Friday, October 10, 2008

6 months

Potato Bug is six months old today. He had his check-up this morning. He's 27" long now (75th%) and weighs 16lb 7oz (50th%). The doctor said he looks great (I agree). He had to have all his vaccinations again (4 shots and an oral) plus a flu shot, but he stopped crying as soon as I picked him up afterward and has been fairly happy (though sleepy...the appointment was during naptime) since (he just fell asleep finally).

He still loves rolling over. He's starting to be able to get his tummy and head off the ground at the same time for a second or two now, so crawling is on the horizon (I need to babyproof!) He likes storytime, but not his ABC bedtime routine book when he's really sleepy (he sees it and starts screaming). He's waking up twice a night still. His hair is turning blond, and his eyes are still very blue. His thighs are very chubby, which I think helps him sit up, which he can do for a couple of minutes at a time now assuming he doesn't decide to fold himself in half and eat his toes. He adores eating his toes.

He sticks everything he can grab in his mouth to chew on. I found a fairly long string in his diaper this morning and am still not sure whether or not he'd eaten it. It's a mystery. He likes baby food much better than he liked rice cereal. He's tried sweet potatoes and pears so far (we just started foods this week). He likes his pacifiers and sippy cups, but only as chew toys, and doesn't ever suck on them. It's lots of fun to play games with him. He squeals and screams when he's very happy and excited, rather than laughing. He's fairly shy around strangers and just stares at them until he gets used to them. Other children tend to scare him a lot when they're being loud (which his cousins here are most of the time). He doesn't like going to bed usually and almost always screams when I put him in his crib.

To sum up, he's doing perfectly normally and we love him lots and we're looking forward to the next six months.

Also, I made a pumpkin pie yesterday completely from scratch using pumpkin I pureed myself and it turned out delicious (except for the crust which was the only thing I didn't make...slightly too salty).

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