Tuesday, May 27, 2008

He's my itsy-bitsy spider

So, I'm going to call my baby Spider on here, because he likes wiggling and squirming and scooting and trying to climb on top of me when I burp him.

My 6 week appointment went great. Everything is where it should be. I don't have to go back until 2009. Hooray.

Spider's VCUG (bladder x-ray) was this morning. He didn't like it very much. He wasn't very cooperative when being catheterized (cathed?), and was exceedingly unhappy about being strapped down all stretched out and naked to a board. He got over it quickly once released, but I'm still a bit traumatized and so have resolved to hold him and cuddle him and love him all day long. The verdict is that he has urinary reflux. The pediatrician will call to discuss it with us in a couple of days.

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Holly said...

My first daughter had to have a VCUG twice. Never a pleasant thing, but at least they're over fairly quickly. Congratulations on having such a cute little spider!