Monday, October 13, 2008


Today is one of those days.

It got very suddenly quite cool here. Fall has finally arrived. Our thermostat is still set to the air-conditioner, though, so our home was freezing last night and all morning. PB doesn't really have warm pajamas so his hands and feet were little icicles this morning. I'm staying in my pajamas until Dusey gets home.

Whether due to the cold or his lack of naps yesterday, the Potato Bug woke up four times last night. We are both tired and cranky today as a result.

My backyard is full of weeds, biting ants, spiders, and the birds who eat it all. The birds are kind of fun to watch through the sliding glass door, but the yard is pretty unuseable. The gravel that is our front yard is full of jumping spiders (gyeah), more biting ants, seed pods from the increasingly droopy tree (I think it's an acacia), thorny bushes that love growing as well as poking me when I trim them, prickly sticklers from a giant creeping weed I pulled out last week, and sticks from our other tree which has decided to die.

I have been drooling over cakes and cupcakes and pies and cake plates and all the autumn decor for sale at Target. I am also trying to decide between a KitchenAid or a CuisinArt for the food processor listing on my Christmas list. This list in my head is full of hopes and daydreams and signs of the sort of woman I want to be.


Marci said...

Wow! Arizona sounds like it has some real winners as far as plant and bug life! Glad we only have to deal with millions of roaches and mice and that there is only an occasional plant to be seen in the concrete jungle we call home :)

Flaw said...

Yikes! There's a reason I want a house with a yard which is entirely paved over. Take that, mother nature!

As far as kitchen implements go, by far the KitchenAid mixer is the better tool. They're freaking awesome. They make mixing things for cookies or cakes or whatever so trivial. It takes half the work out of baking. It's that good. Also, you can make homemade whipped cream with them. How cool is that.


kadusey said...

Ah, but I do not want a mixer. I just want a food processor. KitchenAid makes normal food processors also, and that is what I am thinking about getting (or a Cuisinart food processor, I still don't know which).