Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Almost here

I had my last doctor's appointment (for me, at least) today, until 6 weeks from now. Still 2-3cm dilated, 80% effaced. Looking good to go for Thursday. They'll start the pitocin, and break the bag of waters, and get things going.

I'm feeling pretty ready. I've got my hospital bag packed up, and my purse packed up. I have to stay in the hospital for 48 hours after baby's born, so they can check him for the Strep B stuff or whatever, so I'll get to go home sometime on Saturday. Baby will get the standard tests and stuff while we're there. He also gets to have an ultrasound of his very own, because I guess one of his kidneys (based on my last ultrasound) is a bit bigger than the other one, which very well may be in normal ranges, but they want to check it out anyway. I'm a bit nervous about that, of course. We're naming him Aiden, no middle name unless some random inspiration suddenly and unexpectedly strikes us while we're in the hospital. I've got a movie we're taking to watch while we're there, and some music to listen to, and Mike's bringing the laptop so he'll be able to entertain himself while I'm sleeping and stuff (the hospital has internet connections in all the recovery rooms). I've got an outfit to bring baby home in, and a receiving blanket packed up, and some diapers and wipes just in case and some burp rags and the papers from the hospital and stuff. And clothes for me, of course. Hopefully Mike will get some clothes for him to change into packed up tonight (there's a fold-out couch/futon thing in the recovery room that he can sleep on). The carseat is installed in the car, and we discovered it takes up a lot of space in the backseat and the front seats have to be moved pretty far forward for it to fit. Other than that, it's really nice. The stroller's all put together, and the baby stuff is all packed up.

Most of the rest of our house is all packed up too. I still have to pack up all my bathroom stuff, and all our food, and the linen closet, and a couple other little random things here and there. But it's mostly done. Mike needs to pack his clothes still, and disassemble his computer desk. His parents are going to get the moving van on Friday night and move a couple of our things over to the new house. Then Saturday is the big move day. So far, my mom and younger siblings are coming down for Saturday, so they'll be able to help, and Mike's parents can help, and his brother can help. A couple of our friends might be able to come help (we're hoping it will work out so they can) for part of the day at least. And hopefully our home teachers will come help. It's the ward campout this weekend so I doubt anybody else from the ward will come. I am going to squirrel myself away in our new bedroom and try to sleep for most of the day, I think, once I get out of the hospital. The U-Haul has to be returned by late-afternoon/early-evening on Saturday, so hopefully all the big stuff will be moved by then. We can move smaller stuff in the Tacoma and in my in-laws' trailer if necessary.

It's all pretty crazy right now. Mike's parents have been really nice and have come over several times to help us pack stuff. It's been especially useful the last several days because Mike caught a nasty cold that is sucking away his energy, and as of today, I have it too. It is icky. Yesterday we went and sat in his parents' hot tub for awhile, they'd warmed it up to lukewarm for us, and it was really nice and relaxing (and I finally got to experience having the water support all that belly weight instead of my hips and legs having to). It was a good break from packing. It's too bad I was pregnant mostly during the winter, when the pools were entirely too cold to go swimming. It would've been really nice.

We did final new-house walkthrough today. Everything looks good. I used our new camcorder to tape a couple things to show Mike when he gets home from work. Good practice for videoing baby guy in a couple of days.

I'm tired. I think I'll take a nap, and then go finish packing the bathrooms and the linen closet (and those last couple random things laying about). Then Mike's parents can help pack up the food when they come over to help again tonight, and Mike can do his clothes and desk. And then tomorrow I can clean or rest or remember a couple more last things to pack or something.

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