Thursday, December 31, 2009

Toodaloo, 2009.

I have happily returned to eating spicy food. Surprisingly, I have not experienced any heartburn since I resumed eating it (which is, frankly, amazing after seemingly having it for a solid 3 months). I am trying, simultaneously, to remember to stay well-hydrated. It is difficult. Drinking lots of water throughout the day requires frequently getting up to refill my water cup or bottle, and getting up is difficult, therefore staying hydrated is difficult.

Every day now I am more pregnant than I have ever been before. Since I was induced with Aiden at 37 weeks, and I am now past 37 weeks pregnant with this child, I am learning just now what the end of your standard pregnancy is like. Unsurprisingly, it is fraught with discomforts. But there's some bright points as well, like my wonderful husband who has taken over the cooking almost entirely, and who has been doing the dishes, and the laundry, and changing the sheets on our bed, and doing pretty much everything. I am sure he is looking forward to after this kiddo is born, when I ought to be able to resume my normal household responsibilities.

He had yesterday off of work, so we finally got the infant carseat installed again in the car (and cleaned the whole car while we were at it, ridding it of approximately a pound of crackers and countless empty water bottles). We also got the play-yard set up with its bassinet attachment so that the baby will have somewhere to sleep. I need to clean up my craft table area in our room so that it will be neat and clean and baby won't be able to inadvertently grab anything off of it, since the bassinet is wedged between the table and our bed. I also need to pack a hospital bag, and we need to clean out the "storage" bedroom a bit so that my mom will have a place to sleep when she comes. After that, we will be all ready. I'm feeling much calmer and readier today, just having the carseat and bassinet ready. A bout of false labor a couple nights ago (in the middle of the night, of course, right after having watched "The Business of Being Born" which may have triggered it for all I know) had me all in a panic because it didn't feel like anything was ready yet. But now the most important things are done, so I am resting easy.

Christmas was fabulous. We got lovely, generous gifts from our families, which we have all been thoroughly enjoying. The weather was really nice, also, so Aiden got to go in the spa at his grandparents' house for a couple of hours, which he was ecstatic about. For New Years' Eve tonight, I think Mike is going to go deliver my belated neighbor treats for me that I made last night, and then perhaps we will watch a movie and go to bed early. It sounds like the perfect way to celebrate the end of the year to me. Mike is also going to cook us a tasty delicious dinner, which I am quite excited about. And we are going to have shrimp, which honestly I don't think I have ever purchased before (I know, we've been married almost four years, and I've never bought shrimp? It is a travesty).

Aiden got a little doll for Christmas, to help him get ready for the new baby. He likes to feed it from a toy bottle. He figured out that the bassinet in our room was a bed, and as soon as I told him it was a bed for the baby today, he ran into his room and got his doll and brought it back and threw it into the bassinet, saying, "Night-night! Night-night!" Thoroughly adorable. He still is spending most of the day every day pretending to cook. I think he's finally grasped the concept of giving kisses as well, which I adore.

I hope you all have a lovely, safe New Year's Eve tonight, and that the upcoming year is one of peace and joy.

Monday, December 14, 2009

I miss you, spice.

I am not supposed to eat spicy food until I am at least 37 weeks pregnant, to try to avoid having the contractions happen again. I am starting to really miss it. Not that it would sit very well in my stomach right now, but not being able to eat it at all makes it sound really, really good.

Aiden has pneumonia. We got to take him to a Pediatric Urgent Care on Thursday night. They put him on amoxycillin and breathing treatments (as needed based on coughing and wheezing). So, I did the breathing treatments twice on Friday, and on Saturday he sounded almost completely better so I didn't do them, and Sunday he was still sounding pretty good, so I didn't do them, and today we had a follow-up at the Pediatrician's office, so of course, he was doing horribly this morning and was really congested and wheezing again a tiny bit. So now I get to give him significantly stronger antibiotics for the rest of the week (which I doubt taste good like the amoxycillin does), and have orders to do the breathing treatments every day until he's not coughing AT ALL, not even occasionally. Which is fine, except he is not feeling sick enough any more to sit still nicely for the ~15 minutes each one takes, and we've read through all his stories soooo many times in the past few weeks that he is not finding that much fun as a distraction anymore either, and the albuterol makes him fairly hyper.

I am getting to be one very tired mommy. Even with him generally feeling better than last week, he is still sick enough that he is prone to throwing tantrums much easier, and throwing food a lot more, and it is difficult to get him to eat enough food. I think he had a nightmare during the night Saturday night. He woke up crying loudly. I discovered I was too tired to roll over, let alone get up to take care of him, so I woke Mike up to go care for him instead. The first two or three times Mike got him calmed down and then tried to leave the room, as soon as the door was closed, Aiden started crying hysterically again. So, I suspect he was scared.

My cold is hanging on as well, which of course is not helping with the energy thing. We are up to weekly OBGYN visits now, so that's kind of exciting. I have no energy to cook for the past week. That is one thing I am really looking forward to about my mom coming to visit for the new baby, is she can make me delicious food (and perhaps we can get a few extra meals made and in the freezer, too).

My apologies to my friends, between being nine months pregnant and having a fairly sick toddler, my Christmas present giving list is getting whittled down to pretty much just family members (and half of those are going to be late getting there as is).

I am getting eager for it to be Christmas. Once the holiday is over, then I can focus entirely on getting ready for the new baby. I am feeling fairly unprepared. We need to set up the bassinet, and get the infant car seat installed in the car again, and the floors desperately need to be mopped, and the fan blades really ought to be dusted some time or other, etc, etc. I think I am feeling the nesting urges without any of the energy necessary to take care of any of it. I have given Mike a To-Do list as a result. I think he thinks some of the things on the list are a little silly, but I tried to keep it mostly to things that really do need to be done, preferably before the new baby arrives.

And now, naptime is over, and so, this post is also over.

Monday, December 07, 2009

This is my December

Thanksgiving was lovely. The turkey turned out pretty well. We did a rosemary, salt, pepper, and butter rub both under and over the skin, and made a standard bread stuffing to go inside, and made gravy from the drippings after the turkey was cooked. It ended up being done cooking early, it was nice and moist and flavorful, the skin wasn't quite as crispy as I think I would have liked and the salt wasn't perfectly distributed resulting in pockets of salty turkey and pockets of blander turkey, but overall we liked it.

The rest of that weekend wasn't as hot. We ended up in the hospital on Saturday night and again on Sunday afternoon because I was having regular contractions. They gave me terbutaline on Saturday which made me horribly shaky, and on Sunday I got an IV in case it was dehydration, but got to avoid getting another shot of terbutaline because the contractions stopped pretty much right after we got into triage. Long story short, there's absolutely no sign of the baby coming early, and the contractions were probably due to "gastrointestinal distress" combined with dehydration. I had a buffalo chicken salad with blue cheese dressing for dinner on Saturday night, which was pretty spicy, and had a fried onion rings appetizer as well, and was feeling pretty sick to my stomach several hours later, and ended up throwing up in the middle of the night (several hours after we got home from the hospital). So, the end result is, I am supposed to avoid spicy and fried foods for the next month, and am supposed to make sure I stay well-hydrated, and am supposed to generally take it easy. The doctor said, "No hikes, no long Christmas shopping excursions in large crowds" both of which I thought were pretty funny. There's 0% chance of me wanting to go on a hike in the next month. And I don't like really long Christmas shopping excursions either.

Oh yeah, add an icky cold on top of all of that, too. And waking up between 3:30 and 4:30 every single morning for over a week now and being unable most mornings to fall back asleep for at least 2 hours if at all. I'm feeling pretty wiped out at this point.

The few Christmas presents I am making are coming along well, though more slowly than I would like. Our tree is up, though not decorated yet since it will be making an appearance at the ward Christmas party on Friday so there's no point putting any ornaments on it now since they'd just have to come off again before then and then go back on again after. Aiden really likes looking at the lights on the tree, and the colored lights and tiny ornaments on my old dollar-store mini-tree that I've had since I was a freshman in college.

I had an ultrasound this past week, which was kind of fun (though long, again). Absolutely no signs of kidney reflux or excess amniotic fluid, which is great. Little baby Caleb boy is looking quite cute in there. When we were at the hospital for the conractions, the nurses both nights seemed a little surprised by just how active he was, rolling and kicking vigorously, which made their attempts at fetal monitoring a little difficult. He's got his head downwards like a good boy already, but I don't know if he's dropped yet (I kind of think not right now). So, things are good. I am getting tired of being pregnant, and six more weeks seems like an interminably long time to have left, but I am glad that he is not likely to come before Christmas at the least, and figure I shouldn't start feeling really impatient about it until after New Years at the earliest.

I have put together a long to-do list of things I would like to accomplish before the baby gets here. They're all things that ought to be done regardless, but some of them might not end up happening in the next month's time. Very few of them will end up happening, I suspect, unless Mike helps me a lot. I've discovered cleaning is really quite difficult when you can hardly bend over at all. And weeding and most other yardwork is practically impossible (and ill-advised considering my doctor's advice to take it easy). So we'll see what gets done, since I can't do most of it myself and he is busy with work and other obligations a lot of the time.

Aiden is getting very big. He has finally grown out of most of his 18-month clothes and is wearing the ~4 different 24-month outfits I have for him currently every day. He feels a lot heavier to me, too. Who knows, perhaps he is approaching the 30lb. mark. He's definitely quite adamant most of the time about what he wants (generally one of the following things: going outside, seeing grandma and grandpa, playing with his pots, marshmallows, cookies, crackers, milk, water, string cheese). He's doing pretty well at learning to say "please" although he is not doing so well at not throwing tantrums which involve him collapsing on the floor in a pitifully crying heap when he doesn't get what he wants. He is also not doing so well at not throwing his food when he's done eating, and at not kicking mommy during diaper changes. I rather suspect these are very typical toddler behaviors though, so while I do try to help him learn to be nice, I am not feeling like a failure when he is not. Though sometimes I do end up having little tantrums and meltdowns of my own.

It's been cold here lately, finally. Sometimes I like it and sometimes I don't, depending on whether or not I'm feeling overly warm or overly cold. The high today is supposed to be 56 and it is likely going to rain. It still doesn't feel very Christmasy to me without any snow, that is one aspect of Arizona that I am not used to still, though I do appreciate it. I don't even want to think about how many times I would end up falling down right now if there were snow and ice on the ground. I am not a very stable or well-balanced pregnant lady. The cool weather and rain should be nice, though it makes going outside to let Aiden run around a bit more complicated.

Overall life is still pretty good, despite all my end-of-pregnancy and mother-to-a-toddler complaints. We're getting by alright, and are all usually pretty happy, and there's not really much more I can want than that. Except for sweets. And those, those I can make any time. :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

He's singing in his crib

So, last night I decided to try stuffing my tiny round pillow underneath my burgeoning belly instead of between my legs. And it helped! Much less pain during the night. So that was nice. According to my doctor, I ought to try one of those pregnant belly harness things (and to think I had once supposed them ridiculous and useless and pointless, etc, etc) to help with the round ligament pain during the day. You see, as somebody or other manages to point out at least once a week, my belly and growing baby are all straight out in front of me. And it is proving too much for my round ligaments to handle, and they are complaining a lot. The worst was on Friday, when we went to park day with several other ladies in the ward and their kids, and my particular child decided to go explore the street, and I had to run to catch him before he made it onto the asphalt. Note to self: No running with a big pregnant belly. I could not walk for most of the rest of the day. Serious pain.


Things are going well. A month and a half left for this whole pregnant thing to finish up in. I have another ultrasound next week just to make sure things are still going splendidly. The baby is getting big, and his heartbeat sounds good. My already-birthed son is growing quite big as well (compared only to himself, of course...he's still on the small side compared to other kids his age). He weighs somewhere in the 25 pound range now, and is getting hard to carry. And he's finally into his 24-month clothes. And he's wearing size 7 shoes, which are still too big on him, but he will get to wear them longer this way (and, they didn't have any size 6 shoes at the store on the day we decided to buy him new shoes because his toes were hanging over the edge of his size 5 sandals). The toddler boy loves mini-marshmallows and will say please and thank you for them, and will sit quietly in the car in order to get some, and will sit nicely at the doctor's office as long as he has some to munch on. He loves playing with pots and other kitchen things, and pretending to cook, and likes to sit in his chair and watch us cook, and loves watching Cooking With Dog on YouTube. He has also discovered our old stick vacuum in the past couple of days, and has been having lots of fun pushing that around the house pretending to vacuum. For the most part he's been transitioning to afternoon naps, though this morning he decided to take a morning nap instead, thus, I am posting.

We are doing the turkey for Thanksgiving tomorrow. I think I am going to do a rosemary butter rub under and over the skin, do a classic in-the-bird bread stuffing, and then roast it as per normal. No basting for me, thanks, and all the other options (brining, scalding, injecting, etc) are too much work for me to want to do this year. I just want a rosemary flavored turkey with crispy skin and moist meat, so, that's what we are going to attempt.

Our winter grass is beautiful. We still haven't mowed it yet. I don't know how long you're supposed to wait after it's started to grow before you mow, but I have been worried about doing it before it's strong enough to take it, so we have been holding off.

Lots of crocheting, trying to get some Christmas presents done, and I got to test a fun little pattern for a fun little whimsical tree for somebody the past couple days. I have been remembering that Caron Simply Soft is infinitely nicer on my fingers to work with (though more prone to splitting) than Red Heart Super Saver. But Red Heart is usually the cheapest, and most easily available in the colors I want, so I keep buying it. Oh well.

Monday, November 02, 2009

New month, new post

So, we are in November now. Things I can tell you about my life:

I have approximately 11 weeks left of being pregnant.
I have no time to make all the Christmas presents I want to make, just like every year.
We still have ants in the yard.
Our winter grass is sprouting beautifully, despite the pigeons' attempts to eat it all.
I made Aiden an incredibly adorable Link costume for Halloween, complete with Master Sword and Hylian shield.
He quite liked wearing the hat.
He seems to be loving nursery, though he is still very happy to see us every week when we pick him up at the end of church.
There is little that is cuter than your toddler lighting up with huge smiles and running to you, calling out "Mama, mama, mama!" at the end of church.
A freshly bathed, dried, and pajamad toddler who is feeling cuddly may count as cuter.
The new baby is probably going to be named Caleb.
Aiden has been teething for the past month. All 4 canines decided to try to come out at once. That leaves just his 2-year molars.
Our trash can has been practically overflowing by trash day each week due to slowly getting rid of the bags of yard trash from making things look nice outside.
We went to a pumpkin patch for Halloween, and discovered our toddler adores pumpkins, especially ones small enough for him to pick up and throw. The hay bale maze was not as popular. The tractor was a hit. But mostly he just wanted to run around and throw things. And pick up everybody else's litter. He is an un-litterer. All trash must be properly thrown away.
It is entirely possible for it to be 88 degrees on Halloween here.
My glucose levels are fine, which is shocking considering the numbers of cupcakes I have consumed this month. However, I am slightly anemic. This makes me want to eat steak. The doctor recommended taking an iron supplement instead though. Bah.
I am getting the seasonal flu shot today. The H1N1 vaccine is still not available here anywhere.
My child's new favorite word is "pots".
Next time I'm pregnant, I'm going to invest in some expensive nice long enough won't-fall-off-all-the-time maternity jeans.
I beat World of Goo. Fun little game.

If you want to know more about daily boring details of my life, or see my photos from my "photo a day for a year" project, check FaceBook. I update it a lot more frequently than my blog.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Oh wow

I haven't posted in FOREVER. Sorry.

My life is fairly boring. I am trying to grow a new baby, keep my toddler growing, and see if my lemon tree will grow at all. I had to rip out my garden plants that survived all summer and were starting to grow a nice fall harvest for me, because we got our lawn sprayed to kill the biting ants and he wouldn't spray if we were going to eat any of the stuff in the garden. Of course, the spray did NOT end up killing the ants (possibly because it rained, possibly we overwatered the lawn, who knows...), so he had to come back this morning to try some different stuff. And now I cannot do yardwork where he sprayed for a couple days to allow the stuff to get down in and do its work or whatever. And of course, it is finally cool enough outside that I was, in fact, planning on making my whole yard beautiful this weekend (because it looks TERRIBLE right now because we have not been keeping up on picking up the detritus from our trees), and now I can't. And I am not going to be able to plant a winter garden due to the amount of time you have to wait after the pesticide before you plant anything you're going to be eating.

ANYWAY...enough about ants and growing things. Obviously, it is a small sore spot with me right now.

Speaking of sore spots, this pregnancy has been overall much more uncomfortable than the last one. Crazy round ligament pain / hip pain / etc. every morning when I wake up, or anytime I lie down on the floor, or after sitting for very long, or if I twist weird. Whatever. Need to exercise after this baby to get all my tummy muscles back in shape so that hopefully this extra painfulness from carrying around my belly baby never happens again. Or something. Additional achiness in my right leg every morning that I find fairly inexplicable and have not been able to solve with sleeping position or pillow placement. It was really bad this morning, to the point where I ended up crying while trying to walk to the bathroom. It has subsided now though, which is good. I really ought to ask the doctor about it at my next appointment.

And all my appointments are made for the rest of the pregnancy! Whoo! Next one is the nasty glucose one. So fun. Fast for three hours, chug the gross sugar drink within ten minutes time EXACTLY half an hour before your appointment, which you have to show up 5 minutes early for, so they can be sure to draw your blood EXACTLY one hour after you finish. Also, cervix check to make sure there's no signs of premature labor. Really looking forward to all that. It shall be the highlight of my right-before-Halloween visit.

I have stuff to try making Halloween costumes out of for Dusey and my Pickle Baby. Hopefully I get around to making them soon. I have been busy crocheting hundreds of tiny granny squares for a secret project of awesomeness that is taking forever. I am feeling an urgency to finish as many of my unfinished craft projects in the next three months as I can, as I know once the new baby is here they will all undoubtedly get put on hold again indefinitely. I have decided I don't like Red Heart Super Saver yarn very much, I am getting blisters on my finger from it running across it. The Caron Simply Soft is much better as far as an acrylic yarn goes. Someday perhaps I will have enough money to buy nice yarns made of natural fibers for my projects. Though, then again, acrylic is nice because of its washability.

Random factoid: I apparently have very good hemoglobin. Better than my doctor's. No need for iron supplements here! They'd probably be overdoing it! So, more snacks, and more water, and more sleep, are the only solutions to not feeling dizzy. Fall finally arriving has been helping immensely as well.

And by "fall" what I really mean is that we are currently having highs in the low 90's or high 80's every day, and it is no longer 105 outside all the time. It is beautiful weather. The child boy and I have been playing outside more this week, enjoying not overheating after 10 minutes. We are all out of bubble solution now though, so I need to make some more.

Aforementioned child boy has two new canines that popped through today, explaining his increased tantrums and snuggliness the past week with their emergence. He is also trying hard to imitate us and is learning loads of new words all the time and is quite talkative and very smart and has started using his imagination and pretend cooking things like blocks in his play-bowls in our (unplugged) toaster oven. He tells me they are hot when he takes them out and then pretends to drink them and says "Ahhhh" when done as if they were the most delicious refreshing thing ever. It is, perhaps, the cutest thing I have ever seen.

Some guy I grew up with messaged me on FaceBook today. During the course of our small talk, he revealed that back when he used to be afraid to talk to girls, he had a small crush on me. So, that was a little boost to my self esteem, knowing that years and years ago, when I used to think I wasn't cute and no boys liked me, that one at least did. Maybe more! Who knows! At any rate, it was a weird little conversation that never would have occurred were it not for FaceBook. The things people feel the need to confess to....weird.

I think that about wraps things up. I am currently finishing off the package of Fig Newtons I bought while thinking about Brian Regan's little bit about them and the listed serving size. "Two cookies? Who only eats two cookies? I eat Fig Newtons by the sleeve! Two sleeves is a serving size!"

Friday, August 21, 2009

It's a boy, it's a boy, it's a boy, boy, boy

Sorry for the title, been watching a lot of Baby Signing Time the past few days and the repetitive songs are all stuck in my head.

Anyway, we are following the pattern thus far of both my older sisters, and having a second boy. While it would have been fun to go crazy on all the girly stuff had it been a girl, this will be good, as we don't have to buy any new clothes (we have LOTS of baby boy clothes), they can easily share a room for years and years (no cleaning out the storage room yet!), and I suspect they will absolutely adore playing with each other. Anyway, I am excited. Now I can start looking at baby names again. El Hijito was not at all shy in showing off, he likes being all curled up (surprise surprise for a fetus, I know), with his hands by his face and his legs crossed. This ultrasound, being a level 2 ultrasound, was much more detailed than the first one last time, so it was neat to see everything as the tech explained absolutely everything and what it was, etc, etc. And, so far so good, he looks to be a perfectly healthy little 11oz. fetus. I suspect I will have to have another ultrasound closer to my due date to make sure everything is still going well at that point.

Tonight is the ward campout. I need to get ready for it. Warm stuff to gather up, sandwiches to make, I don't know what else. I want to make some brownies first though. And my child is taking an afternoon nap for the first time in DAYS which I am very excited about, so I think I will go ahead and make the brownies while I have a chance. Supposedly, it's the best ever brownie recipe ever. I will report later on how they turned out.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Almost There

Tomorrow is my other two fillings. Friday is my ultrasound (FINALLY), and then the ward campout.

I had weeeiiiirrrrrrd dreams last night, as has frequently been the case lately.

My child has been cranky and kind of sick. I am hoping it is a tooth coming through. He has not been napping well the past few days. This is highly unfortunate, as I have been incredibly sleepy ALL THE TIME the past few days and could really use a nap each day, but it doesn't happen because I just sit around listening to the baby monitor waiting and waiting and waiting for him to GO TO SLEEP until finally he starts crying and I go get him up again and then repeat the whole process 30 minutes later.

It is still entirely much much too hot outside. I have been having dizzy spells. The only thing the kiddo wanted to do yesterday (besides throw every piece of food I gave him onto the floor in a fit of anger because he's not feeling well) was go outside. And I kept saying, "No, it's too hot outside," and he would scream and cry at me and run from the front door to the back door and back to the front door looking at me over and over with tear-filled desperate eyes. But I did not give in, because I knew if I went outside in the middle of the day, I was going to get dizzy again, and I am tired of the dizziness and am trying to avoid it at all costs. Unfortunately, going grocery shopping seems to trigger it, and I have to go grocery shopping every week.

We had an absolutely wonderful reunion with my family in California last week. We went to Disneyland for two days, and the beach for one day. I went on all the kiddy rides at Disneyland (the circling rocket ride in Tomorrowland proved to be too much for me). Aiden loved It's a Small World, and liked the carousel, and Dumbo, but didn't much care for most of the little movie rides, as they all have dark parts and scary music bits and most have flashy light bits too and it's all a bit much for a sleepy 16-month old to handle. He loved playing with his cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents, though, which was good, as I let them take care of him a lot of the time for me so I could focus on not being dizzy (I almost passed out, vision blacking out, ears ringing, the whole nine yards, while waiting in line to buy us some lunch the first day at Disneyland! Very exciting. My sister bought me a Powerade. It was blue, and delicious.) I loved seeing all my family, and wish I got to visit with them more often. I miss getting to spend time with them. I think maybe they should just all come visit me in November. The weather here should be lovely by then, and they can put up all my Christmas decorations for me. Not really on the decorations, but still, it would be fun if they could come visit. Maybe eventually I'll have the "pink room/storage room" cleaned out and they could actually have some place to stay if they came to visit. I ought to clean it out anyway in preparation for the new kiddo. And because it's a mess.

Our broken showerhead is fixed. And I have a new garage door opener remote for the car, so I don't have to get in and out to use the keypad every single time I go anywhere anymore, which should prove to be lovely and appreciated greatly by both myself and my child. Now I just need to find a repairman to call about quotes for fixing the microwave turntable, because if it ends up that it would be really expensive, then I suspect we should just buy a new microwave. The current microwave still works, true, but a working turntable makes food heat so much more evenly/quickly! I am so spoiled.

Anyway, I am not at all excited for tooth fillings tomorrow. It kind of hurt on the last batch and they had to give me extra Novocaine that resulted in me having a very numb (finally) right side of my face right after I got home, and my jaw ached all day. I suspect it will probably be just the same on the left side tomorrow. But I am very excited for Friday. Ultrasound! I need to remember to bring a blank DVD so they can make a copy of it for me so Mike can watch it. I am honestly feeling a wee bit ambivalent about the ward campout. I am not sure how well Aiden will do with falling asleep in a tent in the cold mountains, etc, etc. Who knows, maybe he will surprise me and we will end up having a fabulous lovely time. Honestly, I'm really looking forward to October when he gets to go to nursery. Fairly unrelated to the ward campout, but that is what popped into my head, so there you go.

By this time last time I was totally done with the morning sickness. This time around, though, it seems to keep cropping back up unexpectedly just when I think I'm finally all over with it. I am feeling better almost all of the time, but every once in a while I start feeling very suddenly and violently ill. This child, oh this child, this child is turning me into a picky eater and a tired sick constantly hormonal wreck. My apologies to my other child, you can blame your mother's several months of hardly playing with you and spending a lot of time lying on the couch on your new sibling. Cheese crackers are the worst. Though I made some Kraft Mac-N-Cheese a few weeks ago that I ate a few bites of and then couldn't even stand to look at anymore and ended up throwing away because it was making me feel ill every time I opened the fridge and saw it there. REAL CHEESE IS STILL DELICIOUS though. Just in case you were wondering.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lazyhead and Sleepybones never could agree

We had a return to the morning sickness today (just as I was starting to think it was over with). It seems as if it is not one thing, it is another. When I'm not morning sick, I have a cold, or I'm dizzy, or my sciatic (sp?) nerve goes off, or I have a grumpy child to deal with, or it is simply too darn hot outside to do anything.

I am really looking forward to when summer is over.

Here is a list of things I plan on doing once it is cooler outside again:
Go on walks with my Pickle Boy every day. We both like walks.
Cook dinner regularly.
Not be sick all the time.
Keep the house clean.
Play in the backyard.
Go to the playground that has the swings.
Have picnics.

You get the idea.

In the meantime, I am going to daydream about living in a temperate climate. And I'm going to daydream about rich, flavorful beef, and donuts. Not together. But the same meal (entree and dessert), sure. Yum.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Hi, hi, hi, hi, nananananana

Here is Potato Bug's current list of words:
Nana (banana)
Reggie (his grandparents' dog)
Mamamamama (Mommy)
Dada (Daddy)
Dah (Dog)
WaDa (Water)
Papa (Grandpa)
Wazzat (What's that)
Ba (ball)
Shju (shoe)
Che (cheese)

He occasionally mimics me when I say other words as well. Papa and Reggie and Wada he's only said a couple of times each, and doesn't generally seem inclined to repeat them. He signs "more" frequently now, and loves signing "dog" and "daddy" and does a half-sign for water when he's thirsty, and still sometimes does the sign for food though more often he walks over to the fridge and pounds on the door of it until I get him something to eat. He loves blowing raspberries, and blowing on hot food, and sometimes licks me when I ask him for kisses (which is the closest to actual kisses that I've gotten from him so far).

We just got back last night from a lovely vacation with Dusey's family in Oceanside, CA. We went to the beach lots, where Potato Bug adored playing in the sand and seeing his cousins and grandparents almost all day every day. We also went to San Diego Zoo, which I loved. I particularly liked watching the gorillas and the polar bears and the pandas (though I wish they let you stay to see the pandas longer). Oh, the hippo was fun to watch, too. Dusey took some really amazing photos while we were there, most especially of the gorillas and the lion. I forgot to put sunscreen on my back for the first few hours of our last day at the beach, and am now suffering the consequences. Potato Bug and I are both having a bit of a hard time being back home alone with each other. This will probably not be helped by his pediatrician appointment this afternoon, since it's time for shots again.

At thirteen weeks along, I am still feeling pretty sick most of the time. I managed to not throw up once during our vacation though, despite a couple close calls. It was a nice respite from two straight weeks of throwing up every single day. At first I had the hardest time dealing with dinner, but the past couple weeks it has switched to breakfast. Hopefully it will go away really soon so I can start feeling like actually making food for my family again. I have gained a lot more weight this far into this pregnancy than I did last time, because I just don't feel up to making food most of the time, so we've been eating out a lot, and eating a lot of microwave meals (like corndogs and burritos and things). I am frequently craving steak. I finally got some Flinstones vitamins to take, which might help with the cravings. They certainly taste infinitely better than the store-brand chewables I got last time around. Maybe I'll try the gummy ones once I run out of these.

Potato Bug loves running around everywhere now, and always wants to go outside to play and pull the last few tomatoes off their vines. My books are going to be moving from our front room into our bedroom in an effort to keep him from playing with them constantly. He is slightly more interested in coloring, though it still doesn't keep his attention for more than a few minutes. He tries sometimes to help me build the block towers, rather than just always knocking them over now, which is nice. We play lots of little games together during the day where he'll run around and I'll chase him, or he'll fall over on the floor and I'll tickle him, or he'll bring me a book to read to him, etc. He loves pretending to mix stuff, and had great fun on our vacation taking the whisk and the colander and mixing the air around with them. No trash can is safe from him, except for the one we got with a locking lid. He threw away his sippy cup while we were in California. Drawers and cabinets are a constant risk as well, and I need to finish putting the cabinet locks on the bathroom cabinets and games cabinet and Dusey's photography cabinet. He does actually listen to me most of the time now though when I tell him to not do something, or ask him to put something back. I have decided we will work on saying please and thank you after he has gotten to the point of actually asking for things better, rather than just whining and reaching for what he wants.

Overall, we're having a good time. I am looking forward more and more to the reunion with my family next month. I miss them.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I had forgotten

I had forgotten what it's like for me, being pregnant. Of course, this time, all the symptoms seem to be coming on a little quicker, a little sooner, than they did last time, and possibly a little worse, too. Or maybe it just seems that way because I'm trying to take care of a very clever toddler who is now darting all around the house all day getting into absolutely everything, while I am at the same time trying not to throw up.

My house is a disaster zone, verging on a federal emergency. The only reason it hasn't gotten to that point yet is because Dusey cleans stuff up every night when he gets home.

I could clean it, I suppose. I tend to put it off, though, dreading that darting pain in the sciatic nerve, dreading feeling so tired that I suspect I may pass out at any moment, dreading hunching over the toilet again when something unexpected sets off the queasiness. Smells, sights, sounds, movement, most anything can set it off. Diaper changes are the worst.

My giggly little boy was happily watching me throw up a few days ago. He ran off to his room, and brought back one of his board books, which he determinedly tried to throw into the toilet. Thank goodness I got it out of his hand right before he let go of it. A couple days later, I forgot to close the bathroom door, and as soon as I realized, I ran in there just in time to see him swirling the toilet water with my hairbrush in between splashing around with his hands. That is now the first thing I check every day once he is awake, is making sure that door is closed. Hopefully it will be a long time yet before he learns how to turn the doorknob. I still don't know what to do with my hairbrush, I've left it sitting in the sink ever since (I have another that I've been using, no worries).

We left the kiddo home with his grandparents this last weekend, while we took an overnight trip to Fresno for a friend's wedding. It was an enjoyable trip, and I didn't miss my babykins quite as much as I was expecting too (though I did miss him). I never want to sit on the back row of a small airplane again though. Somewhat turbulent landings on both flights made me into one queasy lady.

I watched some Food Network yesterday. One of their chefs was cooking an aged steak. So, of course, then I started craving steak. With buttermilk biscuits. So we went out to eat last night at Texas Roadhouse, where I got my steak (but no biscuits, sadly). It was fairly tasty, and I actually managed to keep it all down once we got home, with the help of a cool wet washcloth and a husband who took care of our child's bedtime routine all by himself.

I got a laptop. 17" MacBook Pro, old floor model that was getting replaced at Dusey's store, so we got a really, really good deal on it. I love it. I also got Dusey's old iPhone, since he got the new 3GS one. I have been playing around a bit with both of them, and am perfectly satisfied on the technology front for the foreseeable future.

I've been doing lots of reading lately, as reading and watching TV/movies are about the only things I seem to be able to do lately without feeling really sick. I've read a couple more DiscWorld books. I also reread Ender's Game, and for the first time read Speaker for the Dead, and Xenocide. Children of the Mind is next on my list, after which I'll probably read more DiscWorld books.

It is hard to believe that it is already almost the 4th of July, yet at the same time, it feels like time has been crawling, so slowly. I still have probably 4 to 10 more weeks of feeling sick. There is more than a month left before I get to go have "the ultrasound". I have to have four fillings, but can't get them until August. Hopefully July will go quickly. I want to set off fireworks. I don't recall if they're legal here or not.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Little Baby Bud

My fears have been calmed. There is one little baby, with one head, four limb buds, and a beating heart, growing away inside of me. The newbie is due to arrive sometime around January 15th.

Potato Bug is going to need a new nick, I think. He is walking now. Still crawling, too, but he tries to walk most of the time, if he thinks he can make it to something close enough to grab onto before falling over. He is enjoying his swimming lessons, though he hates the part where we try to have him lay on his back, and he refuses thus far to try blowing bubbles. We will keep trying. He got a hair cut yesterday, which is a little short, meaning that I won't have to cut it again as soon as I would have to otherwise. His hair has settled into a very white blonde, and his little arms and legs are starting to get fairly tanned.

I am not feeling sick quite as often the last couple of days, perhaps because I've been eating practically non-stop and drinking a lot of liquids and getting a little more sleep. So, it's been nicer. I still have pretty much zero energy for cooking, poor Dusey has had to deal with eating out a lot lately, or making us both sandwiches. I have to go shopping tomorrow as we are now out of bread, as well as milk and bananas for Potato Bug, though the child has decided he loves pickles, so those have been a good treat lately in lieu of having bananas to eat.

Friday, June 05, 2009

To boldly go

I've been watching the first season of the original Star Trek series on Netflix. I'm almost at the very end of the season, and they're just starting to get a few things nailed down that nowdays, "everybody" knows about the original series. Like, Bones' classic line "I'm a doctor, not a _______", and the death of the red shirts, and it being the United Federation of Planets, rather than the United Earth Colonies or whatever it was that they called it for most of the season. Anyway, it's fairly entertaining, but mostly it just makes me want to watch Next Generation. I need to see Picard and Data and Worf!

I signed Potato Bug up for Parent Tot swimming lessons at one of the local public pools. 8 classes, 30 minutes a class, all for $23. It's a good deal for a baby swim class. The purpose of the class ultimately, I guess, is just to help the kids get used to the water. I am hoping to learn how to teach my son to not drink the pool water. If nothing else, he will enjoy being in the pool so often over the next two weeks (Monday through Thursday, starting this week).

My first OBGYN appointment for this pregnancy is on Tuesday. I am secretly terrified that I will either miscarry before then, or that the doctor won't be able to find a heartbeat. I've been so achy and tired and sick that I really shouldn't be so worried, all signs point to my hormones doing their very best to support the pregnancy, but still, I worry. I did not worry this much last time. I also didn't ache so much last time, this early on. I am also worried that the doctor will tell me that I have a 100% chance of ending up with too much amniotic fluid again and that I will have to be induced early again, etc. I do not want that. It is not the birth scenario that I created in my head last time, and didn't get. I know, most women do not get the birth scenario they want, but still, if there is a possibility of things not turning out that way this time, I will hope for it. No matter what, this next child will also have to be tested for kidney reflux, since Potato Bug had it. And those tests are not fun, and I am not looking forward to having to go through them with any and all future children. Assuming the baby appears healthy at my appointment on Tuesday, I am hopeful that I will be able to get a prescription for prenantal vitamins that are very small. I do not know if such a thing exists, but I am much more likely to take them if they are tiny. I hate monstrously huge pills. Heh, I don't particularly like normal sized pills. Anyway...

Potato Bug slipped two days ago, and hit his face into our coffee table, resulting in one of his tiny sharp little teeth puncturing his bottom lip pretty good. It bled a lot at first, but stopped bleeding pretty quick. It remains swollen though. He has been extra grumpy and drooly the last two days, and I don't know whether to blame it on his injury, or possibly another teething episode (he's a bit sniffly and sleepy too). Whatever it is, I am hopeful that he will feel better soon. I have a difficult time dealing with a grumpy needy child when I am not feeling well.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Too much waiting

I am no good at waiting to share news when it helps to explain immediately why I am behind on everything, why I am feeling horrible, why I am making my poor husband take care of so much stuff that I'd normally do myself. And June 9th is a long way off yet, so I am just going to go ahead and spill the beans.

I am pregnant again.

I am excited, but I am already tired of the morning sickness. At least it waited until we were home from our trip to New York to hit. If I do not snack on stuff all day long, I get feeling really awful, though I haven't thrown up yet (there've been a couple close calls though so I suspect that that stage of the being sick is not all that far off).

So, there you have it.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Things I am excited about today

I made an appointment to have an eye exam tomorrow morning. I have had this pair of glasses for approximately nine years with the same pair of lenses the entire time and one of the lenses is currently held in with a twisty-tie, and the glass is horribly scratched, and the nose-pieces always turn green, so I am endlessly excited at the prospect of new glasses (with a current prescription!).

I am making salsa-cream cheese chicken in the crockpot. Also, I have frozen waffles and real maple syrup to put on them (I know actual home-made waffles are much tastier, but I never feel like making them or cleaning the waffle iron after). Food is exciting.

My son has been offically totally completely weaned for 2.5 weeks now. I made it to my goal of nursing him for a year, and am quite happy to be done now.

I have a doctor's appointment in 3 weeks which I am looking forward to.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fish fish fish fish fish

I think I'm giving up on Xanga. Apologies to my Xanga friends, but it has been giving me nothing but problems lately, and I infinitely prefer LJ and Blogger.

My baby boy has finally reached the 20lb. milestone. He is officially big enough for his new forward-facing carseat, if I can ever figure out how the darn thing works and get it installed in the car.

My little sister came to visit a couple of weeks ago. It was so much fun having her here. We went shopping, and went swimming, and watched Lost, and went swimming, and watched more Lost, and went swimming. We both got burned while swimming her last day here. My shoulders are still red (and peeling now too, hooray), two weeks later.

On Mother's Day, we hopped a plane to New York and went to visit my oldest sister for a week. New York is a pretty cool city, full of an incredible diversity of people and things to do. Seeing as we took our 1 year old with us, we kept our "things to do" list to a minimum: the Empire State Building, making a cake with my sister for my birthday, the Bronx Zoo, seeing Wicked, the Met (and the Cloisters), the Natural History Museum, Central Park, and Chinatown. Everything was fabulously fun. While there we ate: pizza, cheesecake, Indian, sushi, Chinese, bagels with cream cheese (and we tried a lox spread which I thought was pretty gross, I will have to try the sliced stuff sometime as I think it will taste much better)...I can't think of anything else we ate. Oh, and my birthday cake, which was delicious. Everything was extremely tasty (other than the lox spread). We got back on Saturday morning, and have been trying to catch up on sleep and lazing about ever since (well, except for Dusey who has been diligently working). Though I did go shopping yesterday, and made dinner, so I haven't been totally lazy.

Endless thanks to my sister for letting us stay with her, and use her bedroom, and help us figure out what to do and how to get there and entertaining us whenever we weren't out doing things. It was a wonderful trip, and I'm so glad we got to go.

While we were gone, the grass seed that we spread over the back yard to help the dead patches recover absolutely exploded. There are still a couple bare patches, but the yard looks infinitely better than it has for the past year that we've lived here. The grass is a beautiful bright springy green color, and it desperately needs mowing. Some of it is verging on six inches tall, I think. But it is entirely too hot to mow during most of the day now, with temperatures approaching if not broaching 100. So perhaps Potato Bug and I will go swimming today instead.

My garden is also doing quite well. We are getting delicious ripe tomatoes, and I think the eggplant is ready for picking, and the cilantro is huge and the other herbs are hanging on which is amazing, considering the heat. The pepper plants are still fairly small, I'm hoping they continue their slow and steady growth and give us some fruit before the true heat of summer arrives and burns them all up.

Some day I will stop being lazy and post some of my pictures from my new camera. I certainly have enough to pick from now. I suppose you will all have to remain in suspense until I finally get around to it.

On a final note, we got an Ergo Sport baby carrier, and I love it. It was perfect for carrying the kiddo around New York. Also, I adore my new pajamas. They are comfy and light and cute and if it wasn't killer hot here right now, I'd be tempted to wear them all the time.

Monday, April 20, 2009


The kidney reflux progress tests for my Potato Bug Boy are all over and done with (for now, at least). We had the VCUG this morning at the hospital, where he got to be immobilized on a board while they stuck a catheter all the way up into his bladder and pumped a lot of liquid into it and then tried to take pictures before he peed it all back out (they were not successful with the getting him to not pee part). They were very nice, and put on Finding Nemo for him to watch, and tried to help me distract him, and gave him a beach ball when we were all done so he could play with it while we waited to get the CD of images from them. He was fairly good, though as to be expected he cried from the moment I set him down to check his diaper to several minutes after I pciked him up after the test was over, and sporadically after that whenever he remembered that he was supposed to be traumatized. The doctor who did the test told me that he still had reflux, but that because he peed during the ENTIRE test, they weren't ever able to get his bladder completely full of their contrast dye and so he couldn't tell me what grade the reflux was.

Cue the sorrowing and worrying on my part.

Once we finally got the CD and got back to our house, it'd been just about three hours since we left, and I had half an hour before I wasn't supposed to feed the kiddo anything anymore, and approximately an hour before we had to leave for the second appointment of the day. What's a mommy to do? I stuffed him full of banana and milk and put him in his crib so my super-sleepy boy could take a short nap.

Then I had to wake him up to go to the next appointment. Still sleepy baby who's already been traumatized by tests once during the day = a bad patient. We got to drive right back to the hospital (actually, to a building next door), where I got to refill out all the exact same paperwork they had me fill out LAST TIME. Cue more frustrated mommy. At least the babykins enjoyed crawling around while we were waiting for them to call us back (they need to clean their carpets though, his knees were BLACK by the time we got to go back there). And then we had the ultrasound. Ultrasound = needing to hold still to get clear pictures. Grumpy baby who has to (gasp!) LAY DOWN on his BACK on a PAPER SHEET = wiggly. And crying. Lots and lots of crying. I think he remembers the paper sheet from the doctor's office when he got his shots last week. Traumatic. Even though the ultrasound was so totally painless, as far as physical pain goes. I cannot speak for his emotional pain (he was upset), nor for the pains of the technician, who was having a horrible time trying to get clear pictures of his bladder and kidneys (I got to hold him for the kidney ones, and he wanted to crawl all over me and was still being very wiggly, poor ultrasound tech). Of course, he had pooped right before the ultrasound, so we both got to deal with diaper stink the whole time. Once she was done, I got to lay him BACK DOWN ON THE PAPER SHEET (oh noes!), which of course, caused great amounts of crying, so that I could change his stinky diaper. And he, in retaliation, peed all over the paper sheet in the middle of the diaper change. And for once, I was not responsible for cleaning up his mid-diaper-change pee.

Poor, poor ultrasound technician. At least I had a plastic baggie for the stinky diaper to go in.

Then we got to sit and wait in a small room (not the lovely waiting room) for the nurse to come and tell me what was what and how he was doing. The room, of course, had an exam table in it, with a paper sheet. Potato Bug took one look at it and started wailing. I eventually managed to more or less distract him with the "I'll hand you something that you can throw on the floor for me to pick up while still trying to hold you" game. We played it with almost everything I had in the diaper bag and in my purse.

Finally, the nurse came in, only to let me know that she was getting errors from the disc from the VCUG and needed to go call the radiology department at the hospital to get the doctor's write-up or a new CD. So we got to sit and wait a couple more minutes. And then she came back in, with the doctor's write-up. And he had Grade 3 reflux at the last test, in his right kidney. And now he has a trace of Grade 1 in his left kidney, and she couldn't quite tell exactly for sure what the Grade was for his right kidney due to the CD problems, but she felt like classifying it probably as also Grade 1 (though it could feasibly be Grade 2, she said). Anyway, either way, this is a HUGE IMPROVEMENT. Cue happy mommy. Ultimately, we decided to call it Grade 1, and give him 2 more days of his antibiotics (due to the catheter that morning), and then, just, stop. No more daily medicine. Call it good. He's growing out of it.

Of course, I still have to watch, and if he gets a high fever (anything over 101.5) I have to go get him catheterized to get a urine test done to see if he's got a kidney infection, and if he does, then we will have to admit that he still has bad reflux.

But we're all hoping (of course) that that never happens. And in the meantime, we will be assuming that it is Grade 1 and that it will disappear completely as he continues to grow. (Grade 5, by the way, is the worst, and takes surgery to fix. Grade 3 gave him a 50% chance of outgrowing it on his own.)

So, I am no longer feeling like a bad mommy. And I am not carrying around that constant worry in the back of my head anymore that he will not outgrow it. And he's happy because we're staying home the rest of the day. And I am happy because I am incredibly relieved.

He got a banana in the car on the way home from the ultrasound and follow-up, because he was still extremely tired and kind of grumpy and undoubtedly hungry. And I learned an important lesson. Do not give your child fresh fruit (particularly not bananas) to eat in the car when they're prone to throwing their food to the side sporadically for absolutely no reason. I got to fish banana bits out from under the passenger chair of our truck once we were home and he was in bed. And the truck, I suspect, still probably smells like banana.

Which, by the way, is Potato Bug's first word (other than Uh-oh and mamamama and dadadada). He sees bananas, and he says "nana nana nana nana" and gets very excited. Oh, my funny little babykins. I love you so much.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

1 year

My little boy is still quite little. 19 lbs. which puts him in the 5th percentile for weight still, and 29 1/2" tall, which is 50th percentile for height. Since those percentages are pretty much the same as they were last appointment, the pedicatrician says it's probably just how he's going to keep growing, kinda skinny. She joked that maybe I should feed him a lot of cake to fatten him up. He ought to be big enough in about a month, she said, to move into his big-boy forward facing carseat, once he gains that vital last pound. All in all, he seems quite healthy. He didn't like lying on top of the paper on the table, and really didn't like the shots, but calmed down as soon as I gave him a cookie once I picked him back up after. The insurance we've got for him right now apparently requires some routine bloodwork done at a year old, so I decided to get it all over with in one day, and we headed over to the lab right after the pediatrician's this morning. He really didn't like the blood draw (of the normal sort, with the needle in the arm), and they didn't get very much blood (the phlebotomist said I should have him drink more water, but I personally don't think it was a very good poke in his arm). So, we might have to go back and do it again if they don't end up having enough. I fed him a banana as soon as we got home which cheered him right back up. He adores bananas.

I am feeling like a horrible mother because I have not been giving him his antibiotics for his kidney reflux for the past several months. I am waiting to hear back from the nurse at the pediatric urology office about it, since his appointments are next week. We went on vacation, and I didn't remember to give it to him while we were going all about and so busy, and then I kind of didn't remember once we were back home, and though he has seemed perfectly fine with no signs of any kidney infections I am still feeling like a failure of a mother for just totally spacing my child's medicine for not just a week or two, but months. Gah. I guess we will see if there were any infections for sure or not next week. I am a bad mom.

Potato Bug loves watching Baby Signing Time. When I put it on for him, he crawls over to me and tries to climb in my lap, and then cuddles with me while we watch it, which is pretty much the only time he does that. The rest of the time, he wants to be either crawling around the house, or if he's hungry, sitting in his booster seat and eating. He's become quite adept at throwing his food on the floor. I feed him pretty much the same stuff as we eat now, though he eats a lot more bananas and applesauce than we do. He likes Cheerios in milk for breakfast most days. His diapers smell worse and worse, it seems, with every diaper change. I guess that's pretty normal with the switch to real food.

He's very good at crawling very fast. He likes walking holding on to things and is getting better at it. He can hold his balance standing up without holding on to anything for longer each time he tries, which isn't very often honestly, as there's almost always something around to hold on to. He is extremely good at waving, and when he feels like it, will wave at everyone and everything. When he doesn't feel like it, he won't wave at all. He didn't feel like it at the doctor's office this morning.

His signs are getting better. He regularly signs food, and milk, and all-done. He frequently signs hat also though I don't think he associates it with hats yet as he doesn't like wearing hats, and therefore I have no idea what he's trying to tell me with that one. Maybe he just likes my hair. Who knows. He occasionally signs more. I think he recognizes several other signs also, though he hasn't attempted to do any others yet. He talks to himself and to me quite a lot, though still with no actual words yet of course. He likes to sing sometimes, especially into anything that reminds him of a kazoo. He's very good at putting balls back in his ball-popper, and also at throwing them (and other toys) across the room. He's started to enjoy getting down on his stomach to look at things when they roll under the couch or a chair, and sometimes puts his head down on the floor and looks like he's about to do a somersault with his bum up in the air. He just stays like that for a few seconds, looking at the world upside-down through his legs, and then goes back to his normal crawling around. Sometimes he tries to clap, but not very often. He's very good at feeding himself, though I am always worried he's going to choke on something (particularly bananas) as he likes to stuff as much food as he can into his mouth in one go if he likes it. He still likes going on walks and watching the cars and birds go past. Mostly we stay inside and play, though. Baths are fun, toothbrushing still doesn't work quite how it's supposed to (he just wants to suck the toothpaste off and then bite the toothbrush, but we're working on it), and he's taken to helping me pull his shirts down over his head when it's time to get dressed.

Sometimes he decides he doesn't want to have his diaper changed. He's really very strong and flips his whole body over while I'm trying to hold his legs and wipe his bum off. I let go of his legs to try to flip him back over and he sits up. I have started trying to put the new diapers on him as he's either standing or crawling sometimes, since when he decides he's not going to lay on his back, there is nothing I can do to get him to lay on his back without hurting him (and I don't want to hurt him).

He has started to make decisions about whether to be sad or not. When he bumps his head, or somebody he doesn't know touches him, or whatever other thing he doesn't like, he sits there and thinks about it for a minute, then frowns, then opens his mouth wide and silent, and then starts crying. He's very good at frowning when he's upset. He's also very good at laughing finally. He laughs at the silliest strangest things sometimes, so I end up doing weird stuff all the time trying to get him to laugh more.

I promise to add some pictures later tonight, after he's asleep for the night.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


After waking up briefly at 6am, the baby and I both went back to sleep until about 9. Oh, heaven.

Then we went to Walmart, where I did not find 3/4 of what I was looking for, but did find a whole lotta baby food on sale so I bought a bunch because I still can't feed the kiddo a lot of what we eat very easily and making my own baby food is cool and all and generally cheaper but it takes SO MUCH TIME and it's handy (particularly when sick, like now) to just have some mush on hand to shovel in his hungry, hungry little mouth. I also bought some Cheerios in a hard little purse-sized container so that I can have something to refill since the Cheerios in the diaper bag in a baggie always end up crushed and leaving little Cheerio dust all over everything leaking out of the baggie. And I bought a small carton of Goldfish.

I fed about half of the carton of Goldfish to the babekins as we drove to Ikea, which is a pretty good-distance drive. It was his brunch. Yes. That is all I fed him for both breakfast and lunch (though he did have a lot of milk that morning). Also, we went to Ikea right during what would have been his naptime. He was almost asleep when we finally got there, and then I got him out of his carseat and kept him awake for several more hours while we wandered all over Ikea looking for just-the-right-thing and some shelves. He lost my little paper where I wrote the location of some shelves I wanted, so we did not get those, but we did get some other shelves I wanted and a just-right-for-now thing for babyproofing game controllers (it's a roll-top small cabinet that was on sale, yay!).

It was past the start of his normal afternoon-naptime by the time we finally left. He fell asleep in the car home, hooray. Then he woke up as soon as we got home, so I fed him some more milk, and put him in his crib for enforced naptime. He cooed at himself and played with his playthings in his crib for about half an hour before falling asleep until 5pm. I, meanwhile, ate a bag of Cheetos for lunch, followed by some hummus on a pita (oh yes, yesterday was the day of HEALTHY EATING HABITS all around). And then I assembled the roll-top thingy. And it took about two hours to put together. And it's pretty cheaply made, but it turned out nice and I'm quite pleased with it.

So then the baby wakes up, right as I'm done transferring all the controllers into the new cabinet and locking it up, so I feed him two things of the newly purchased baby food because, as expected, he was CRAZY HUNGRY and cried whenever I tried to stop feeding him. Then he played for about five minutes, then came and made me pick him up, and then he barfed all over both of us. I am sorry you ate too much, little man, but purple-baby-food barf is Gross. He went straight in the tub while I wiped off my clothes, then peeled off both our clothes and put them in a tidy pile on the floor of the bathroom and washed us both off in the tub until his Daddy got home (with dinner) and could go dry him off and put a diaper on him while I finished cleaning up the nasty gunk and threw all the clothes in the laundry machine and got dressed once again.

After that, was dinner time, so I ate a little bit (not a lot, because hey, it was salad, and yesterday was HEALTHY EATING HABITS day, so I obviously couldn't eat very much of my Chipotle salad, also, you know, there was the whole just-finished-cleaning-up-barf thing). And then the baby-man went to bed. And then we watched last week's episode of Heroes and were both amazed when it didn't Totally Suck like we were expecting it to. And then I went to bed.

Today, in addition to more sneezing (I believe I did not mention that I have been sneezing, sniffling, and coughing for days along with the rest of my family), we are going to the grocery store, where I will buy some food to make some super-easy dinners (hello, Soup!) until we are all recovered. And after that, maybe I will go in search of a summer baby hat for the child (not a baseball cap, thanks, I want something to keep the sun off his face and neck when we go a-walking), and maybe some little shoes for him since he's learning to walk, and maybe some more clothes for him since he has hardly any that fit right now and I'm tired of having to do laundry so often. But maybe not. Maybe we will just come home with our groceries and have some cold juice and maybe I will try to beat the 8th level of Katamari Damacy which currently is terribly difficult for me.

Also, we need to water the garden.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Love You Madly

I've been crocheting like a madwoman lately. I made a Wall*E, and a Dr. Horrible, and an octopus, and a tiny elephant,and some Valentine's Day stuff last month, and a soot sprite.

And I finished my painting and it is fabulous and is hanging on the wall in our front room.

And our yard is finally all ready for the garden, we need to mix the dirt in and go buy the plants and plant them and then it will be done. And we got some PESTICIDE so we can kill the biting ants and cockroaches and crickets and rolly-pollies, and earwigs, and slugs, and spiders, and EVERYTHING ELSE that was living where my garden is now going to live. Tomatoes and peppers and maybe beans and cucumbers and lots of herbs and a squash plant of some sort would be nice...we will have to see what I get when we go buy the plants tomorrow.

My Potato Bug Baby now has seven teeth. And he's been falling back asleep on his own when he wakes up in the middle of the night lately, which has been lovely.

Dusey has been dieting, by eating half as much as he used to eat. It makes me feel a little guiltier about all the food (specifically bottom-unfriendly desserts) that I am constantly wanting to make and eat all of because oh-my-gosh so delicious and sugary. I am a glutton. A glutton for sugar. Yummy.

I made chocolate covered brownie bites for Valentine's Day and they were DELICIOUS. Most especially the ones covered in dark chocolate.

The man-child has been standing up and taking steps along furniture and snarfing down incredibly huge amounts of food in a single sitting and exploring everything and testing me to see what my limits are ("No! Don't eat the garbage!" ---he grins at me--- "We don't eat paper!" ---he giggles--- "Stop rolling over until I have your new diaper on!" ---shrieks of laughter---). Aren't they supposed to wait to test your limits and your rules until they're at least officially toddlers? The little smarty-pants. At least he is listening to me when I tell him we don't bite mommy's leg, no matter how tasty and at-mouth-level it may be while I'm sitting in my computer chair.

I have been wanting to go to the zoo for the past month or so. I keep waking up, thinking, Today would be a lovely day to go to the zoo, and see the giraffes, and indeed it would as the whether has been nice and toasty warm, but Dusey always has work and so we don't go. We are planning on going to the Botanical Gardens soon (once we have our own garden all planted and beauteous), and then hopefully we will be able to make it to the zoo soon after that. I think the Wild Child will enjoy seeing the animals this time rather than sleeping the entire time we're there like he did the last time we went to the zoo during the day, even though he was almost assaulted by a squirrel in his stroller.

We got our plane tickets to New York. I need to get tickets for a show, and then plan out what we want to do while we're there and how much money it will take so we can set that aside and not spend it.

We got our tax refund. It is lovely.

I am going to get a G10 soon. That will also be lovely. You ought to expect me to actually post some adorable baby photos (I know I keep promising and then not following through) along with a rash of Macro texture shots, because, seriously, awesome.

I want to get out of the house and DO SOMETHING today. Maybe I will take le kiddo on a walk when he gets up from his nap-er-roo. Someday he will be a little bigger and will be able to actually play with me in ways other than laughing when I tell him no or knocking down the block towers I build or playing the "I throw it you fetch it, Mommy" game, or the "put the lid back on the blocks so I can pull it off over and over again" game. Though, I must admit, I do enjoy the building of the block towers, and the other little repetitive games convince me that he's really quite the little learning genius, and by the way, he knows the sign for food, and does it a lot, and recognizes the signs for More, and All Done, and Sleep (he doesn't like that one).

The play class we've been taking together has been fun. I don't socialize much there, and neither does the little guy, it's mostly him exploring and trying to eat EVERY SINGLE BALL THERE IS which then I have to throw them all in the "yucky bucket", which requires chasing him around pretty much the entire time. But it's out of the house, and there's toys we don't have, and he seems to like it, so it's all good. Next class I take there though maybe I kind of want to do a ME CLASS. Maybe I will get a weekly babysitter and I will go and PAINT or COOK or SEW or EXERCISE or something. Who knows? It depends on what they're offering, and if it's too expensive or not, and if I could get a babysitter.

I need to start wearing sunscreen again, and putting it on my baby guy as well. Hello, cute little man, you are going to have to learn to Not Eat the sunscreen bottle.

I want to go swimming.

I want to go on a date. With Dusey, of course. Let's do it, handsome man, go see a movie and get ice-cream, or go read books together at Border's, or ANYTHING.

Little-bitty-stir-crazy, you may think. Perhaps.

Tomorrow is going to be a lovely day.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

About me for once

I realize how infrequently I've been posting. And then the posts that I do write are mostly about my Potato Bug and tend to be long. So, for a nice change of pace, here is a short post about me.

I bought myself a Meyer Lemon Tree from Costco for $20. I love it. I hope it gives me lemons. I love lemons. The flowers smell divine. It is sitting in its pot in my backyard waiting for me to plant it.

I started on a new painting today. Well, to be more precise, I prepared to start on a new painting today. I took my freaky Little Red (EVIL) Riding Hood painting, and gesso'd (can you verbalize gesso?) over it. It had a good bit of black in it, so it will need another layer of gesso tomorrow. Then I will be ready to paint. I'm excited. I've claimed the kitchen table for my painting area for the week (Dusey doesn't know this yet). We will eat at the kitchen island instead.

After briefly wandering around JC Penny yesterday, I decided I like a lot of the clothes there.

I have decided, generally, what plants I want to plant in my vegetable garden that is going to be created in the backyard soon (because if it's not done and planted by the end of the month, it will be too late). I've thought a lot about various plants that I could plant in the front yard where the spiny bushes are right now. I dislike spiny bushes. I'd rather have some pretty flowering perennials in with all the gravel. I think the bouganvilla in the back will be coming out to make room for tomatoes. I'd thought about transplanting it to the front, because it at least has flowers (though it is also spiny), and is fairly pretty, but it takes a decent amount of maintenance and trimming every year to stay looking nice (just like the disliked spiny bushes). Maybe I will see if my inlaws would like the bouganvilla. I would just leave it where it is, but it is in the very sunniest part of our yard, the very best spot for tomatoes, and it grows over the lawn and gets in the way of mowing anyway.

I have been letting the Potato Bug eat stale English Muffin crumbs out of his walker for the past week. I figure they're still okay to eat, honestly, and if he wants to eat them, then there's no reason why I shouldn't let him. He has five teeth now instead of four. It has been a difficult week as a result.

I'm looking forward to Valentines Day.

We are going to New York for our anniversary this year. I'm looking forward to that as well.

The End.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

9.5 months

Our little baby bug is adorable. He loves crawling, he loves pulling up to a stand on everything he can reach, he loves throwing his toys, he loves chasing balls, he loves chewing on his toothbrush and pacifiers and everything else. He still has four teeth, but I suspect the fifth one is pretty close now to coming in. He increasingly likes to have someone playing with him, even if they're just sitting on the floor watching him crawl around. He gets jealous of the attention we pay to our computers, or to my crochet projects, and is very good at vying for our attention, usually by crawling over and pulling himself up to a stand by holding onto our pantlegs, and then staring at us and making noises until we pick him up. He's quite vocal now, and likes to talk while he's playing. We're trying to teach him some sign language, and I think he's started signing food occasionally. He definitely recognizes that sign, and the sign for more, and the one for finished. He plays with his crib toys every morning before I get him.

He's quite happy usually, except for around 4pm to bedtime when he gets kind of tired and a little cranky and needs extra love and attention, which is hard to give to him then because I'm usually trying to fix dinner or finish up things before Dusey gets home. He really likes playing with his Daddy, but Mommy is still his favorite when he's sad or tired. He loves bread, and loves eating while we're eating, and is quite adventurous with trying new flavors and textures, though he still doesn't like green vegetables very much. Potato Bug still wakes up in the middle of the night sometimes, and despite the pediatrician's advice, I still get up and nurse him back to sleep every time he does. She said he doesn't need to eat in the middle of the night, but she also said he's in the fifth percentile for weight and 75th for height, so I don't really mind giving him a little extra nourishment in the middle of the night. He's been doing better lately about sleeping until at least 5:30 in the morning before he wakes up, wants to eat, play a little bit, and then go back to sleep, but that going back to sleep bit always messes up his later usual morning naptime.

He loves watching older kids, and is pretty resilient when he accidentally gets sat on or stepped on or toys get grabbed away from him when he plays with them. Then again, he's pretty good at clawing other kids faces when he feels like it. We're working on teaching him to be gentle when playing with others, and that people are not the same as toys and you can't just grab them and try to chew them. He really likes his toy that shoots balls out with music, and also loves knocking down small block towers that I build for him. We discovered yesterday that he really likes the park, particularly the spinny pirate wheel. He's still a bit unsure about both slides and grass.

He's started regularly imitating the noises I make, laughing when I laugh, growling when I growl at him, and blowing raspberries is one of his favorites. He really enjoys it when we make weird noises or sound effects for him, and he tries hard to make them back. He laughs every time I yawn.

He likes trying to climb over things, which results in a regularly bonked head when he loses his balance and slides to the floor unexpectedly fast. He doesn't like going to sleep, and still cries almost every time I put him down in his crib until he finally falls asleep. He's started to understand when I tell him not to play with certain things, and will often leave them alone for awhile after I tell him no, although sometimes he just grins mischeviously at me and crawls over to it as fast as he can and starts to play with it anyway. He likes trying to dance to music sometimes, and will bob his head around, nodding and bouncing and looking at me to see if I like his cool moves.

Picture to be added later.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Holiday Recap

Christmas in Utah was wonderful. It was snowy. We played lots of games with my family. Sorry to those we didn't get to go visit, we ended up being really busy with family stuff the whole time. Plus I was really sick. Coughing and hacking and no voice and occasional fevers. I was finally mostly able to talk again by the time we went home. We got lots of lovely presents (I got your package, Anacaeca, and I love it! Thanks!). Potato Bug got lots of new books and the first 3 Baby Signing Time DVDs, which we have been watching at least one of almost every day since we got home. I'm finally remembering a good number of the signs, and have started using them as often as I can, in hopes that he'll start recognizing them soon.

The day after we got home, Potato Bug got sick with a nasty stomach virus. He was throwing up and had diarhhea for several days. Dusey got it too a couple days after PB did. After 3 days of Potato Bug being quite sick and starting to look a little pale and be really sleepy all the time, I called the Pediatrician's Office to see if I could bring him in for a same-day appointment, and they told me to take him to the Emergency Room in case he was dehydrated. So, we got to go on a trip to the hospital, and he got a little IV for mild dehydration, and they confirmed that it was a virus and he'd probably start getting better within a day or two. He didn't like the IV at all, poor baby. I didn't like it much either. He kept trying to eat it, and wanted to use his hand but couldn't, and I had to come up with creative ways to hold him the whole time we were there so he wouldn't pull it out. He started crying a lot when we were still there at 1pm (his afternoon naptime) and he was really hungry and tired. They gave me a bottle of Pedialyte to try giving him, but he absolutely refused it after he tasted it. Finally they let me go nurse him in one of the treatment rooms, and while he was eating his IV came out (he also fell asleep and I was sad that I had to get up and go get the nurse because that woke him back up). They checked how much IV fluid he'd gotten and said it was enough and sent us back home finally.

For New Years Eve, since the males in the family were both sick, we went to bed early. It was nice.

My grandmother on my dad's side died a few days before Christmas, so I flew back to Utah on Monday night with Potato Bug so we could go to her funeral yesterday. It was a lovely service, and I'm so glad I got to go. There were only a few mishaps along the way. I lost one of the screws to my glasses in the airport on the way there, so the lens is now twisty-tied in until I can go to a glasses store and get it fixed. Our plane on the way home was delayed, and then there were mechanical problems, and then we had to switch planes (after PB was already asleep :( ), and then they had to de-ice the wings, so what was already a late flight for us turned into a really late flight, and I got to crawl into bed at 12:40 this morning, after being awake since 4:30am yesterday (PB decided to wake up then and wouldn't go back to sleep until 7 and then only slept until 7:50 or so before he woke up again for the day). I am going to have to take a nap sometime today. That's what I ought to be doing right now, since Potato Bug is asleep for his morning nap, but I decided to catch up online and blog first, and then I suppose I will nap during his afternoon nap, if possible.

Also, I have THE NICEST HUSBAND EVER. While we were gone for the funeral, he cleaned and organized the entire house! He moved all my sewing stuff into our room, and put away all our clothes, and put all of PB's stuff in his room, and did all the dishes, and got some more shelves for the storage room and cleaned it up, and our house looks AMAZING. And he left lovely notes all over about cleaning up various areas as reminders to help me out during the day so we can keep it looking this beautiful all the time. I love it. I still need to organize a couple things (like, PB's clothes, and all my craft stuff), but I think that will wait until the end of this week. I need to finish up a couple of Christmas presents still too. I think that will be tomorrow, and then the final house organizing will be Friday. Today is going to be a "recovery from no sleep" day, and a celebratory "thank DH for all his hard work" evening of lounging and eating yummy food and enjoying our beautifully clean house by maybe watching a movie. Oh, I need to clean up my computer desk sometime too. It's a wreck still (completely my responsibility to take care of my little space). Maybe I'll take a nice bath tonight too. I don't know. As long as it is all relaxing and restful, I'll be happy with today. And warm.