Monday, August 11, 2008

4 months

A is four months old as of yesterday. Today he had his 4-month checkup and immunizations. The appointment unfortunately occurred right during his normal morning nap-time (on the schedule he started himself oh, say, last week), so he was a little grumpy (which isn't really too bad, the pediatrician kept talking about how mellow he is). He screamed and screamed during the shots though, stopping as soon as I picked him up again afterwards, and then starting again as soon as he was in his car seat until I managed to distract him by bouncing it up and down (the carseat screaming was because he was very, very sleepy though, not because of the shots). He fell asleep on the way home and is still asleep now.

He's 25" long, and weighs 15lbs. and 4oz. Solidly in the 75th percentile for everything. The pediatrician said there's pretty much nothing we can do about his throwing up or his stuffy nose, and that he'll probably grow out of them as he gets bigger. We're going to start trying rice cereal, and after he gets used to the taste of it, then we can start mixing it with different kinds of juice and stuff, and once he gets used to eating from a spoon and isn't spitting everything out, we can start giving him baby food, which I suspect will be very fun (and messy).

During the last several days, A has discovered not only that he can grab his own toes, but that he can, if he tries really hard, sometimes get them into his mouth. They never stay there for more than a split-second, but it's really funny to watch him trying so hard to put his foot in his mouth. He still strongly favors his left hand and foot. He likes being really loud when he talks now and has begun that little baby energetic yelling/cooing noise. It's pretty cute normally, but sometimes gets a little loud for me. He still blows bubbles occasionally, and constantly drools over everything.

He loves grabbing things and trying to put them in his mouth. If I try to put the same things in his mouth, he gets this disgusted look on his face as if he's trying to inform me that the object is disgusting and please never do that again. And then I put it in his hand, and he puts it in his mouth and gnaws on it. He particularly likes chewing on fabric, and doesn't like plastic very much. His tongue is long and pointy (he got that from me) and he sticks it out a lot.

When he's in his Bumbo seat, sometimes he will lean forward or to the side and try to eat the seat. He likes going for walks with me carrying him in the baby sling, and usually falls asleep during them. He likes being held when we're standing more than when we're sitting. He loves trying to stand up, with a little weight on his legs as we hold him under his arms.

His favorite board books right now are Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? and A Color Of His Own. I sing him Baa Baa Black Sheep, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and the ABC song when it's bedtime. He's fairly good at entertaining himself for 30 minute stretches of time in his bouncy seat. He loves kicking, and has very strong legs (something the nurses always comment on).

We're excited to watch him learn new things this upcoming month which I will indubitably post about. He's a cute, cute boy. I'll add a picture here later as a nice closing note to the post.

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