Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My grandpa died this morning. I found out he was dying on Sunday morning. It made for a somewhat difficult Father's Day, and I'm afraid I didn't manage to do anything nice for Mike for his first Father's Day. We're going to drive to California for the funeral this weekend. I'm glad I get to go to it. Today has been a bit of a hard day too, not helped by the fact that my son woke up last night every hour or two, so I got almost no sleep, and then today he's been spitting up all over the both of us every time he eats, a couple of times almost everything he ate, making a lot of laundry that I don't feel like washing today. I'll have to write a nice post about my grandpa sometime--he was a wonderful man and a fabulous grandfather--I just can't do it right now, typing one-handed with a fussy baby when both of us reek of milk despite our baths this morning. Hopefully we will all survive the six-hour car ride on Friday.

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