Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I love my doctor's office

Despite the fact that it was 55 minutes after I arrived (and 50 minutes after my scheduled appointment time) before I saw the doctor, approximately 10 minutes of which I was sitting covered up by a large piece of paper in an extremely cold exam room with nothing to do (they were adjusting the air conditioning in the office), with quite swollen feet and ankles that were not enjoying my not being able to put them up at all...despite all that, I really do love my OBGYN's office.

First off, they gave me overall good news today. True, I may have tested positive for Strep B, and therefore will have to be on antibiotics throughout my labor to avoid making little baby guy horribly sick, which isn't the greatest of news, but I am also approximately 75% effaced and 2cm dilated and baby's head has dropped so things are moving along nicely towards baby coming. Which makes me happy, because I decided this morning that I'm done with this whole pregnancy thing. I'm offically tired of it, and am ready to move on, which is a pretty normal emotion at the end of pregnancy and from what I've read is helpful since it makes you welcome the onset of labor. And the doctor gave me advice on the swollen ankles and feet, all of which I already knew, but still, good to hear from an official source (cut down on salt, soak your feet in the tub or (she called it hydrotherapy), and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate).

Secondly, they're very nice. My doctor wants me to have another ultrasound before baby gets here to judge his size, and the nurse in charge of doing all the referrals and other-office-paperwork-faxing stuff was out last week, but today she was there. So, she not only gave me the paper for the ultrasound office, but also called and let them know I needed to schedule an appointment, so they called me rather than me having to call them to schedule it, which was nice. And I've had this lump on my eyelid for, like, a month and a half, and with my insurance, all referrals have to come from my OBGYN right now, and it's been a complicated hassle trying to get it taken care of, so today after finding out I still didn't have an appointment with an eye doctor, the nice doctor talked with the nice nurse and the nurse called me about 45 minutes after my appointment ended to let me know that not only did she have the referral paperwork all over to the eye center, but that she'd scheduled an appointment for me so I wouldn't have to worry about it.

So, after my lovely good-news appointment this morning, I have an ultrasound appointment this afternoon (yes, they had an opening today, which is great, because I have the car), and an appointment to get my eyelid lump looked at on Thursday. Life is good.

And we packed a bunch more yesterday. Our downstairs is pretty much all packed up and ready to be moved. I need to get my craft room upstairs all packed up this week, and then next week I can get a couple of people to come help me pack up the breakable dishes and things I think (because wrapping dishes takes a long time and is tedious and boring and it will be nice to have some company). So everything on the moving front is going well, too.

Now I just need to be patient and deal with all the discomforts of pregnancy for the next couple of weeks. :)

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