Saturday, July 12, 2008


Well, yeah, hmmm, I've been a bit AWOL lately, eh? Let's see if I can recap the past few weeks. The trip to California was quite good. Aiden was fabulous and slept the entire plane ride both to and from. He got a little overwhelmed while we were there a few times, everything seemed to happen right during his normal naptimes, so he was a bit grumpy, but overall he was a very good baby during the trip. My grandpa's funeral was really nice, I'm so glad I got to go and see so many family members, etc. We went to the beach on both Friday and Saturday, since it was my grandpa's favorite place. Aiden got his feet dipped in the Pacific, which I think was a little too cold for him to enjoy much, but he liked the noise of the waves a lot. If we go to a California beach again with a small child, I am going to have to remember that the ocean spray gets clothes damp after several hours, which leads to very cold little bodies if you don't have a dry change of clothes tucked away somewhere that they'll stay dry.

The next Sunday, Mike and I both gave talks in church, which went pretty well. I talked about my grandpa, mostly. I managed to get Aiden to go to sleep during our talks. He woke up just as Mike was finishing his. Once again, he was a very good baby the whole time he was on the stand (a couple people didn't even realize he was up there with us).

Then, last Sunday, Aiden got his baby blessing. My parents and brother came down for it, and it was really nice to have them here, and they indulged me and went wherever I wanted to go on Saturday. Mike did a really nice job with the blessing. I need to type it up and print it out and put it in a scrapbook or something (really ought to start a scrapbook for the kiddo sometime soon). Aiden wore a cute little outfit that was a white polo shirt onesie and some khaki shorts and the absolutely cutest little shoes over some white socks. He was adorable. He screamed during the entire blessing (with good reason, he was incredibly hungry).

Mike and I got callings in church too. Once again, I get to teach the CTR8 class. This will be my third time with this calling. I guess I need more practice at it. :) I'm teaching tomorrow so I'll get to meet all the kids. Mike's on the Activities Committee, which should work out great, since he'll get to take lots of photos of stuff for it, I'm sure.

Aiden is three months old now, which I'll sum up in my next post. Oh, and we finally painted our front room orange and green. I love the green, it's a nice apple green, but I'm still not sure about the orange. I also organized and rearranged and unpacked some more stuff, so now there's only a few things left to do (most of which are in our bedroom) before we'll be completely moved into this house.

Ok, got to go, Aiden needs a diaper change. Adios.

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Ted Lee said...

Your color scheme for the front room sounds intriguing. You will have to put up a picture of it; I'd love to see it!

Kudos in getting a well behaved baby. :)