Tuesday, January 27, 2009

9.5 months

Our little baby bug is adorable. He loves crawling, he loves pulling up to a stand on everything he can reach, he loves throwing his toys, he loves chasing balls, he loves chewing on his toothbrush and pacifiers and everything else. He still has four teeth, but I suspect the fifth one is pretty close now to coming in. He increasingly likes to have someone playing with him, even if they're just sitting on the floor watching him crawl around. He gets jealous of the attention we pay to our computers, or to my crochet projects, and is very good at vying for our attention, usually by crawling over and pulling himself up to a stand by holding onto our pantlegs, and then staring at us and making noises until we pick him up. He's quite vocal now, and likes to talk while he's playing. We're trying to teach him some sign language, and I think he's started signing food occasionally. He definitely recognizes that sign, and the sign for more, and the one for finished. He plays with his crib toys every morning before I get him.

He's quite happy usually, except for around 4pm to bedtime when he gets kind of tired and a little cranky and needs extra love and attention, which is hard to give to him then because I'm usually trying to fix dinner or finish up things before Dusey gets home. He really likes playing with his Daddy, but Mommy is still his favorite when he's sad or tired. He loves bread, and loves eating while we're eating, and is quite adventurous with trying new flavors and textures, though he still doesn't like green vegetables very much. Potato Bug still wakes up in the middle of the night sometimes, and despite the pediatrician's advice, I still get up and nurse him back to sleep every time he does. She said he doesn't need to eat in the middle of the night, but she also said he's in the fifth percentile for weight and 75th for height, so I don't really mind giving him a little extra nourishment in the middle of the night. He's been doing better lately about sleeping until at least 5:30 in the morning before he wakes up, wants to eat, play a little bit, and then go back to sleep, but that going back to sleep bit always messes up his later usual morning naptime.

He loves watching older kids, and is pretty resilient when he accidentally gets sat on or stepped on or toys get grabbed away from him when he plays with them. Then again, he's pretty good at clawing other kids faces when he feels like it. We're working on teaching him to be gentle when playing with others, and that people are not the same as toys and you can't just grab them and try to chew them. He really likes his toy that shoots balls out with music, and also loves knocking down small block towers that I build for him. We discovered yesterday that he really likes the park, particularly the spinny pirate wheel. He's still a bit unsure about both slides and grass.

He's started regularly imitating the noises I make, laughing when I laugh, growling when I growl at him, and blowing raspberries is one of his favorites. He really enjoys it when we make weird noises or sound effects for him, and he tries hard to make them back. He laughs every time I yawn.

He likes trying to climb over things, which results in a regularly bonked head when he loses his balance and slides to the floor unexpectedly fast. He doesn't like going to sleep, and still cries almost every time I put him down in his crib until he finally falls asleep. He's started to understand when I tell him not to play with certain things, and will often leave them alone for awhile after I tell him no, although sometimes he just grins mischeviously at me and crawls over to it as fast as he can and starts to play with it anyway. He likes trying to dance to music sometimes, and will bob his head around, nodding and bouncing and looking at me to see if I like his cool moves.

Picture to be added later.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Holiday Recap

Christmas in Utah was wonderful. It was snowy. We played lots of games with my family. Sorry to those we didn't get to go visit, we ended up being really busy with family stuff the whole time. Plus I was really sick. Coughing and hacking and no voice and occasional fevers. I was finally mostly able to talk again by the time we went home. We got lots of lovely presents (I got your package, Anacaeca, and I love it! Thanks!). Potato Bug got lots of new books and the first 3 Baby Signing Time DVDs, which we have been watching at least one of almost every day since we got home. I'm finally remembering a good number of the signs, and have started using them as often as I can, in hopes that he'll start recognizing them soon.

The day after we got home, Potato Bug got sick with a nasty stomach virus. He was throwing up and had diarhhea for several days. Dusey got it too a couple days after PB did. After 3 days of Potato Bug being quite sick and starting to look a little pale and be really sleepy all the time, I called the Pediatrician's Office to see if I could bring him in for a same-day appointment, and they told me to take him to the Emergency Room in case he was dehydrated. So, we got to go on a trip to the hospital, and he got a little IV for mild dehydration, and they confirmed that it was a virus and he'd probably start getting better within a day or two. He didn't like the IV at all, poor baby. I didn't like it much either. He kept trying to eat it, and wanted to use his hand but couldn't, and I had to come up with creative ways to hold him the whole time we were there so he wouldn't pull it out. He started crying a lot when we were still there at 1pm (his afternoon naptime) and he was really hungry and tired. They gave me a bottle of Pedialyte to try giving him, but he absolutely refused it after he tasted it. Finally they let me go nurse him in one of the treatment rooms, and while he was eating his IV came out (he also fell asleep and I was sad that I had to get up and go get the nurse because that woke him back up). They checked how much IV fluid he'd gotten and said it was enough and sent us back home finally.

For New Years Eve, since the males in the family were both sick, we went to bed early. It was nice.

My grandmother on my dad's side died a few days before Christmas, so I flew back to Utah on Monday night with Potato Bug so we could go to her funeral yesterday. It was a lovely service, and I'm so glad I got to go. There were only a few mishaps along the way. I lost one of the screws to my glasses in the airport on the way there, so the lens is now twisty-tied in until I can go to a glasses store and get it fixed. Our plane on the way home was delayed, and then there were mechanical problems, and then we had to switch planes (after PB was already asleep :( ), and then they had to de-ice the wings, so what was already a late flight for us turned into a really late flight, and I got to crawl into bed at 12:40 this morning, after being awake since 4:30am yesterday (PB decided to wake up then and wouldn't go back to sleep until 7 and then only slept until 7:50 or so before he woke up again for the day). I am going to have to take a nap sometime today. That's what I ought to be doing right now, since Potato Bug is asleep for his morning nap, but I decided to catch up online and blog first, and then I suppose I will nap during his afternoon nap, if possible.

Also, I have THE NICEST HUSBAND EVER. While we were gone for the funeral, he cleaned and organized the entire house! He moved all my sewing stuff into our room, and put away all our clothes, and put all of PB's stuff in his room, and did all the dishes, and got some more shelves for the storage room and cleaned it up, and our house looks AMAZING. And he left lovely notes all over about cleaning up various areas as reminders to help me out during the day so we can keep it looking this beautiful all the time. I love it. I still need to organize a couple things (like, PB's clothes, and all my craft stuff), but I think that will wait until the end of this week. I need to finish up a couple of Christmas presents still too. I think that will be tomorrow, and then the final house organizing will be Friday. Today is going to be a "recovery from no sleep" day, and a celebratory "thank DH for all his hard work" evening of lounging and eating yummy food and enjoying our beautifully clean house by maybe watching a movie. Oh, I need to clean up my computer desk sometime too. It's a wreck still (completely my responsibility to take care of my little space). Maybe I'll take a nice bath tonight too. I don't know. As long as it is all relaxing and restful, I'll be happy with today. And warm.