Tuesday, April 14, 2009

1 year

My little boy is still quite little. 19 lbs. which puts him in the 5th percentile for weight still, and 29 1/2" tall, which is 50th percentile for height. Since those percentages are pretty much the same as they were last appointment, the pedicatrician says it's probably just how he's going to keep growing, kinda skinny. She joked that maybe I should feed him a lot of cake to fatten him up. He ought to be big enough in about a month, she said, to move into his big-boy forward facing carseat, once he gains that vital last pound. All in all, he seems quite healthy. He didn't like lying on top of the paper on the table, and really didn't like the shots, but calmed down as soon as I gave him a cookie once I picked him back up after. The insurance we've got for him right now apparently requires some routine bloodwork done at a year old, so I decided to get it all over with in one day, and we headed over to the lab right after the pediatrician's this morning. He really didn't like the blood draw (of the normal sort, with the needle in the arm), and they didn't get very much blood (the phlebotomist said I should have him drink more water, but I personally don't think it was a very good poke in his arm). So, we might have to go back and do it again if they don't end up having enough. I fed him a banana as soon as we got home which cheered him right back up. He adores bananas.

I am feeling like a horrible mother because I have not been giving him his antibiotics for his kidney reflux for the past several months. I am waiting to hear back from the nurse at the pediatric urology office about it, since his appointments are next week. We went on vacation, and I didn't remember to give it to him while we were going all about and so busy, and then I kind of didn't remember once we were back home, and though he has seemed perfectly fine with no signs of any kidney infections I am still feeling like a failure of a mother for just totally spacing my child's medicine for not just a week or two, but months. Gah. I guess we will see if there were any infections for sure or not next week. I am a bad mom.

Potato Bug loves watching Baby Signing Time. When I put it on for him, he crawls over to me and tries to climb in my lap, and then cuddles with me while we watch it, which is pretty much the only time he does that. The rest of the time, he wants to be either crawling around the house, or if he's hungry, sitting in his booster seat and eating. He's become quite adept at throwing his food on the floor. I feed him pretty much the same stuff as we eat now, though he eats a lot more bananas and applesauce than we do. He likes Cheerios in milk for breakfast most days. His diapers smell worse and worse, it seems, with every diaper change. I guess that's pretty normal with the switch to real food.

He's very good at crawling very fast. He likes walking holding on to things and is getting better at it. He can hold his balance standing up without holding on to anything for longer each time he tries, which isn't very often honestly, as there's almost always something around to hold on to. He is extremely good at waving, and when he feels like it, will wave at everyone and everything. When he doesn't feel like it, he won't wave at all. He didn't feel like it at the doctor's office this morning.

His signs are getting better. He regularly signs food, and milk, and all-done. He frequently signs hat also though I don't think he associates it with hats yet as he doesn't like wearing hats, and therefore I have no idea what he's trying to tell me with that one. Maybe he just likes my hair. Who knows. He occasionally signs more. I think he recognizes several other signs also, though he hasn't attempted to do any others yet. He talks to himself and to me quite a lot, though still with no actual words yet of course. He likes to sing sometimes, especially into anything that reminds him of a kazoo. He's very good at putting balls back in his ball-popper, and also at throwing them (and other toys) across the room. He's started to enjoy getting down on his stomach to look at things when they roll under the couch or a chair, and sometimes puts his head down on the floor and looks like he's about to do a somersault with his bum up in the air. He just stays like that for a few seconds, looking at the world upside-down through his legs, and then goes back to his normal crawling around. Sometimes he tries to clap, but not very often. He's very good at feeding himself, though I am always worried he's going to choke on something (particularly bananas) as he likes to stuff as much food as he can into his mouth in one go if he likes it. He still likes going on walks and watching the cars and birds go past. Mostly we stay inside and play, though. Baths are fun, toothbrushing still doesn't work quite how it's supposed to (he just wants to suck the toothpaste off and then bite the toothbrush, but we're working on it), and he's taken to helping me pull his shirts down over his head when it's time to get dressed.

Sometimes he decides he doesn't want to have his diaper changed. He's really very strong and flips his whole body over while I'm trying to hold his legs and wipe his bum off. I let go of his legs to try to flip him back over and he sits up. I have started trying to put the new diapers on him as he's either standing or crawling sometimes, since when he decides he's not going to lay on his back, there is nothing I can do to get him to lay on his back without hurting him (and I don't want to hurt him).

He has started to make decisions about whether to be sad or not. When he bumps his head, or somebody he doesn't know touches him, or whatever other thing he doesn't like, he sits there and thinks about it for a minute, then frowns, then opens his mouth wide and silent, and then starts crying. He's very good at frowning when he's upset. He's also very good at laughing finally. He laughs at the silliest strangest things sometimes, so I end up doing weird stuff all the time trying to get him to laugh more.

I promise to add some pictures later tonight, after he's asleep for the night.


Th. said...


Wow. I think time flies even faster with other people's kids because hey, I'm not even really ever thinking about them. But still. Happy birthday!

Marci said...

This cracked me up because Hallie does the EXACT same things! Let me point some out, "[Her] signs are getting better. [She] regularly signs food, and milk, and all-done. [She] occasionally signs more. [She] likes to sing sometimes, especially into anything that reminds [her] of a kazoo (she spent an entire subway ride the other day playing the kazoo for people). Sometimes [she] puts [her] head down on the floor and looks like [she's] about to do a somersault with [her] bum up in the air. [She] just stays like that for a few seconds, looking at the world upside-down through [her] legs, and then goes back to [her] normal crawling around. She likes to stuff as much food as she can into her mouth in one go if she likes it. She still likes going on walks and watching the cars and birds go past. Baths are fun.

Sometimes she decides she doesn't want to have her diaper changed. She's really very strong and flips her whole body over while I'm trying to hold her legs and wipe her bum off. I let go of her legs to try to flip her back over and she sits up."

I think these two cousins are going to be so cute together when you come to visit!