Wednesday, June 11, 2008

2 Months Old

This is for Spider's journal, so is full of lots of details that most people probably won't find interesting. You might like the photos though.

Spider had his 2-month checkup today (2 months old as of yesterday). He's 23" long now, and weighs 12lbs. 8oz, so he's gained exactly five pounds since he was born. He's in the 75th% now for both height and weight. The doctor said he looks healthy, though he has a little patch of cradle cap that she said ought to go away sometime between 6 and 9 months (longer than I was expecting). They gave him 5 shots for vaccinations (it should've been 4 but supplies were low on one so they didn't have the normal combination shot), and one oral vaccine. He screamed during the shots, and then cried for a couple minutes while I held him, but he calmed down pretty quick. He has 5 little bandaids on his thighs, and is sleeping peacefully now (snoring a bit again though, he's been quite stuffy the last couple of days).

After his appointment with the pediatrician, we went next door to the hospital, and picked up the film from his VCUG to take to the urologist on Friday. It's really quite a nice hospital, they have a free valet service at every entrance, and there's a medical center right next to it in the same complex which is where our pediatrician's office is (and where the pediatric urologist's office is), so everything is quite convenient.

At 2 months old, Spider is doing a great job with holding his head up and tracking things by turning his eyes and head. He's started to notice bright colors, and will turn his head to look at sounds more now. He's making lots of noises during play time, and likes trying to talk back to me. He imitated his grandma making pirate noises (Arrr!) a few days ago, which was absolutely hilarious. We, of course, have not been able to get him to do it for us. He smiles a lot, which is absolutely adorable. He doesn't cry very often, just fusses mostly, which consists of grunting and displeased noises, whenever his diaper's dirty or he's hungry or gassy or just wants to be held. He's a very calm baby overall, though he sometimes is very gassy which makes him quite uncomfortable. He still makes lots of different facial expressions all the time, which I love watching.

Spider won't sleep on his back right now. We think he has a little bit of reflux that makes him uncomfortable on his back. He spits up occasionally, but usually not very forcefully or very much (though once I swear he spit up absolutely everything that he'd just eaten--maybe he ate too much). So he sleeps every night for now in his carseat, and alternates between his carseat and my arms for naps during the day. He's started sleeping for slightly longer stretches occasionally, and got to 5 hours of sleeping the other day, and is hitting the 4 hour mark more frequently. Sometimes he has quite a hard time falling asleep, and fusses and fusses while we walk with him, and rock him, and bounce him, and sing to him, and play his noisemaker for him (thunder or the loud running water are his favorites), and take him under lights, and spin around, and swing him about in his carseat, and try putting him in the swing that his grandparents are letting us borrow. Eventually he ends up distracted and calms down and falls asleep. He cries most often when he's either very hungry or very tired. He also cries a lot when I try to suck the snot out of his nose (he absolutely hates that).

His fingernails grow quickly, and I have to trim them every couple of days to keep him from scratching himself. I have to keep my nails trimmed quite short as well so that I don't accidentally scratch him when he moves suddenly while I'm holding him. He's still not very interested in toys, so play time every day is mostly me talking or singing to him and making faces and funny noises for him. Sometimes we play while I hold him, and sometimes we play while he lays on a blanket on the floor. We've started trying to do some tummy time every day. He's very good at pushing off the ground with his legs while on his tummy, and lifts his head a tiny bit for very short spurts, but hasn't yet figured out how to push his chest up with his arms. His legs are very strong, and he moves them a lot, so we think he's going to be a very good crawler, once he figures out how to hoist his chest up with his arms. I think he's finally to the point where he might be interested by some of the baby books we have, so we're going to start having storytime every day. His favorite song to listen to is a folk song, John O'Dreams, sung by Jim Albertson. He often falls asleep while listening to it. I'm including the lyrics at the bottom of the post.

Spider gets a bath every couple of days. He doesn't seem quite sure what to make of the water yet, other than that it makes him cold quickly. He poops in the tub every single time he gets a bath, even if just a little bit, so we have an interesting time with changing the water out frequently. He gets lotion on his forehead every day to help with his dry skin that he always gets there. He eats at least 8 times a day, I think, and gets his diaper changed slightly more often than that. He really enjoys diaper changes, cooing and talking and wiggling and smiling during them. I think his other favorite thing right now is sitting up. He always likes it when we hold him so he's sitting upright.

We took him to the zoo on Monday. He was quite fussy at first until we figured out that he was hungry, so he ate and then slept in his carseat in the stroller the rest of the time we were there. It was over a hundred degrees outside, so we concocted a shade contraption over him with a parasol and a solarveil nursing cover. I think he still got a bit overheated though, thus why he slept for such a very long time (5 hours before I made him wake up and eat). He wore his monkey shirt in honor of being at the zoo. He's also been to the butterfly exhibit at the Botanical Gardens, and swimming at his granparents', so he's been pretty busy the past two months. We go on walks sometimes in his stroller which he likes, and I carry him with me to get the mail every couple of days. The bright sunlight usually makes him sneeze. He usually sleeps during car rides, unless he's hungry.

John O'Dreams

When midnight comes, the people homeward tread,
Seek out your blankets and your feather beds,
Home is the rover, his journey's over,
Yield up the darkness to Old John of Dreams,
Yield up the darkness to Old John of Dreams.

Across the hills, the sun has gone astray,
Tomorrow's cares are many dreams away.
Home is the rover, his journey's over.
Yield up the nighttime to Old John of Dreams,
Yield up the nighttime to Old John of Dreams.

Both man and master in the night are one.
All things are equal when the day is done.
The prince and plowman, the slave and freeman,
All find their comfort in Old John of Dreams,
All find their comfort in Old John of Dreams.

Now as you sleep, the dreams come winging clear,
The hawks of morning cannot harm you here.
Sleep is a river, it flows on forever,
And for your boatman, choose old John of Dreams,
And for your boatman, choose old John of Dreams.

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