Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Little Baby Bud

My fears have been calmed. There is one little baby, with one head, four limb buds, and a beating heart, growing away inside of me. The newbie is due to arrive sometime around January 15th.

Potato Bug is going to need a new nick, I think. He is walking now. Still crawling, too, but he tries to walk most of the time, if he thinks he can make it to something close enough to grab onto before falling over. He is enjoying his swimming lessons, though he hates the part where we try to have him lay on his back, and he refuses thus far to try blowing bubbles. We will keep trying. He got a hair cut yesterday, which is a little short, meaning that I won't have to cut it again as soon as I would have to otherwise. His hair has settled into a very white blonde, and his little arms and legs are starting to get fairly tanned.

I am not feeling sick quite as often the last couple of days, perhaps because I've been eating practically non-stop and drinking a lot of liquids and getting a little more sleep. So, it's been nicer. I still have pretty much zero energy for cooking, poor Dusey has had to deal with eating out a lot lately, or making us both sandwiches. I have to go shopping tomorrow as we are now out of bread, as well as milk and bananas for Potato Bug, though the child has decided he loves pickles, so those have been a good treat lately in lieu of having bananas to eat.

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