Tuesday, February 10, 2009

About me for once

I realize how infrequently I've been posting. And then the posts that I do write are mostly about my Potato Bug and tend to be long. So, for a nice change of pace, here is a short post about me.

I bought myself a Meyer Lemon Tree from Costco for $20. I love it. I hope it gives me lemons. I love lemons. The flowers smell divine. It is sitting in its pot in my backyard waiting for me to plant it.

I started on a new painting today. Well, to be more precise, I prepared to start on a new painting today. I took my freaky Little Red (EVIL) Riding Hood painting, and gesso'd (can you verbalize gesso?) over it. It had a good bit of black in it, so it will need another layer of gesso tomorrow. Then I will be ready to paint. I'm excited. I've claimed the kitchen table for my painting area for the week (Dusey doesn't know this yet). We will eat at the kitchen island instead.

After briefly wandering around JC Penny yesterday, I decided I like a lot of the clothes there.

I have decided, generally, what plants I want to plant in my vegetable garden that is going to be created in the backyard soon (because if it's not done and planted by the end of the month, it will be too late). I've thought a lot about various plants that I could plant in the front yard where the spiny bushes are right now. I dislike spiny bushes. I'd rather have some pretty flowering perennials in with all the gravel. I think the bouganvilla in the back will be coming out to make room for tomatoes. I'd thought about transplanting it to the front, because it at least has flowers (though it is also spiny), and is fairly pretty, but it takes a decent amount of maintenance and trimming every year to stay looking nice (just like the disliked spiny bushes). Maybe I will see if my inlaws would like the bouganvilla. I would just leave it where it is, but it is in the very sunniest part of our yard, the very best spot for tomatoes, and it grows over the lawn and gets in the way of mowing anyway.

I have been letting the Potato Bug eat stale English Muffin crumbs out of his walker for the past week. I figure they're still okay to eat, honestly, and if he wants to eat them, then there's no reason why I shouldn't let him. He has five teeth now instead of four. It has been a difficult week as a result.

I'm looking forward to Valentines Day.

We are going to New York for our anniversary this year. I'm looking forward to that as well.

The End.

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Our meyer lemon tree is an endless source of happiness.