Thursday, August 07, 2008

Rollin' rollin' rollin', keep those wagons rollin'...Rawhide!

Based on the massive amounts of drool my son has started to produce, and the fact that he's constantly trying to chew on any handy bit of fabric, I have come to the conclusion that he's begun the long slow process of teething. My mom said the teeth have probably slowly started to move, but they probably won't pop out for another few months yet. He's trying really hard to learn to roll over and to stay sitting up by himself. So far he can make it onto his side from his back, but then he rolls back after a few seconds. He can also sit for a couple seconds unassisted by overbalancing forwards. We got him a Bumbo seat, and let him sit in it on the table while we eat, which he loves. I also got him a bunch of cute (on sale) clothes for our trip to Hawaii in a couple of weeks. He's got a hat for almost every day and he is insanely adorable in them.

I ordered a swimsuit online for Hawaii. I really hope it fits.

I'm loving PaperBack Swap, though nobody seems to want my Shakespeare plays. I have a couple more books to list. It's so much fun trading books I don't really want for ones I do want. I recommend checking it out if you have books you'd like to trade (you just pay postage to send your books). If you sign up, list kadusey as your referrer, and I'll get a credit (which would be lovely).

I think A is sleeping through the night. Now we just need to teach him to sleep in his crib, and to fall asleep without nursing. And to fall asleep earlier. He's not falling asleep (despite my best efforts) until 10pm or so every night, but he does sleep until 6:30 without waking me up after that. And he's taking better naps during the day, which is nice. Slow and steady progress.

M and I have decided that we don't really like Bulgur (Bulgher?). I bought a bag, and I keep trying to use it in different recipes, but I don't really like the texture (I'm not sure if it's the texture or taste that M dislikes). I'd much rather use, say, barley. Healthy it may be, but if we don't like it, then there's no point in cooking with it. And despite what my chili recipe said, the texture is NOT a nice substitute for ground meat. There is no comparison between the two. Totally different textures.

A really likes being able to see everything when we're out and about. I think I need to get an umbrella stroller for cheaps so we can take little walks and he can look at everything (our stroller is amazingly beautifully nice, but he's a bit little for just the stroller part, and the carseat when in it makes him sit backwards which he doesn't mind but he doesn't like staring at just me nearly as much as being able to see everything whiz by). I also need to make the other Mei Tai that I've got a pattern for (possibly modifying it a bit) so that I can wear him facing outwards. And sometime or other I need to learn to do back carries in the mei tais. I need to learn some different carries for the sling too, he's not nearly as big a fan of the cradle carry any more.

I'm so excited for our vacation. Humidity! Oh, how I've missed thee. And any weather that's not over 100 every day. It will be lovely.

I bought a basil plant for my windowsill. It's looking a little droopy and not too perky. Perhaps it needs a bigger pot. I've also decided I want a dwarf Meyer Lemon Tree. And a food processor. And we may not eat much meat, but I don't think we will ever be vegetarians. Or horror movie fans. Not that any of that is at all related.

I need to research what kills crickets. All the cockroaches I find in our house (they seem to come in waves, and we're in an off phase right now) are dead for the most part. Not so with the crickets (which do not come in waves, but are always just constantly there, chirping and humming and buzzing all out of synch with each other outside our bedroom window. I find them, one at a time, hopping around my house. I don't like them. They've got strangely long antennae and they jump in unexpected direction, and they're not as cute as grasshoppers. Though I do occasionally find them dead in the house, too, like the one I found in the biggest mixing bowl in a stack of mixing bowls in an upper cupboard last week. Gyah. Disgusting little dead buggies should not be anywhere near my mixing bowls.

I bought a set of mini loaf pans and a mini muffin tin (and a microplane grater, but that's beside the point). I'm so excited to make little tiny food! I already made some small loaves of zucchini bread. They were cute, but the tiny cupcakes I'm planning on making at some point will be much cuter.

I reached my first weight goal for Wii Fit, though I've been pretty lax about doing it every day lately. I need to start doing it consistently again or I will gain it all back, I'm sure. It wants me to lose a few more pounds, but I kind of want to keep them on, because, after all, I'm a nursing mother, and I need to have a little bitty bit of fat on me for good milk production. All the weight I've lost has been mostly from my tummy and bottom. There's still some tummy fat left, and quite a bit of hip fat left. But I've stopped eating desserts mostly (other than fresh fruit) and haven't been eating nearly as much processed sugar (just a bit of honey). Other than the zucchini bread, that had a lot of sugar in it. I only had a few slices though. The cupcakes will also have lots of sugar in them, but they will be tiny, which makes it all okay, right? Tiny food has fewer calories! No matter that I will probably eat a dozen of them. I am trying overall to reduce my sugar consumption though. And I've cut out dairy, which due to not eating cheese anymore, has greatly reduced my consumption of fats and oils. I miss it. I also need to start taking my vitamins so I'm still getting calcium. But holy cow, I miss cheese. It doesn't help that I've discovered several stores that sell all sorts of fancy cheeses for relatively affordable prices, close to my house. Once I stop nursing, I am going to go on a giant cheese binge (and all other sorts of dairy, and I will probably get fat for awhile, but who cares, it will be a delicious, delicious process...and I can lose the weight again).

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