Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Almost There

Tomorrow is my other two fillings. Friday is my ultrasound (FINALLY), and then the ward campout.

I had weeeiiiirrrrrrd dreams last night, as has frequently been the case lately.

My child has been cranky and kind of sick. I am hoping it is a tooth coming through. He has not been napping well the past few days. This is highly unfortunate, as I have been incredibly sleepy ALL THE TIME the past few days and could really use a nap each day, but it doesn't happen because I just sit around listening to the baby monitor waiting and waiting and waiting for him to GO TO SLEEP until finally he starts crying and I go get him up again and then repeat the whole process 30 minutes later.

It is still entirely much much too hot outside. I have been having dizzy spells. The only thing the kiddo wanted to do yesterday (besides throw every piece of food I gave him onto the floor in a fit of anger because he's not feeling well) was go outside. And I kept saying, "No, it's too hot outside," and he would scream and cry at me and run from the front door to the back door and back to the front door looking at me over and over with tear-filled desperate eyes. But I did not give in, because I knew if I went outside in the middle of the day, I was going to get dizzy again, and I am tired of the dizziness and am trying to avoid it at all costs. Unfortunately, going grocery shopping seems to trigger it, and I have to go grocery shopping every week.

We had an absolutely wonderful reunion with my family in California last week. We went to Disneyland for two days, and the beach for one day. I went on all the kiddy rides at Disneyland (the circling rocket ride in Tomorrowland proved to be too much for me). Aiden loved It's a Small World, and liked the carousel, and Dumbo, but didn't much care for most of the little movie rides, as they all have dark parts and scary music bits and most have flashy light bits too and it's all a bit much for a sleepy 16-month old to handle. He loved playing with his cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents, though, which was good, as I let them take care of him a lot of the time for me so I could focus on not being dizzy (I almost passed out, vision blacking out, ears ringing, the whole nine yards, while waiting in line to buy us some lunch the first day at Disneyland! Very exciting. My sister bought me a Powerade. It was blue, and delicious.) I loved seeing all my family, and wish I got to visit with them more often. I miss getting to spend time with them. I think maybe they should just all come visit me in November. The weather here should be lovely by then, and they can put up all my Christmas decorations for me. Not really on the decorations, but still, it would be fun if they could come visit. Maybe eventually I'll have the "pink room/storage room" cleaned out and they could actually have some place to stay if they came to visit. I ought to clean it out anyway in preparation for the new kiddo. And because it's a mess.

Our broken showerhead is fixed. And I have a new garage door opener remote for the car, so I don't have to get in and out to use the keypad every single time I go anywhere anymore, which should prove to be lovely and appreciated greatly by both myself and my child. Now I just need to find a repairman to call about quotes for fixing the microwave turntable, because if it ends up that it would be really expensive, then I suspect we should just buy a new microwave. The current microwave still works, true, but a working turntable makes food heat so much more evenly/quickly! I am so spoiled.

Anyway, I am not at all excited for tooth fillings tomorrow. It kind of hurt on the last batch and they had to give me extra Novocaine that resulted in me having a very numb (finally) right side of my face right after I got home, and my jaw ached all day. I suspect it will probably be just the same on the left side tomorrow. But I am very excited for Friday. Ultrasound! I need to remember to bring a blank DVD so they can make a copy of it for me so Mike can watch it. I am honestly feeling a wee bit ambivalent about the ward campout. I am not sure how well Aiden will do with falling asleep in a tent in the cold mountains, etc, etc. Who knows, maybe he will surprise me and we will end up having a fabulous lovely time. Honestly, I'm really looking forward to October when he gets to go to nursery. Fairly unrelated to the ward campout, but that is what popped into my head, so there you go.

By this time last time I was totally done with the morning sickness. This time around, though, it seems to keep cropping back up unexpectedly just when I think I'm finally all over with it. I am feeling better almost all of the time, but every once in a while I start feeling very suddenly and violently ill. This child, oh this child, this child is turning me into a picky eater and a tired sick constantly hormonal wreck. My apologies to my other child, you can blame your mother's several months of hardly playing with you and spending a lot of time lying on the couch on your new sibling. Cheese crackers are the worst. Though I made some Kraft Mac-N-Cheese a few weeks ago that I ate a few bites of and then couldn't even stand to look at anymore and ended up throwing away because it was making me feel ill every time I opened the fridge and saw it there. REAL CHEESE IS STILL DELICIOUS though. Just in case you were wondering.

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Amen on real cheese.

I had a filling on Monday and happily it's been better than the one I got last month.