Saturday, November 15, 2008

Halloween food

So, I know Halloween is long past, but I made some cool food for it in the week before Halloween and wanted to show it off. I know, I'm amazing. You can shower me with praises now. (Just kidding. Really.)

Rats on top of Mash O' Nine Sorts (you can't see it, but the rat has a spaghetti tail):

Eyeball Soup:

Bloody Punch:

Spiderweb Eggs:

And a whole lot of mini cupcakes:

There were monsters:

A ghost:



A tentacle thing:

And worms:

The cupcakes were all Red Velvet cake, so they were nice and bloody red when you bit into them. If you bit into them. I discovered it was really hard to not just pop a whole one into your mouth at once. I tell you what, mini cupcakes are awesome.

1 comment:

Marci said...

Wow Kirs, the rat is disgustingly amazing! And I really liked the spiderweb eggs and the brain cupcake. Way to get your Halloween on.