Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I suppose I should update again

Aiden is still adorable. The last couple of weeks have been great, I love him so much and he is constantly really really cute, but they've also been really hard.

If you don't want to read about a couple breastfeeding issues and baby's ear infection, skip the next paragraph.

I guess I never really got a good latch for breastfeeding and so was dealing with cracking and bleeding and pain, and then last week, after several days of him being really congested, he got really fussy one night and stopped eating on one side, so I took him to the pediatrician. Poor baby has an ear infection. A week old, and he got his first ear infection. So we started him on some antibiotics, and I stuck to feeding him on the other side, but that made the whole pain and bleeding thing much, much worse. And the other side was getting pretty engorged, which is also really, really uncomfortable. So Saturday I went and got a little hand-pump, and started using it, and we tried cup-feeding him once, but it didn't really work, so I gave in and he's been eating from a bottle for the past several days while I wait for me to heal up and for him to get over his ear infection. The guilt of giving him a bottle is really hard to deal with, even though it was really the best option for him still eating for the last several days. I'm planning on going to see a lactation consultant once the scabs have gone away, and hopefully he'll be able to transition back to the breast without too many difficulties. Pumping is a pain with the handpump, I think the breastshield it came with is the wrong size so it gets pretty uncomfortable pretty quickly. Lanolin is fabulous, but it gunks up the pump and makes it hard to clean, so I haven't been using it much.

I feel so bad for him, he's still horribly congested and has a hard time breathing a lot of the time. He's doing better yesterday and today, but he still wants to be held most of the time, which I'm inclined to do, because it obviously helps him feel better. I really wish I could make his stuffy nose go away somehow and make him feel all better. I guess that's part of being a parent.

The lack of sleep is also really hard. It's getting a little better, I'm getting maybe six hours of sleep a night now, rather than three or four. I spend most of the day every day in somewhat of a zombie mode. We've been watching a lot of the Discovery Channel, and I've spent lots of time just staring at baby guy. I need to come up with a nick for him. One of these days soon I will have to take pictures of all his different facial expressions he makes during the day. I love his little smiles, even if they are just from gas, and I can't get over how cute he is when his eyes are open and he's staring at me. He's pretty strong and wiggly and sometimes manages to roll over completely onto his side. He eats every couple of hours, and has been packing the weight back on. He's got a pediatrician's appointment tomorrow so we'll see if he weighs more than his birth weight (I'm betting he does, he was an ounce short when I took him in for the ear infection).

We took him in for a renal ultrasound yesterday. Hopefully we'll find out the results from that soon.

I'm recovering pretty well, other than being constantly tired. :) Today I managed to unpack all my clothes (finally) and finish unpacking the bathroom, and take care of baby guy by myself all day (first day pumping with Dusey gone at work), and pick up the family room, and wash all the bottles and the pump, and make dinner, and research mei tais because I want to get one to carry him around in. Our bedroom is almost all put away and organized now, and the garage needs some rearranging but is pretty close to done. The living room needs to be arranged and the other two bedrooms are still full of boxes that need to be unpacked and organized, and we need to paint almost everything still. But we're making good progress and our house feels more and more like home every day (I can get dressed now without searching through suitcases!).

Dusey has been an awesome daddy so far. He's been really great about helping feed Aiden and change his diapers and put him back to sleep at night so I can pump the next bottle. And he's been spending time almost every day putting a few things away, and exercising, and making food for us to eat, and getting me whatever medicine (for me or baby) I'm in need of at any given moment, and still working full-time too. I love it whenever it is time for his days off each week. He's been dealing well with all my little baby blues emotional breakdowns too every couple of days.

I love my family.

I'll respond to all your lovely comments soon, I promise.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Feature Presentation

Aiden Van Dusen
7 lbs. 8 oz.
20.1" long
born at 7:01pm, April 10th

He is adorable, and I adore him. I did not so much adore the fifteen hours of labor, and two hours of pushing, and the not being able to eat anything for pretty much all day, but he's worth it.

We got to the hospital at 3am yesterday, after maybe four hours of sleep. I was dilated to 3cm. They started me on the Pitocin (which creates contractions) at about 4am. I had lovely little regular painless contractions until about noon (we watched 50 First Dates to pass the time), at which time my OBGYN showed up and broke the bag of waters. I flooded. There really was a LOT of fluid in there. After that, the contractions started to actually work right, and therefore, started to hurt. I stuck it out for about two and a half hours, but after going from 5cm to 6cm dilated in fifteen minutes, and not being able to get up out of the bed and move around at all (hardly being able to move in the bed at all, with all the stuff I was hooked up to), I decided to go ahead and get the epidural. So the anesthisiologist came in at 3pm and did a great job of getting me all hooked up and the right amount of meds flowing in, and I got lovely and numb. The contractions continued doing their job, with me blissfully unable to feel the pain (or the catheter they stuck in me) for another two hours (went from 8cm to 10cm dilated in half an hour, which made me very glad I couldn't feel what was happening down there). And then it was time to push. They turned down the amount of pitocin, and I think they turned off the epidural completely, so I could feel the pressure from the contractions and know when to push for. And the pushing part, I discovered, is really hard work. Two hours and one episiotomy later, baby finally came out. I got to hold him for a little while before they took him to get all cleaned up and weighed and measured and everything.

He's a good little munch-mouth of an eater already, and has peed several times, and pooped earlier today, and has passed all his little tests they've given him so far, so he's doing great and is nice and healthy. He makes little noises while he's sleeping that I am going to have to learn to ignore if I'm going to ever sleep soundly again. We'll get discharged from the hospital tomorrow evening, I think, so I will miss all of the moving involving the moving van entirely, and will take him home to a new house all full of boxes.

So, that's our little baby guy!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Last day

Today is my last day of not being a mommy.

It's my last day of living in this house.

It's my last day of being pregnant (for a while).

Today is my last day without an HOA (for a while).

It's kind of scary.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Almost here

I had my last doctor's appointment (for me, at least) today, until 6 weeks from now. Still 2-3cm dilated, 80% effaced. Looking good to go for Thursday. They'll start the pitocin, and break the bag of waters, and get things going.

I'm feeling pretty ready. I've got my hospital bag packed up, and my purse packed up. I have to stay in the hospital for 48 hours after baby's born, so they can check him for the Strep B stuff or whatever, so I'll get to go home sometime on Saturday. Baby will get the standard tests and stuff while we're there. He also gets to have an ultrasound of his very own, because I guess one of his kidneys (based on my last ultrasound) is a bit bigger than the other one, which very well may be in normal ranges, but they want to check it out anyway. I'm a bit nervous about that, of course. We're naming him Aiden, no middle name unless some random inspiration suddenly and unexpectedly strikes us while we're in the hospital. I've got a movie we're taking to watch while we're there, and some music to listen to, and Mike's bringing the laptop so he'll be able to entertain himself while I'm sleeping and stuff (the hospital has internet connections in all the recovery rooms). I've got an outfit to bring baby home in, and a receiving blanket packed up, and some diapers and wipes just in case and some burp rags and the papers from the hospital and stuff. And clothes for me, of course. Hopefully Mike will get some clothes for him to change into packed up tonight (there's a fold-out couch/futon thing in the recovery room that he can sleep on). The carseat is installed in the car, and we discovered it takes up a lot of space in the backseat and the front seats have to be moved pretty far forward for it to fit. Other than that, it's really nice. The stroller's all put together, and the baby stuff is all packed up.

Most of the rest of our house is all packed up too. I still have to pack up all my bathroom stuff, and all our food, and the linen closet, and a couple other little random things here and there. But it's mostly done. Mike needs to pack his clothes still, and disassemble his computer desk. His parents are going to get the moving van on Friday night and move a couple of our things over to the new house. Then Saturday is the big move day. So far, my mom and younger siblings are coming down for Saturday, so they'll be able to help, and Mike's parents can help, and his brother can help. A couple of our friends might be able to come help (we're hoping it will work out so they can) for part of the day at least. And hopefully our home teachers will come help. It's the ward campout this weekend so I doubt anybody else from the ward will come. I am going to squirrel myself away in our new bedroom and try to sleep for most of the day, I think, once I get out of the hospital. The U-Haul has to be returned by late-afternoon/early-evening on Saturday, so hopefully all the big stuff will be moved by then. We can move smaller stuff in the Tacoma and in my in-laws' trailer if necessary.

It's all pretty crazy right now. Mike's parents have been really nice and have come over several times to help us pack stuff. It's been especially useful the last several days because Mike caught a nasty cold that is sucking away his energy, and as of today, I have it too. It is icky. Yesterday we went and sat in his parents' hot tub for awhile, they'd warmed it up to lukewarm for us, and it was really nice and relaxing (and I finally got to experience having the water support all that belly weight instead of my hips and legs having to). It was a good break from packing. It's too bad I was pregnant mostly during the winter, when the pools were entirely too cold to go swimming. It would've been really nice.

We did final new-house walkthrough today. Everything looks good. I used our new camcorder to tape a couple things to show Mike when he gets home from work. Good practice for videoing baby guy in a couple of days.

I'm tired. I think I'll take a nap, and then go finish packing the bathrooms and the linen closet (and those last couple random things laying about). Then Mike's parents can help pack up the food when they come over to help again tonight, and Mike can do his clothes and desk. And then tomorrow I can clean or rest or remember a couple more last things to pack or something.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Final plan

3am next Thursday.

I guess the hospital is pretty full-up on scheduled inductions right now, so 3am was the only option. That'll be loads of fun. Better than 11pm though, I guess. At least this way I'll get to get some sleep beforehand.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Note to Self on Insanity

Never, ever, ever again plan to move to a new house during your last month of pregnancy. It just begs for complications.

The ultrasound yesterday was pretty fun. Baby was moving a lot and not being very cooperative, but the nurse got all the measurements she needed. She said his measurements indicate he's probably about 7lbs, 12oz right now, which is significantly larger than the OBGYN had estimated. Also, she said he has a very nicely shaped foot, he likes to show off his boy parts, and he has a chubby face and a good bit of hair, apparently. It's pretty cool knowing my baby has hair before I even get to see him in person.

So, I was pretty happy all night last night, and we got pizza to celebrate the good doctor's appointments, and it was a good day.

This morning I woke up at 3am and couldn't fall back asleep. Rather energetic and restless. So, I got up and finished sewing the top of my t-shirt quilt. I still haven't taken a nap. I can tell, somewhere in the back of my head, that I'm tired, but there's this restless energy that isn't going away. I'm kind of hoping I'll crash and be able to take a nap soon.

My OBGYN called me about an hour ago. She got the results of the ultrasound, and was quite surprised by how big the baby is. Also, she said that I have a lot of amniotic fluid. Like, 15 to 20 is normal, and I'm measuring at 25. Extra amniotic fluid can apparently cause some complications during labor, like baby can unexpectedly turn around, or the umbilical cord can come out when the waters break (which can cut off blood flow to baby which is bad). So, she said considering the extra fluid and the unexpected bigness of baby, they'd like to induce me next week.


Next week.

My due date is the 28th.

Our closing date on our house is next week, on the 10th (that's Thursday).

We were planning on moving on the 14th, and having a lovely one or two weeks of living in the new house before baby guy got here.

But they want to induce me.

Next week.

So, I still need to schedule the actual induction, but our current plan of action, I guess, is for me to be induced next Thursday (yes, that's our closing date on the house), and then move in to the new house I guess on Saturday and Monday, because Mike will be taking work off anyway. And I will make them move my bed first, into our new bedroom, and then I will go hide in there with baby and sleep and rest while Mike and various family members and friends and maybe some people from the ward move all our stuff into the rest of the house.

I think it's not a bad plan. It's insane, yes. But not a bad plan, I don't think. I really wasn't expecting to get the new baby and the new house all in the same weekend, but there doesn't appear to be much I can do about it. I'm a wee bit stressed out about everything. Hopefully baby guy will cooperate and wait until next Thursday to come. If he comes before then while my house is still in a state of unpackedness, I may just start laughing maniacally, and turn my entire life over to other people to take care of for me.

I guess this will be a good lesson for me in letting other people help out.

Oh. My brother's birthday is the 10th. Maybe baby will share a birthday with his uncle.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I love my doctor's office

Despite the fact that it was 55 minutes after I arrived (and 50 minutes after my scheduled appointment time) before I saw the doctor, approximately 10 minutes of which I was sitting covered up by a large piece of paper in an extremely cold exam room with nothing to do (they were adjusting the air conditioning in the office), with quite swollen feet and ankles that were not enjoying my not being able to put them up at all...despite all that, I really do love my OBGYN's office.

First off, they gave me overall good news today. True, I may have tested positive for Strep B, and therefore will have to be on antibiotics throughout my labor to avoid making little baby guy horribly sick, which isn't the greatest of news, but I am also approximately 75% effaced and 2cm dilated and baby's head has dropped so things are moving along nicely towards baby coming. Which makes me happy, because I decided this morning that I'm done with this whole pregnancy thing. I'm offically tired of it, and am ready to move on, which is a pretty normal emotion at the end of pregnancy and from what I've read is helpful since it makes you welcome the onset of labor. And the doctor gave me advice on the swollen ankles and feet, all of which I already knew, but still, good to hear from an official source (cut down on salt, soak your feet in the tub or (she called it hydrotherapy), and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate).

Secondly, they're very nice. My doctor wants me to have another ultrasound before baby gets here to judge his size, and the nurse in charge of doing all the referrals and other-office-paperwork-faxing stuff was out last week, but today she was there. So, she not only gave me the paper for the ultrasound office, but also called and let them know I needed to schedule an appointment, so they called me rather than me having to call them to schedule it, which was nice. And I've had this lump on my eyelid for, like, a month and a half, and with my insurance, all referrals have to come from my OBGYN right now, and it's been a complicated hassle trying to get it taken care of, so today after finding out I still didn't have an appointment with an eye doctor, the nice doctor talked with the nice nurse and the nurse called me about 45 minutes after my appointment ended to let me know that not only did she have the referral paperwork all over to the eye center, but that she'd scheduled an appointment for me so I wouldn't have to worry about it.

So, after my lovely good-news appointment this morning, I have an ultrasound appointment this afternoon (yes, they had an opening today, which is great, because I have the car), and an appointment to get my eyelid lump looked at on Thursday. Life is good.

And we packed a bunch more yesterday. Our downstairs is pretty much all packed up and ready to be moved. I need to get my craft room upstairs all packed up this week, and then next week I can get a couple of people to come help me pack up the breakable dishes and things I think (because wrapping dishes takes a long time and is tedious and boring and it will be nice to have some company). So everything on the moving front is going well, too.

Now I just need to be patient and deal with all the discomforts of pregnancy for the next couple of weeks. :)