Monday, September 22, 2008

The week (+) of disasters continues...


We survived last Saturday (9 days ago) and the thumb slicing and the long urgent care visit. We survived my Potato Bug and I both having colds (look! new nickname!). We survived several days of Dusey/The Daddy being gone at work all day. Then came Wednesday.

Wednesday was Dusey's birthday. I wanted to get some stuff (presents, treats, food, etc) from the store that day, so I asked him if I could use the car the night before. He forgot (no big deal) and took it to work like normal. I cut down on my shopping plans and limited them to two stores, and was Very Brave and called and made a doctor's appointment to get my thumb checked out. I loaded the Potato Bug into the truck after his morning nap and we took off to the Asian market (rather far from our house) so that I could get candied ginger and some Japanese candies.

I found (after much searching) everything I was looking for right as PB started getting fussy and hungry again. No problem, I thought, We'll just hop back in the truck and drive home and eat/nap and then go out shopping for The Birthday Present before going to the doctor's. Once again all loaded into the truck, I got in, buckled up, and tried to turn it on.


Needless to say, I tried a bunch more times. Then, I panicked. I called Dusey's phone over and over, because his parents and brother were all out of town and I didn't know who to call or what to do and I get scared asking strangers for help, etc. Finally I wised up (he can't answer his phone at work) and sent him a text. I tried calling some other people, none of whom picked up their phones. Then I fed the screaming Potato Bug while sitting in the driver's seat and trying not to cry. And then I was Very Brave again and asked a stranger to help me try to jump the truck with his car.

He hooked everything up and we gave it a shot. Nothing. He was Very Nice and asked if I had any soda (I had, in fact, just bought the Best Rootbeer Ever (Weinhard's) as a birthday treat for Dusey). We sacrificed a bottle of The Best Rootbeer Ever, and he poured it over the highly corroded positive battery terminal, then wiped it off with some napkins that were in the car. We tried again. Nothing. He was Very Nice and kept trying, until we both decided it was useless and I thanked him and let him go home. I called a couple of people again, and finally got ahold of one of our friends who had some time and could come and take the Potato Bug and I home.

Then we got to sit outside for about an hour waiting for him to show up.

I'm glad I hadn't bought any perishables.

Arizona is still very, very hot outside during the day.

Anyway, lots of people were nice and saw us and offered to try and help but it was all useless. Finally, the friend showed up and was very nice and drove us home. I let Dusey know what had happened, and then sat at home trying not to cry for most of the rest of the afternoon.

Dusey managed to get off work an hour early. He hopped in the car and started rushing home, focused on going and trying to save the truck from its lonely spot in the parking lot Far Away. He was on the freeway. The people in front of him stopped fast. He stopped fast. The person behind him didn't stop quite fast enough, and he got rear-ended. On his birthday. On his way home early to try to save the Abandoned Truck. His mind was elsewhere (I think he knew I was still highly emotionally distraught at home) and he forgot to get The Rear-Ender's phone number or liscense plate number, though he did write down everything off her insurance card (the pertinent information was acquired after much searching to find a phone number for the address yesterday and a somewhat lengthy phonecall). Luckily, the car was only slightly damaged, a few scratches and a loose bit of decorative molding below the bumper.

So he came home. And we packed up the Potato Bug yet again, and drove back to the Asian Market that was Very Far Away to try and save the Abandoned Truck from its loneliness. Dusey tried cleaning the battery contacts. We tried jumping it with our car. We went to a nearby Walmart and bought a new battery and tried that. Nothing. There was not even enough power getting from the battery to be able to pop the truck into neutral. He called his dad (on vacation) who called around and got a tow service to come and get the truck and take it back to our home for us. It was going to be awhile before the tow man could get there, so we went over to the McDonalds in the parking lot and ate dinner there (on my husband's birthday) and then just sat and waited and waited until the Tow Man came. The Tow Man was Very Nice and tried to see if HE could get the truck to start so we wouldn't have to pay the tow fees to get it home. It was no good. So, towing it was. He discovered that the truck could not go into neutral, so the job was rather more complicated for him and more expensive for us (I got to see plastic tire skis, and got to watch how the tow truck can not only move the back part up and down and slanty and back and forth, but how it can also pull its own cab backwards as everything is getting into place, which was actually pretty cool to watch). Finally, the truck was loaded, and we got to go home.

We got home at 8pm, and the Potato Bug was very sleepy (his bedtime is 7pm) so we put him to bed, and then we talked for a little while, and then we went to bed.

It was a crappy birthday for Dusey.

Also, I was left without a vehicle for the rest of the week. Just in time for us to run out of laundry soap and food. Also, I had to call and cancel my doctor's appointment for Wednesday because there was no way for me to get there that afternoon, and then they couldn't fit me back in until Saturday.

So, Saturday rolls around. It's the day of the rescheduled doctor's appointment, one week after the thumb slicing has occurred. I am, by this point, completely sick of the giant wad of gauze that is on my thumb (though it kept falling off), and am highly frustrated by not being able to get it wet. Anyway. I decide to walk to the doctor's office because I don't want to impose on anybody and make them drive me and wait for us to be all done and then drive us back home (it was my first visit to that office so there was lots of paperwork to fill out). I got the Potato Bug loaded into the stroller, along with the diaper bag, and a bottle of water, and I was smart enough to wear a big sunhat so I wouldn't get burned. My only mistake was that I wore flipflops. That was highly stupid of me. Other than that, everything was fine. I gave myself lots of time so I could walk slowly and be able to find it without stressing out. It took an hour to get there, which ended up with me there half an hour early. Luckily the doctor was able to see me early (right after all the paperwork was done). He looked at it for a few minutes, and told me to soak it in warm soapy water and then let it air dry and it would be fine. So we got all loaded up back in the stroller and walked the hour back home.

The walk honestly wasn't too bad. Potato Bug slept the whole way there and back. My feet survived with only a few minor blisters. And I walked five miles total in two hours time, which for me, with the stroller and in the heat, is quite good. I'm still really tired from it though.

So we survived Sunday and the Primary Program Practice (with ALL the kids in my class overly full of energy and one breakdown when one particular shy child didn't want to get up and practice her part). Last night, PB slept for a fairly long time before waking up at 2am to eat. He went right back to sleep afterward. I did not. For some reason, I couldn't fall back asleep, but was too tired to get up and do anything, so I just stayed in bed trying to sleep. PB woke up again at 4:30am (sooner than he normally does) and I fed him and he went right back to sleep again. A couple minutes later, as I was trying to fall asleep hopefully finally, I heard an odd popping noise. I wanted to dismiss it as nothing and roll over and sleep, but I decided to wake Dusey up and have him check it out. He very kindly got up and out of bed and opened our bedroom door and went out to see what it was. At this point, I thought I heard water running, as if he'd started a load of laundry or dishes (which would have been ridiculous for 5 in the morning). Eventually, he came back in our room and informed me that the fridge had malfunctioned somehow and there was water all over the kitchen floor.

So I got out of bed, and we got almost all of our towels (we luckily have quite a few) and Dusey turned off the water hose that leads to the fridge (and the filter for the door water, and the ice-maker, which are my two favorite things about our fridge, other than that it otherwise keeps our food cold okay), and we mopped up the floor. We were very lucky, and it hadn't gotten to my computer yet (though it was very close), or to another power strip that was lying turned on on the floor on the other side of the room. There was about an inch of water puddled on the side of the kitchen opposite the fridge. It made me very glad we have tile. Also, we were lucky that our rug that we have in front of our couch in the family room (which is really one giant room with the kitchen) soaked up a lot of water, which kept it I think from flowing to either of the two power strips, which would have caused a lot of damage had they gotten wet. And we're very lucky that Potato Bug woke up again so soon in the middle of the night, and that I hadn't been able to sleep, and that there was a strange noise, and that I made Dusey go check it out, or else we would have awoken later to much worse conditions. Also, I was very glad that we didn't have a large bag of flour on the floor of the pantry like we often do. And the problem ended up being the water filter in the fridge, which we replaced for under $100 which isn't too horribly horrible, and now everything's all fixed.

So we went to the Waffle House for breakfast this morning (not very impressed, never going back), and we're going to go start a savings account today, and go swimming, and pay our tithing when we see the Bishop on Wednesday, and hopefully our efforts will make the continued small disasters cease and desist.

I think I will lighten things up a bit in my next post by just posting loads of pictures of my Potato Bug. You have been forewarned.

Friday, September 19, 2008


It be Talk Like A Pirate Day once again, mateys!

So here's my wee pirate lad sportin' his Piratey attire.

Monday, September 15, 2008

5 months

2 posts in a day!

At 5 months old, my son whom I need a new nickname for, has made some significant developmental progress.

Size-wise: 16.4lbs, 25" long, 16" head circumference, by my measurements.

Mobility: He can roll everywhichway and scoot about in circles and futilely kick his legs above the ground while on his tummy in a hilariously unsuccessful attempt at moving anywhere at all.

Socially: He's kinda shy. If you amuse him, he'll smile and squeal for you, but if you do too much, he'll present you with the biggest frown of babyland, followed a minute later by large amounts of crying until he's back in a safety zone (i.e. mommy or daddy holding him against our shoulders while walking around). Most likely he'll just stare at you though.

Vocally: No talking yet (ha ha ha), lots of noises, and his favorite word to listen to is Banana so his mommy sings it to him to various tunes throughout the day. You should try it sometime. "Banana banana baaanaaanaaaa."

He still loves standing up (with us helping hold him up). He can sit up for several seconds unassisted (he made it to 20 seconds the other day!). He loves it when people applaud his efforts. He likes to sleep with his bum in the air occasionally. He caught his first serious cold and is very snuffly right now. He's back down to usually only waking up twice a night. He's getting quite good at eating rice cereal, though it still gets EVERYWHERE because he wants to feed himself and is constantly trying to grab the spoon. He's discovered that if he kicks in the bathtub it splashes, which has made bathtime more exciting (am I a bad mom for not bathing him daily? He doesn't honestly seem to need it every day, a couple times a week keeps him smelling nice and looking clean and healthy).

Next up on the milestone list: Sitting for several minutes unassisted. Holding himself up in a standing position. Eating baby food (I want a food processor). Crawling. Sleeping through the night?

True confessions

1. I like BIG towels (and I cannot lie). I am also having a love affair with long socks which I never get to wear because I do not have the right clothes or shoes with which to wear them (and nobody here wears long socks which may have something to do with the fact that it's still consistently 95 degrees outside every single day and who knew it would happen but I'm missing fall and cool weather).

2. We tried making brownies last night substituting a mix of mayo and flaxseed and water for the eggs. It was a disaster. May you never witness a pan of brownies in the oven with a quarter inch of oil bubbling on top of them.

3. I often wish my personality was not my own. I become envious of other peoples' personalities. Especially those of my favorite bloggers. I read their blogs, wishing I could be them. And then I realize that it's not so much that their personalities are any better than mine, or their lives, as it is that they have a talent for writing about their lives in ways that make me laugh and cry and wish I were them. But really, I'm happy I'm me.

4. I hate fingernail polish. It chips! It always, always chips. Which looks horrible. And then I pick it all off the finger which got chipped. And then I have to make the other fingers match. Of course, I never have fingernail polish remover, so it becomes a long tedious process of chipping off the polish with my other nails. A-hah, you say, there is a solution! Simply buy fingernail polish remover and remove the polish before it chips! However, my friends, the manner in which I live my life creates a mysterious physical phenomenon wherein my fingernail polish, on the rare occasions I try it, chips within 10 minutes of it drying. So my nails are constantly a lovely au naturale color.

5. I bought an electric toothbrush. It recharges itself wirelessly (by which I mean there are no contact points between the toothbrush bottom and the charging base). This is a pretty cool thing which Tessla (played by David Bowie in The Prestige, which I honestly thought was a better movie than The Illusionist even though it disturbed me) experimented with.

6. Seeing my husband clean the house is not a turn-on for me. However, spying on him via the baby monitor and listening as he reads our son stories makes me feel incredibly romantic and tender-hearted. This is usually disrupted by the child's screaming as soon as he is put in his crib to sleep, which is a crying shame.

7. I adore kissing my baby's cheeks. They are round and pudgy and it makes him smile when I kiss them. Also, he has entered the realm of tubby baby thighs, which are incredibly cute, and don't touch the floor when he's lying on his back. I probably kiss the kid at least 100x every day. This is why I've caught his cold from him. That, and he likes to sneeze and cough on my face while I'm holding him.

8. I don't really like taking showers. Baths, on the other hand, are lovely. I sometimes sit and daydream about the perfect bathtub which I will someday have in my perfect house which will be located somewhere with moisture in the air. I'll take 80% humidity over this dry heat any day, as long as there's a mild winter.

9. I can survive hard days. This has been hard to convince myself of, but I'm going to prove it to myself once and for all today, as husband is at work, baby and I both have colds, Mother Nature is visiting in all her wrathful hormonal glory, the helpful in-laws are out of town for the week, and the thumb on my prominent hand is incapacitated and can't get wet (try explaining that to the drooly 5-month old who's favorite thing currently seems to be biting down hard on my thumbs whenever they're anywhere close to his mouth).

10. I now can brag of two somewhat deformed thumbs, due to the fact that both hammers and eggplants can be slippery. My left thumb has a nice linear scar and is slightly flatter than it used to be due to my whacking it hard with a hammer a few years ago during sculpture class. My right thumb is currently sporting the nickname "Mummy thumb" (which has less to do with my status as a mother and more to do with the 1/2" of gauze wrapped around it). You see, the eggplant for the ratatouille on Saturday night had a thick slippery skin, and it was too fat for the mandoline, which was a cheap slicing instrument of death purchased from Walmart a couple years ago. Things got ugly when the eggplant slipped and my thumb got a chunk sliced off. Then we got acquainted with our local Urgent Care clinic for three hours sans diaper bag (thank goodness the husband was home and could take care of both me and the child) for a 5 minute treatment involving a gel thing to stop the bleeding and a piece of foam and endless amounts of gauze and an injunction to not get it wet and follow up with your nonexistent primary care practitioner in three days and how can you not remember when your last tetanus shot was and please take these antibiotics twice a day. According to the doctor, I might have a slight divet in my thumb there once it's healed over, but who knows, perhaps it will eventually all fill back in, and nobody would ever notice the difference anyway. I am slightly proud of my dual deformed thumbs though, despite the fact that neither of them are as awesome as my spoon-shaped scar on my pinkie finger.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

A now sleeps solely on his tummy. He rolls over as soon as I put him down on his back, if he's already asleep. Otherwise, he cries until he manages to calm down enough to roll over and get his arm out from underneath himself and fall asleep. He's been doing better at falling asleep on his own at night (partially I think because we started putting him to bed at 7:30, which is when he starts getting quite fussy at night and I figured it was because he was tired). Naps are still a struggle. He gets tired every morning at about 9 so I try to put him down, but on the mornings when he does fall asleep, he only stays asleep for around 30 minutes and then wakes back up. He usually takes a longer afternoon nap, and a couple really short naps after nursing throughout the day. Slow progress is still progress though.

Unfortunately, I think he's got a tooth coming in now. He woke up 4 times last night, refused to nap this morning, and has been wanting to chew hard on everything and anything. And he's got a lump in his gums on the top which I figure is the tooth. And he's been rather fussy and demanding of my attention and has refused to entertain himself by rolling over or kicking or sitting in his bouncy chair or chewing on his keys or anything at all for more than 5 minutes at a time.

In short, I am tired. Very, very, very tired.

I am also feeling today like I am not doing such a great job. I have not been exercising because I'm constantly exhausted and sore just from holding the kiddo all day long. We don't go on long walks together because it's too hot outside all the time. I don't take him to any playgroups. When I do manage to get him to nap, I'm usually so tired myself that I don't do laundry, or dishes, or cook, or craft, or anything.

I am very much looking forward to the day when I am finally successful at getting him on a regular, scheduled routine, with good long naps, and not waking me up at least three times every single night. I suspect I will be much more cheerful and productive once I'm getting vaguely close to enough sleep again. He was doing really well and only waking up once or twice a night, but then we went on vacation, in a different time zone, and then I started trying to sleep train him, and he learned to roll over, and he's trying so hard to learn to sit by himself, and is getting pretty good at scooting himself forward with his face planted in his blanket, and he's teething, and learning to eat from a spoon. I guess there's just simply entirely too much going on in his little life for him to be a really good sleeper right now.

It has been a long, long day. I almost cried earlier when I looked at the clock and it was only 12:30. It's 2:30 now, though it feels more like 6pm to me.

I really don't do well when I don't get enough sleep. I fall apart. Can somebody else just take care of the rest of life for me for awhile, please? I need a nap.