Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Chipotle hummus is delicious

I voted today. For the first time. I know, I know, I'm 25, I should have voted before now. But I didn't. Until today. Go me.

Enough short sentences now.

I packed Potato Bug into his stroller, handed him a straw to play with (he adores straws), and we stepped outside into the beautifully still cool morning air. I decided to walk along the canal trail, since it ends right at the community Activity Center that was my polling location. It's a funny thing, the canal...there's never ever any water in it. Perhaps they haven't filled it yet, perhaps they drained it years ago, I do not know why it's empty. It's a decently nice trail (sidewalk) alongside it either way, nicely landscaped. As we walked, I could hear the big power lines on the other side of the canal buzzing. It was a soothing sound.

Potato Bug loves walks in his stroller. There is a constant stream of new things to see. He looks and looks and looks, while chewing on whatever toy I've given him, and drinks up the world. He studies and observes, and I'm sure in his head he's putting together pieces of information and learning things, constantly, unconsciously. Or maybe he's just zoning out, watching everything move past too quickly for understanding. Still, he loves it, and so when we've had enough of each other and of being cooped up inside, we go for walks. Yesterday we went to the new market half a mile away and bought thin pork chops for a dollar, chipotle hummus, pita bread, tortillas, and some cold medicine for Dusey who has a miserable cough right now. The pork chops got rolled around some apple stuffing I made, and were browned, then baked, then eaten atop mashed potatoes. They turned out really well for being a mish-mash of recipes and imagination. I'd never made pork chops before yesterday. The hummus will probably be gone by lunchtime, as I replenish the energy spent on our walk today.

The Activity Center is really nice. It's surrounded by tennis courts, volleyball courts, playgrounds, and an elementary school where a couple of classes were enjoying gym outside. We walked around to the far entrance, walked in, got the ballot (filed under D for Dusen because the man at the DMV listed the first half of my last name as a middle name so the space would show up), and voted. I realized after a minute that I'd forgotten to research the candidates for county positions. Other than that, everything went smoothly. The voting stations were set up in a dance room, along the wall of mirrors and the ballet bar. Potato Bug loves mirrors, and seeing that adorable baby that's always there in them. I parked him facing the mirror while I connected the arrows for my candidates of choice, and he admired that baby in the mirror, and smiled at that baby in the mirror, until I was done. We walked over to the machine that sucked up my ballot, and both got our first "I voted today" stickers.

On our way out, I stopped by the front desk of the Activity Center and picked up a pamphlet about their winter classes, to read on our walk home. Potato Bug happily chewed his straw and sat observing things as I pushed the stroller and read. I'm contemplating a baby signing class, but it's fairly expensive. I'm also contemplating a Pilates class, an infant massage class, and a CPR class. I think I'll pick one to take by the end of the week.

Potato Bug gasped when I opened our front door to go inside. I smiled, and in we went, one successful voting experience under my belt, with hopefully many more to come.


Ted Lee said...

Yay for voting! I'm just glad whenever people vote, whether the first of fifteen millioneth time.

cyclingred said...

Congrats are you first time voting! If you have never one Pilates I encourage you. I do Pilates each week and maintain it is the best type of excercise I do.

Jamie said...

I was reading FMH and clicked on the link in your comment. This is the second time I've found someone I already know through a comment on FMH. Weird. Do you comment there all the time? (I've lurked for over a year and commented twice.)

Yay voting!

Th. said...


It sounds delicious.