Tuesday, July 22, 2008

3 months +

I am tired of calling my son Spider. I think I'll just refer to him as A.

A is about 3.5 months old now. He remains generally delightful, though taking care of him is still a lot of work for me. He's gotten very good at basic head control and lifting his head up during tummy time. He likes to look around while we're holding him. He's started trying to roll over and enjoys playing the game where he'll shift his weight to one side and then we help him get the rest of the way over. He likes grabbing things for a few seconds when they contact his palms, and has started reaching his left arm up and out repeatedly throughout the day while opening and closing his hand as if he's trying to grab the air. He's gotten quite good at grabbing his clothes and blankets. He likes his bouncy seat and storytime and is showing a growing interest in the mirror on his baby gym toy. He dislikes being alone in a room or being ignored (like when we're trying to eat dinner).

He's sleeping all night much more often now, which is nice. He still hates his medicine (for his kidney reflux) and tries (and often succeeds in) spitting it out every day. Sometimes it makes him throw up. He throws up rather easily anyway, sometimes quite forcefully. We generally end up changing both our clothes at least once a day due to throw up. I'm unsure if it's due to reflux, a milk protein problem (I've been eating dairy again), or an over-active milk supply. There's a couple things I'm going to try in the next few weeks to see if it improves.

A loves trying to talk to us. He's started drooling a lot. He often sounds like his sinuses are stuffed up. He smiles when he sees me when he wakes up and starts talking to me. He still likes to kick a lot, and has very strong legs. He weighs about 15 pounds now and is a bit over 24 inches long. He coughs and sneezes often during the day.

So, there's a few things we need to ask the doctor about at his next appointment, but overall, I think he's growing and developing great, right on track with everything, and we love him lots.

On a non-baby note, we got Wii Fit a couple weeks ago, and I've been doing it almost every day, and have lost a couple pounds (as has M (aka Mike)), and am below the weight that I was when I got pregnant (which admittedly was a couple pounds heavier than it should have been). So. That's exciting. I can fit into some of my pre-pregnancy pants now (some are still quite tight and won't zip though). It's lots of fun, too. Great way of getting our daily exercise.

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Ted Lee said...

Haha, you make me want to have babies.

Your story of having to change clothes everyday is informative and funny (when it's not me having to change all the time). I bought this book of flexibility exercises and one of them was what a mother can do with her child (basically using the baby as a gentle weight during flexibility exercises). There's a picture of the mom on her back, holding the baby up above her, and I was thinking, "If this is a real baby, she will have spit up on her face in about two minutes."