Friday, June 05, 2009

To boldly go

I've been watching the first season of the original Star Trek series on Netflix. I'm almost at the very end of the season, and they're just starting to get a few things nailed down that nowdays, "everybody" knows about the original series. Like, Bones' classic line "I'm a doctor, not a _______", and the death of the red shirts, and it being the United Federation of Planets, rather than the United Earth Colonies or whatever it was that they called it for most of the season. Anyway, it's fairly entertaining, but mostly it just makes me want to watch Next Generation. I need to see Picard and Data and Worf!

I signed Potato Bug up for Parent Tot swimming lessons at one of the local public pools. 8 classes, 30 minutes a class, all for $23. It's a good deal for a baby swim class. The purpose of the class ultimately, I guess, is just to help the kids get used to the water. I am hoping to learn how to teach my son to not drink the pool water. If nothing else, he will enjoy being in the pool so often over the next two weeks (Monday through Thursday, starting this week).

My first OBGYN appointment for this pregnancy is on Tuesday. I am secretly terrified that I will either miscarry before then, or that the doctor won't be able to find a heartbeat. I've been so achy and tired and sick that I really shouldn't be so worried, all signs point to my hormones doing their very best to support the pregnancy, but still, I worry. I did not worry this much last time. I also didn't ache so much last time, this early on. I am also worried that the doctor will tell me that I have a 100% chance of ending up with too much amniotic fluid again and that I will have to be induced early again, etc. I do not want that. It is not the birth scenario that I created in my head last time, and didn't get. I know, most women do not get the birth scenario they want, but still, if there is a possibility of things not turning out that way this time, I will hope for it. No matter what, this next child will also have to be tested for kidney reflux, since Potato Bug had it. And those tests are not fun, and I am not looking forward to having to go through them with any and all future children. Assuming the baby appears healthy at my appointment on Tuesday, I am hopeful that I will be able to get a prescription for prenantal vitamins that are very small. I do not know if such a thing exists, but I am much more likely to take them if they are tiny. I hate monstrously huge pills. Heh, I don't particularly like normal sized pills. Anyway...

Potato Bug slipped two days ago, and hit his face into our coffee table, resulting in one of his tiny sharp little teeth puncturing his bottom lip pretty good. It bled a lot at first, but stopped bleeding pretty quick. It remains swollen though. He has been extra grumpy and drooly the last two days, and I don't know whether to blame it on his injury, or possibly another teething episode (he's a bit sniffly and sleepy too). Whatever it is, I am hopeful that he will feel better soon. I have a difficult time dealing with a grumpy needy child when I am not feeling well.

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I didn't know you were pregnant again --- congratulations!