Sunday, December 14, 2008

one week

In a week's time from right now, we will hopefully be almost to my parents' house. Yep. We get to go to Utah for Christmas afterall (which means we won't be coming in January). We'll be there for a week. If you will be around Christmas week and won't be insanely busy with family stuff and want to hang out for a bit, let me know, so I can plan to sneak away for a bit to see you.

In case some of you are interested, Waterford is finally going to be beta testing their new product, a web-based educational game for pre-schoolers. I think they're aiming it at the 2-4 crowd. If you're interested in signing yourself (and your child) up for it, go to It should be good, just based on the tiny bit of it that I've seen, but you may run into some bugs which you would need to report I believe (as part of participating for free in the beta test). Anyway, go check it out.

I went to the dentist this past week. No cavities, but I do need one sealant to fill a hole. The dentist said my teeth look great, and the reason for the occasional oain I get in my jaw is that I clench my teeth hard fairly often, and possibly some other stuff, and he recommended that I get a jaw splint (aka bite splint, which sounds extremely similar to the bite plate I had when I had braces) as soon as possible before I cause any permanent damage to my teeth or jaw joint. He's willing to work something out in regards to financing, but the possible cost of it still stressed me out a bit (which causes me to clench my jaw more!).

I also discovered on Friday when I put in my contacts before our ward Christmas party (please note: I almost always wear my glasses), that I'd developed another large lump (probable: chalazion) in an eyelid just in time for the holidays. Last winter it was in my upper eyelid, this year it's in the lower eyelid of that same eye. I am being VERY diligent about putting warm compresses on it 3-4 times a day in hopes that it will go away. If it is still there in a couple days, I will have to go see an opthamologist again, who might have to perform a minor surgery to get it out (last year's lump, as a side note, never Completely went away).

So, to sum up: random health problems, a neat beta test opportunity, and a super-exciting Christmas trip to Utah! Hooray!

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