Monday, July 13, 2009

Hi, hi, hi, hi, nananananana

Here is Potato Bug's current list of words:
Nana (banana)
Reggie (his grandparents' dog)
Mamamamama (Mommy)
Dada (Daddy)
Dah (Dog)
WaDa (Water)
Papa (Grandpa)
Wazzat (What's that)
Ba (ball)
Shju (shoe)
Che (cheese)

He occasionally mimics me when I say other words as well. Papa and Reggie and Wada he's only said a couple of times each, and doesn't generally seem inclined to repeat them. He signs "more" frequently now, and loves signing "dog" and "daddy" and does a half-sign for water when he's thirsty, and still sometimes does the sign for food though more often he walks over to the fridge and pounds on the door of it until I get him something to eat. He loves blowing raspberries, and blowing on hot food, and sometimes licks me when I ask him for kisses (which is the closest to actual kisses that I've gotten from him so far).

We just got back last night from a lovely vacation with Dusey's family in Oceanside, CA. We went to the beach lots, where Potato Bug adored playing in the sand and seeing his cousins and grandparents almost all day every day. We also went to San Diego Zoo, which I loved. I particularly liked watching the gorillas and the polar bears and the pandas (though I wish they let you stay to see the pandas longer). Oh, the hippo was fun to watch, too. Dusey took some really amazing photos while we were there, most especially of the gorillas and the lion. I forgot to put sunscreen on my back for the first few hours of our last day at the beach, and am now suffering the consequences. Potato Bug and I are both having a bit of a hard time being back home alone with each other. This will probably not be helped by his pediatrician appointment this afternoon, since it's time for shots again.

At thirteen weeks along, I am still feeling pretty sick most of the time. I managed to not throw up once during our vacation though, despite a couple close calls. It was a nice respite from two straight weeks of throwing up every single day. At first I had the hardest time dealing with dinner, but the past couple weeks it has switched to breakfast. Hopefully it will go away really soon so I can start feeling like actually making food for my family again. I have gained a lot more weight this far into this pregnancy than I did last time, because I just don't feel up to making food most of the time, so we've been eating out a lot, and eating a lot of microwave meals (like corndogs and burritos and things). I am frequently craving steak. I finally got some Flinstones vitamins to take, which might help with the cravings. They certainly taste infinitely better than the store-brand chewables I got last time around. Maybe I'll try the gummy ones once I run out of these.

Potato Bug loves running around everywhere now, and always wants to go outside to play and pull the last few tomatoes off their vines. My books are going to be moving from our front room into our bedroom in an effort to keep him from playing with them constantly. He is slightly more interested in coloring, though it still doesn't keep his attention for more than a few minutes. He tries sometimes to help me build the block towers, rather than just always knocking them over now, which is nice. We play lots of little games together during the day where he'll run around and I'll chase him, or he'll fall over on the floor and I'll tickle him, or he'll bring me a book to read to him, etc. He loves pretending to mix stuff, and had great fun on our vacation taking the whisk and the colander and mixing the air around with them. No trash can is safe from him, except for the one we got with a locking lid. He threw away his sippy cup while we were in California. Drawers and cabinets are a constant risk as well, and I need to finish putting the cabinet locks on the bathroom cabinets and games cabinet and Dusey's photography cabinet. He does actually listen to me most of the time now though when I tell him to not do something, or ask him to put something back. I have decided we will work on saying please and thank you after he has gotten to the point of actually asking for things better, rather than just whining and reaching for what he wants.

Overall, we're having a good time. I am looking forward more and more to the reunion with my family next month. I miss them.

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