Thursday, October 08, 2009

Oh wow

I haven't posted in FOREVER. Sorry.

My life is fairly boring. I am trying to grow a new baby, keep my toddler growing, and see if my lemon tree will grow at all. I had to rip out my garden plants that survived all summer and were starting to grow a nice fall harvest for me, because we got our lawn sprayed to kill the biting ants and he wouldn't spray if we were going to eat any of the stuff in the garden. Of course, the spray did NOT end up killing the ants (possibly because it rained, possibly we overwatered the lawn, who knows...), so he had to come back this morning to try some different stuff. And now I cannot do yardwork where he sprayed for a couple days to allow the stuff to get down in and do its work or whatever. And of course, it is finally cool enough outside that I was, in fact, planning on making my whole yard beautiful this weekend (because it looks TERRIBLE right now because we have not been keeping up on picking up the detritus from our trees), and now I can't. And I am not going to be able to plant a winter garden due to the amount of time you have to wait after the pesticide before you plant anything you're going to be eating.

ANYWAY...enough about ants and growing things. Obviously, it is a small sore spot with me right now.

Speaking of sore spots, this pregnancy has been overall much more uncomfortable than the last one. Crazy round ligament pain / hip pain / etc. every morning when I wake up, or anytime I lie down on the floor, or after sitting for very long, or if I twist weird. Whatever. Need to exercise after this baby to get all my tummy muscles back in shape so that hopefully this extra painfulness from carrying around my belly baby never happens again. Or something. Additional achiness in my right leg every morning that I find fairly inexplicable and have not been able to solve with sleeping position or pillow placement. It was really bad this morning, to the point where I ended up crying while trying to walk to the bathroom. It has subsided now though, which is good. I really ought to ask the doctor about it at my next appointment.

And all my appointments are made for the rest of the pregnancy! Whoo! Next one is the nasty glucose one. So fun. Fast for three hours, chug the gross sugar drink within ten minutes time EXACTLY half an hour before your appointment, which you have to show up 5 minutes early for, so they can be sure to draw your blood EXACTLY one hour after you finish. Also, cervix check to make sure there's no signs of premature labor. Really looking forward to all that. It shall be the highlight of my right-before-Halloween visit.

I have stuff to try making Halloween costumes out of for Dusey and my Pickle Baby. Hopefully I get around to making them soon. I have been busy crocheting hundreds of tiny granny squares for a secret project of awesomeness that is taking forever. I am feeling an urgency to finish as many of my unfinished craft projects in the next three months as I can, as I know once the new baby is here they will all undoubtedly get put on hold again indefinitely. I have decided I don't like Red Heart Super Saver yarn very much, I am getting blisters on my finger from it running across it. The Caron Simply Soft is much better as far as an acrylic yarn goes. Someday perhaps I will have enough money to buy nice yarns made of natural fibers for my projects. Though, then again, acrylic is nice because of its washability.

Random factoid: I apparently have very good hemoglobin. Better than my doctor's. No need for iron supplements here! They'd probably be overdoing it! So, more snacks, and more water, and more sleep, are the only solutions to not feeling dizzy. Fall finally arriving has been helping immensely as well.

And by "fall" what I really mean is that we are currently having highs in the low 90's or high 80's every day, and it is no longer 105 outside all the time. It is beautiful weather. The child boy and I have been playing outside more this week, enjoying not overheating after 10 minutes. We are all out of bubble solution now though, so I need to make some more.

Aforementioned child boy has two new canines that popped through today, explaining his increased tantrums and snuggliness the past week with their emergence. He is also trying hard to imitate us and is learning loads of new words all the time and is quite talkative and very smart and has started using his imagination and pretend cooking things like blocks in his play-bowls in our (unplugged) toaster oven. He tells me they are hot when he takes them out and then pretends to drink them and says "Ahhhh" when done as if they were the most delicious refreshing thing ever. It is, perhaps, the cutest thing I have ever seen.

Some guy I grew up with messaged me on FaceBook today. During the course of our small talk, he revealed that back when he used to be afraid to talk to girls, he had a small crush on me. So, that was a little boost to my self esteem, knowing that years and years ago, when I used to think I wasn't cute and no boys liked me, that one at least did. Maybe more! Who knows! At any rate, it was a weird little conversation that never would have occurred were it not for FaceBook. The things people feel the need to confess to....weird.

I think that about wraps things up. I am currently finishing off the package of Fig Newtons I bought while thinking about Brian Regan's little bit about them and the listed serving size. "Two cookies? Who only eats two cookies? I eat Fig Newtons by the sleeve! Two sleeves is a serving size!"