Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Oh, frabjous day

Anniversary, Mother's Day, and Birthday all went well. Very enjoyable overall, though baby was rather fussy and didn't sleep much on any of the days, making me rather tired, so not terribly energetic during any of the celebrations. Still good though. Dusey got me the 2 volumes of the Marmalade Boy manga that I'd been missing, so now my collection of that is complete. He also got me a Cyclo DS which means now I can play lots of DS Roms, which should be particularly fun for multiplayer (I've been excluded from DS multiplayer quite a few times before due to my friends playing games I don't have cartridges for). And my in-laws gave me a copy of The Scarlet Pimpernel, so now I can watch it with my hubby, which should be fun. And I got some money from my family, which I used just this morning...

...to go to the Lactation Center. And everything went swimmingly well, no problems, he latched on great, and the Lactation Consultant was equally amazed at him latching on so well after 5 weeks of exclusive bottle feeding, and at my milk supply keeping up so well for those 5 weeks of using a hand pump. Also, we discovered that he weighs over 11 pounds now. No wonder my arms have been getting so tired. I call him munchmouth all the time at home, because he really likes eating, and eats a lot, and frequently...maybe I should make that his online nick, and call him Mm. Possibly. Maybe I'll come up with something a lot better than that to call him. He fell asleep more soundly when done at the LC than he has in several days, so it's been quite nice to have him sleeping for the last hour and a half.

My 6-week appointment is on Thursday. It's a little hard to believe it's been that long already since he was born. Then again, he's a lot bigger now (almost four pounds in 6 weeks!) so it's not that hard to believe. Then, next Tuesday is his little X-ray to check out his kidneys and see if he's got reflux or not. That won't be a very fun appointment for either of us. But that should be the end of the testing, at least, so that's nice.

I'm incredibly exhausted (lack of sleep is catching up to me hardcore), so I think I will try to take a nap today. Maybe I'll play some FFXII, which we picked up from BestBuy with a giftcard last week. Maybe I'll just sit and be lazy and zombie-fied like normal in between feedings and any nap that I may or may not take. I'm really thinking today is going to be a nap day though. Especially if he falls back asleep so soundly again after the next time he eats (which hopefully will go as well as it did at the Center).

Time to eat a brownie, and something else as well for lunch. As a side note, cutting out dairy seems to be working well at helping his watery diapers not be so watery. I need to make sure to take my vitamins now to make sure we're both still getting enough calcium, since I think I'll keep up with the no dairy. So, lunch for me, then lunch for him probably, then naps for us both if all goes well. Oh man, that sounds so nice. So very, very nice.

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