Saturday, November 15, 2008

7 months

Potato Bug is 7 months old now, therefore it is time for an update!

He has 2 teeth now (he got the second one the day after he got his first one, and each tooth was discovered by one of his grandmas). They are very, very, very sharp, and he likes to bite things with them. He's eating baby food (Stage 2 now) at least twice a day, and has started eating Cheerios also occasionally, which he really likes. And every once in a while he gets a teething biscuit. He doesn't particularlylike green beans or peas, but likes all the other foods we've tried pretty well, and loves applesauce, bananas, and pears.

We got things organized finally so that he's in his own room, which I think we all like better. He's only waking up once a night now, which means both he and I are generally a bit happier and more energetic during the day. He likes to play with the toys in his crib when he wakes up in the mornings for a while, which I love as it gets me an extra half an hour of sleep. In his crib right now, he has Bearkie (half teddy bear, half blankie), the dragon his Aunt Jeanna made for him, a tiger stuffie, and a zebra that has magnets in it's hooves so we clip it on the side of the railing every night and he has fun pulling it off every morning.

His most very favorite toys are plastic spoons and bendy straws. He loves chewing on them, and sticking them in his mouth like a dog with a bone as he crawls around, and banging them on the floor when he's sitting up. He's finally really crawling properly, and is getting very good at transitioning from crawling to sitting and back, and sometimes kneeling when he wants to look inside his toybox. He's beginning to try and pull himself up sometimes, so we are going to have to move his crib mattress down to its lower setting really soon. He also really likes looking in mirrors, playing with boxes, and trying to eat cords and cables he finds on the floor (I haven't figured out how to babyproof them yet, so I just watch him very carefully while he's playing and when he gets close to them I go move him away again).

Potato Bug has decided that I am his most very favoritest person ever. He loves and adores playing with his daddy, and has lots of fun with his grandparents, but when he gets tired, cranky, fussy, or sad, he wants me and only me to hold him. In some ways it's really nice (I'm needed! He likes me!) and in other ways it's not (he's heavy! I'm tired!). He hates waking up anywhere that's not his room and not being able to see me.

I'm really enjoying him being able to entertain himself for longer periods of time now that he's mobile, as it lets me get a bit more done during the day. I'm cooking a little more often now, and the dishes are getting done more regularly, and I have my sights set on the laundry (one day I will get it ALL done and put away and there will be no laundry anywhere and it will be miraculous, even if it only lasts for a few hours). With the little bit of extra sleep and energy, my desire to craft has returned, though it's been extremely hampered by the fact that all my craft stuff is in PB's room, so I can't work on it while he's napping until I get it moved into our bedroom.

His favorite books at the moment are Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb, and My Many Colored Days, both of which are absolutely awesome books that I do not mind at all reading over and over and over. He still likes most of his board books too, and I think he will really enjoy the ones he's getting for Christmas. He always loves storytime unless he's really ridiculously over-tired.

He still has the little red mark on his forehead (which I am assured by many different people will eventually disappear), and now he has a little hard lump/bump on his leg from one of his vaccination shots, which I am hoping will eventually go away (it's been over a month). I have not been a good mommy at giving him his medicine every day to prevent UTI's, but we've been blessed and he hasn't gotten any despite the lack of medicine. I am going to try a different flavor next time I get a refill and maybe he won't spit it out immediately and then I will be much more likely to give it to him (it stains everything highlighter yellow so it gets really frustrating when he just spits it out everywhere).

Potato Bug talks a lot while he's playing, and particularly enjoys squealing with delight (which sometimes sounds like screaming), and blowing bubbles with his tongue. He's very, very good at curling his tongue, and will curl the tip of it up against his top lip to make an "m" sound and say "mamamamama" when he's tired. He likes watching people clap their hands and say "Yay!", and he likes The Itsy Bitsy Spider song with its actions, so I think he would really like learning some baby signs and am thinking of asking for some Signing Time DVDs for Christmas.

Halloween food

So, I know Halloween is long past, but I made some cool food for it in the week before Halloween and wanted to show it off. I know, I'm amazing. You can shower me with praises now. (Just kidding. Really.)

Rats on top of Mash O' Nine Sorts (you can't see it, but the rat has a spaghetti tail):

Eyeball Soup:

Bloody Punch:

Spiderweb Eggs:

And a whole lot of mini cupcakes:

There were monsters:

A ghost:



A tentacle thing:

And worms:

The cupcakes were all Red Velvet cake, so they were nice and bloody red when you bit into them. If you bit into them. I discovered it was really hard to not just pop a whole one into your mouth at once. I tell you what, mini cupcakes are awesome.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Halloween (photo heavy)

Here's some pictures from our Halloween activities (one ward party, one trip to Disneyland, both with us dressed as 2 Waldos and a Wenda from the Where's Waldo books):

I crocheted the hats, painted the red stripes on the shirts, and hemmed my skirt to the right length.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Chipotle hummus is delicious

I voted today. For the first time. I know, I know, I'm 25, I should have voted before now. But I didn't. Until today. Go me.

Enough short sentences now.

I packed Potato Bug into his stroller, handed him a straw to play with (he adores straws), and we stepped outside into the beautifully still cool morning air. I decided to walk along the canal trail, since it ends right at the community Activity Center that was my polling location. It's a funny thing, the canal...there's never ever any water in it. Perhaps they haven't filled it yet, perhaps they drained it years ago, I do not know why it's empty. It's a decently nice trail (sidewalk) alongside it either way, nicely landscaped. As we walked, I could hear the big power lines on the other side of the canal buzzing. It was a soothing sound.

Potato Bug loves walks in his stroller. There is a constant stream of new things to see. He looks and looks and looks, while chewing on whatever toy I've given him, and drinks up the world. He studies and observes, and I'm sure in his head he's putting together pieces of information and learning things, constantly, unconsciously. Or maybe he's just zoning out, watching everything move past too quickly for understanding. Still, he loves it, and so when we've had enough of each other and of being cooped up inside, we go for walks. Yesterday we went to the new market half a mile away and bought thin pork chops for a dollar, chipotle hummus, pita bread, tortillas, and some cold medicine for Dusey who has a miserable cough right now. The pork chops got rolled around some apple stuffing I made, and were browned, then baked, then eaten atop mashed potatoes. They turned out really well for being a mish-mash of recipes and imagination. I'd never made pork chops before yesterday. The hummus will probably be gone by lunchtime, as I replenish the energy spent on our walk today.

The Activity Center is really nice. It's surrounded by tennis courts, volleyball courts, playgrounds, and an elementary school where a couple of classes were enjoying gym outside. We walked around to the far entrance, walked in, got the ballot (filed under D for Dusen because the man at the DMV listed the first half of my last name as a middle name so the space would show up), and voted. I realized after a minute that I'd forgotten to research the candidates for county positions. Other than that, everything went smoothly. The voting stations were set up in a dance room, along the wall of mirrors and the ballet bar. Potato Bug loves mirrors, and seeing that adorable baby that's always there in them. I parked him facing the mirror while I connected the arrows for my candidates of choice, and he admired that baby in the mirror, and smiled at that baby in the mirror, until I was done. We walked over to the machine that sucked up my ballot, and both got our first "I voted today" stickers.

On our way out, I stopped by the front desk of the Activity Center and picked up a pamphlet about their winter classes, to read on our walk home. Potato Bug happily chewed his straw and sat observing things as I pushed the stroller and read. I'm contemplating a baby signing class, but it's fairly expensive. I'm also contemplating a Pilates class, an infant massage class, and a CPR class. I think I'll pick one to take by the end of the week.

Potato Bug gasped when I opened our front door to go inside. I smiled, and in we went, one successful voting experience under my belt, with hopefully many more to come.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

4th photo meme

Ok, so, as promised, here's the 4th photo in the 4th folder of my pictures folder that I was tagged for. It's from when we went out photographing wildflowers.