Friday, August 08, 2008


I. Am. Exhausted. The periods there of course do not indicate complete sentences, but rather the length of the pause you should take between each word in order to see how, if I were saying that out loud to you, it would be very slowly and with great effort due to my extreme fatigue.


Last night was not a sleep-all-night night for A. After it taking a very long time to get him asleep in the first place (M was very nice and paced our room with him), I had a huge headache and had a hard time falling asleep. He woke up, of course. a few hours later, and after taking care of him and getting him back to sleep, it took me at least another hour to fall back asleep. And then, the magical morning hour of 6:30 rolled around and he woke up for the day. I ignored him until 7, when I got up, headache still intact.

Since then he has thrown up on two outfits and his little lovey bear-blankie that I decided to try giving him yesterday. I normally just feel sorry for him when he throws up, but this morning I am frustrated, because he gagged himself by cramming his hand in his mouth. Twice. I don't know why he insists on gnawing on his hands instead of sucking his thumb.

I really hope any and all future children of mine do not end up with such sensitive gag reflexes. Me and my washing machine need a break.

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