Friday, October 24, 2008

She'll just have another perfect day

Okay, so it wasn't entirely perfect whilst we were in Utah, but it was a lovely, lovely trip, and I was sad to leave, though I am quite happy to be seeing my lovely husband again in about an hour or so now. And I like my house. I'm happy to be home. But I miss my other home, where my parents live. It is difficult having two homes. You will always be missing one of them. I am excited that I get to go back in January.

First, the not-entirely-perfect (but still possibly quite exciting in the long run) things that happened/were in Utah:

It was cold. Very, very cold. Well, not all the time. Sometimes it was warm. Sometimes I didn't even need to wear my sweatshirt! But for the most part, it was cold, and it was always more cold than it is and has been here in Arizona (90's). It was a nice change of pace from hot. It would have been better if my husband had been there to snuggle with at night and keep me warm. My mother was nice and turned up the heat for me instead, keeping me and The Potato Bug from freezing in the downstairs bedroom even though it meant they were all a little overly warm upstairs.

The Potato Bug did not sleep well mostly while we were there. He had one night where he only woke up twice (and I only saved him from his despair one of those times). The other nights were not as nice. He missed lots of his naps also. He was a bit grumpy all week, and a bit shy at first, and got nervous when I wasn't holding him (or after he had warmed up to everyone, he got nervous when he couldn't see me). He got more congenial as the week went on, despite the lack of sleep. Last night, he got a runny nose. It was worse this morning. I was despairing that he had caught a cold just as we were coming home, when my mother informed me that he had a tooth.

Let me reiterate.

My little Potato Bug baby boy who is so cute and snuggly and wiggly and smart (and I could go on) got his first tooth this morning.

A tooth.


Just the very tip of it is poking through his gums right now, and he will likely continue in his grumpiness as it pops the rest of the way out, but it is there, and oh-so-cutely-tiny, and now I know how he acts when he is getting a tooth and there will be no more confusion hopefully. Plus, I suspect his smile will quickly become even more adorable (should that be humanely possible).

My mother taught me how to make pies. And cranberry jello salad. And scones (the fried kind, not the English tea-time treat kind). "But!", you may exclaim, "that is wonderful! What could possibly be not-perfect about learning to make such delicious foodstuffs as pies?!" Other than my highly imperfectly shaped crust, and the jello that didn't quite set up all the way, and the slightly overly-cooked scones, the imperfectness of it comes not from its deliciousness (and delicious they were in all their imperfectness) but in the fact that now that I know how to make them, it will be hard to not make them frequently which would result in eating them frequently which I'm afraid would make us very fat.

I made passable pie crusts. I'm very happy.

I have now made three from-scratch pies this month: pumpkin (except for the crust, because that was prior to my highly educational trip home to my parents' home), banana cream, and strawberry ribbon (which is just like raspberry ribbon but with strawberries instead which in my humble anti-raspberry opinion, makes it even more delicious).

Scones are good with honey.

And cranberry jello salad is really easy! And delicious! And it has a lot of fruit in it, so there could be some argument for its nutritive values. Even when it's not entirely set up properly.

I think I'm completely into wonderfulness now (why dwell on the imperfect when the dwelling just decays into musings on how wonderful it actually was?). So, to continue:

We went shopping. I am all prepared now to set up our keyboard on a table where it can live, along with a set of speakers, and my little easel/bookstand. This will make it very easy to plug the laptop up, and play the piano. I have books I can play out of (our nice spiral-bound hymnbook, my new spiral-bound Primary Childrens' Songbook, some easy piano books, some vocal pieces that have accompaniment). I will need something to keep my music in, so that it will stay organized and accessible, yet out of Potato Bug's hands (and more importantly, out of his mouth).

I also now have a brown skirt which will be fabulous and lovely as soon as I seam it up so it is a little smaller. It was very cheap and just what I wanted, other than being three sizes too big. It will be an easy fix, as soon as I can get to my sewing machine again (it is buried at the back of the craft room that is supposed to be the baby's room and will be his as soon as we get rid of some junk and figure out how to store and organize all the junk we're keeping).

My rolly-polly boy also has some Christmas presents from his grandparents, ready and waiting (and wrapped even!) for Christmas.

I also closed two old bank accounts that I never ever use anymore. Not only will this result in less mail that I never look at arriving not only at my home but at my parents' home as well, but I also have $50 more in my wallet! For a grand total of $50 in my wallet! It will get deposited soon into the bank account that I use all the time.

My 403B continues to earn me money while I do nothing with it. I really ought to call them up and have them send me the forms I need to change my address they have on file as well as my name.

I won a game of Scrabble against my mother and brother, which is positively amazing. They are Scrabble geniuses, compared to how I normally do. I got lucky and got lots of high-point letters in combination with good vowels and spots to play. Also, they let me cheat and look up words in the Scrabble Players' Dictionary repeatedly throughout the game (even when it was my turn to go) to see if the word I was hoping existed did in fact exist. I confess to browsing around some of the letter sections to see if other words existed that I could play upon discovering that the word I had invented in my head was not there in the codified definitive 3rd Edition list.

I got to watch my dad play World of Warcraft, and help my mom make a blog.

I got to take a shower almost every single day! (I opted for just pulling my hair back on one morning when I was very very tired and we wanted to be out and about quickly.) Unless you are a mother of a small child who wants you to play with him/her approximatley every five minutes and wakes up from naps when he/she hears the water running through the pipes, then you may not appreciate this nearly as much as I appreciated it. Daily bathing is a luxury, I tell you, a luxury! I look forward to when Potato Bug can crawl around our room and entertain himself by getting into everything long enough for me to bathe uninterrupted on a daily basis.

Have I mentioned the pies yet? That was really exciting. And delicious.

I got to see all of my wonderful siblings save for my oldest sister who is far away on the East Coast. I have now gotten to see all of my neices and nephews and know what they look like. Next time I see them, they will probably all look different and grown up and incredibly smart, but for the next couple months at least, I know what they all look like. They are all cute. My extended family is full of adorable babies and children.

Stay tuned for my next post, where I will post the fourth picture in the fourth folder of our Pictures folder! I am waiting for the return of the laptop, since that is where pretty much all our pictures live.

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