Friday, April 11, 2008

Feature Presentation

Aiden Van Dusen
7 lbs. 8 oz.
20.1" long
born at 7:01pm, April 10th

He is adorable, and I adore him. I did not so much adore the fifteen hours of labor, and two hours of pushing, and the not being able to eat anything for pretty much all day, but he's worth it.

We got to the hospital at 3am yesterday, after maybe four hours of sleep. I was dilated to 3cm. They started me on the Pitocin (which creates contractions) at about 4am. I had lovely little regular painless contractions until about noon (we watched 50 First Dates to pass the time), at which time my OBGYN showed up and broke the bag of waters. I flooded. There really was a LOT of fluid in there. After that, the contractions started to actually work right, and therefore, started to hurt. I stuck it out for about two and a half hours, but after going from 5cm to 6cm dilated in fifteen minutes, and not being able to get up out of the bed and move around at all (hardly being able to move in the bed at all, with all the stuff I was hooked up to), I decided to go ahead and get the epidural. So the anesthisiologist came in at 3pm and did a great job of getting me all hooked up and the right amount of meds flowing in, and I got lovely and numb. The contractions continued doing their job, with me blissfully unable to feel the pain (or the catheter they stuck in me) for another two hours (went from 8cm to 10cm dilated in half an hour, which made me very glad I couldn't feel what was happening down there). And then it was time to push. They turned down the amount of pitocin, and I think they turned off the epidural completely, so I could feel the pressure from the contractions and know when to push for. And the pushing part, I discovered, is really hard work. Two hours and one episiotomy later, baby finally came out. I got to hold him for a little while before they took him to get all cleaned up and weighed and measured and everything.

He's a good little munch-mouth of an eater already, and has peed several times, and pooped earlier today, and has passed all his little tests they've given him so far, so he's doing great and is nice and healthy. He makes little noises while he's sleeping that I am going to have to learn to ignore if I'm going to ever sleep soundly again. We'll get discharged from the hospital tomorrow evening, I think, so I will miss all of the moving involving the moving van entirely, and will take him home to a new house all full of boxes.

So, that's our little baby guy!


K la said...

He's darling!! Congratulations!!

Flaw said...

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you :)

Ted Lee said...


Makes me want to have babies.