting.

We are doing the turkey for Thanksgiving tomorrow. I think I am going to do a rosemary butter rub under and over the skin, do a classic in-the-bird bread stuffing, and then roast it as per normal. No basting for me, thanks, and all the other options (brining, scalding, injecting, etc) are too much work for me to want to do this year. I just want a rosemary flavored turkey with crispy skin and moist meat, so, that's what we are going to attempt.

Our winter grass is beautiful. We still haven't mowed it yet. I don't know how long you're supposed to wait after it's started to grow before you mow, but I have been worried about doing it before it's strong enough to take it, so we have been holding off.

Lots of crocheting, trying to get some Christmas presents done, and I got to test a fun little pattern for a fun little whimsical tree for somebody the past couple days. I have been remembering that Caron Simply Soft is infinitely nicer on my fingers to work with (though more prone to splitting) than Red Heart Super Saver. But Red Heart is usually the cheapest, and most easily available in the colors I want, so I keep buying it. Oh well.

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