Wednesday, March 11, 2009


After waking up briefly at 6am, the baby and I both went back to sleep until about 9. Oh, heaven.

Then we went to Walmart, where I did not find 3/4 of what I was looking for, but did find a whole lotta baby food on sale so I bought a bunch because I still can't feed the kiddo a lot of what we eat very easily and making my own baby food is cool and all and generally cheaper but it takes SO MUCH TIME and it's handy (particularly when sick, like now) to just have some mush on hand to shovel in his hungry, hungry little mouth. I also bought some Cheerios in a hard little purse-sized container so that I can have something to refill since the Cheerios in the diaper bag in a baggie always end up crushed and leaving little Cheerio dust all over everything leaking out of the baggie. And I bought a small carton of Goldfish.

I fed about half of the carton of Goldfish to the babekins as we drove to Ikea, which is a pretty good-distance drive. It was his brunch. Yes. That is all I fed him for both breakfast and lunch (though he did have a lot of milk that morning). Also, we went to Ikea right during what would have been his naptime. He was almost asleep when we finally got there, and then I got him out of his carseat and kept him awake for several more hours while we wandered all over Ikea looking for just-the-right-thing and some shelves. He lost my little paper where I wrote the location of some shelves I wanted, so we did not get those, but we did get some other shelves I wanted and a just-right-for-now thing for babyproofing game controllers (it's a roll-top small cabinet that was on sale, yay!).

It was past the start of his normal afternoon-naptime by the time we finally left. He fell asleep in the car home, hooray. Then he woke up as soon as we got home, so I fed him some more milk, and put him in his crib for enforced naptime. He cooed at himself and played with his playthings in his crib for about half an hour before falling asleep until 5pm. I, meanwhile, ate a bag of Cheetos for lunch, followed by some hummus on a pita (oh yes, yesterday was the day of HEALTHY EATING HABITS all around). And then I assembled the roll-top thingy. And it took about two hours to put together. And it's pretty cheaply made, but it turned out nice and I'm quite pleased with it.

So then the baby wakes up, right as I'm done transferring all the controllers into the new cabinet and locking it up, so I feed him two things of the newly purchased baby food because, as expected, he was CRAZY HUNGRY and cried whenever I tried to stop feeding him. Then he played for about five minutes, then came and made me pick him up, and then he barfed all over both of us. I am sorry you ate too much, little man, but purple-baby-food barf is Gross. He went straight in the tub while I wiped off my clothes, then peeled off both our clothes and put them in a tidy pile on the floor of the bathroom and washed us both off in the tub until his Daddy got home (with dinner) and could go dry him off and put a diaper on him while I finished cleaning up the nasty gunk and threw all the clothes in the laundry machine and got dressed once again.

After that, was dinner time, so I ate a little bit (not a lot, because hey, it was salad, and yesterday was HEALTHY EATING HABITS day, so I obviously couldn't eat very much of my Chipotle salad, also, you know, there was the whole just-finished-cleaning-up-barf thing). And then the baby-man went to bed. And then we watched last week's episode of Heroes and were both amazed when it didn't Totally Suck like we were expecting it to. And then I went to bed.

Today, in addition to more sneezing (I believe I did not mention that I have been sneezing, sniffling, and coughing for days along with the rest of my family), we are going to the grocery store, where I will buy some food to make some super-easy dinners (hello, Soup!) until we are all recovered. And after that, maybe I will go in search of a summer baby hat for the child (not a baseball cap, thanks, I want something to keep the sun off his face and neck when we go a-walking), and maybe some little shoes for him since he's learning to walk, and maybe some more clothes for him since he has hardly any that fit right now and I'm tired of having to do laundry so often. But maybe not. Maybe we will just come home with our groceries and have some cold juice and maybe I will try to beat the 8th level of Katamari Damacy which currently is terribly difficult for me.

Also, we need to water the garden.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Love You Madly

I've been crocheting like a madwoman lately. I made a Wall*E, and a Dr. Horrible, and an octopus, and a tiny elephant,and some Valentine's Day stuff last month, and a soot sprite.

And I finished my painting and it is fabulous and is hanging on the wall in our front room.

And our yard is finally all ready for the garden, we need to mix the dirt in and go buy the plants and plant them and then it will be done. And we got some PESTICIDE so we can kill the biting ants and cockroaches and crickets and rolly-pollies, and earwigs, and slugs, and spiders, and EVERYTHING ELSE that was living where my garden is now going to live. Tomatoes and peppers and maybe beans and cucumbers and lots of herbs and a squash plant of some sort would be nice...we will have to see what I get when we go buy the plants tomorrow.

My Potato Bug Baby now has seven teeth. And he's been falling back asleep on his own when he wakes up in the middle of the night lately, which has been lovely.

Dusey has been dieting, by eating half as much as he used to eat. It makes me feel a little guiltier about all the food (specifically bottom-unfriendly desserts) that I am constantly wanting to make and eat all of because oh-my-gosh so delicious and sugary. I am a glutton. A glutton for sugar. Yummy.

I made chocolate covered brownie bites for Valentine's Day and they were DELICIOUS. Most especially the ones covered in dark chocolate.

The man-child has been standing up and taking steps along furniture and snarfing down incredibly huge amounts of food in a single sitting and exploring everything and testing me to see what my limits are ("No! Don't eat the garbage!" ---he grins at me--- "We don't eat paper!" ---he giggles--- "Stop rolling over until I have your new diaper on!" ---shrieks of laughter---). Aren't they supposed to wait to test your limits and your rules until they're at least officially toddlers? The little smarty-pants. At least he is listening to me when I tell him we don't bite mommy's leg, no matter how tasty and at-mouth-level it may be while I'm sitting in my computer chair.

I have been wanting to go to the zoo for the past month or so. I keep waking up, thinking, Today would be a lovely day to go to the zoo, and see the giraffes, and indeed it would as the whether has been nice and toasty warm, but Dusey always has work and so we don't go. We are planning on going to the Botanical Gardens soon (once we have our own garden all planted and beauteous), and then hopefully we will be able to make it to the zoo soon after that. I think the Wild Child will enjoy seeing the animals this time rather than sleeping the entire time we're there like he did the last time we went to the zoo during the day, even though he was almost assaulted by a squirrel in his stroller.

We got our plane tickets to New York. I need to get tickets for a show, and then plan out what we want to do while we're there and how much money it will take so we can set that aside and not spend it.

We got our tax refund. It is lovely.

I am going to get a G10 soon. That will also be lovely. You ought to expect me to actually post some adorable baby photos (I know I keep promising and then not following through) along with a rash of Macro texture shots, because, seriously, awesome.

I want to get out of the house and DO SOMETHING today. Maybe I will take le kiddo on a walk when he gets up from his nap-er-roo. Someday he will be a little bigger and will be able to actually play with me in ways other than laughing when I tell him no or knocking down the block towers I build or playing the "I throw it you fetch it, Mommy" game, or the "put the lid back on the blocks so I can pull it off over and over again" game. Though, I must admit, I do enjoy the building of the block towers, and the other little repetitive games convince me that he's really quite the little learning genius, and by the way, he knows the sign for food, and does it a lot, and recognizes the signs for More, and All Done, and Sleep (he doesn't like that one).

The play class we've been taking together has been fun. I don't socialize much there, and neither does the little guy, it's mostly him exploring and trying to eat EVERY SINGLE BALL THERE IS which then I have to throw them all in the "yucky bucket", which requires chasing him around pretty much the entire time. But it's out of the house, and there's toys we don't have, and he seems to like it, so it's all good. Next class I take there though maybe I kind of want to do a ME CLASS. Maybe I will get a weekly babysitter and I will go and PAINT or COOK or SEW or EXERCISE or something. Who knows? It depends on what they're offering, and if it's too expensive or not, and if I could get a babysitter.

I need to start wearing sunscreen again, and putting it on my baby guy as well. Hello, cute little man, you are going to have to learn to Not Eat the sunscreen bottle.

I want to go swimming.

I want to go on a date. With Dusey, of course. Let's do it, handsome man, go see a movie and get ice-cream, or go read books together at Border's, or ANYTHING.

Little-bitty-stir-crazy, you may think. Perhaps.

Tomorrow is going to be a lovely day.