Thursday, March 06, 2008

Moving, jobs, libraries, natural birth, circumcision, Easter, hikes, and power blinks

I've gotten used to my haircut now. I am going to get it cut again to a different cut after baby comes, though. New baby, new haircut, I think they'll go well together.

Speaking of new things, I think we are going to be moving next month. We found a lovely house in a lovely neighborhood in Gilbert, with a commute that won't be much longer for Dusey, that I think is financially feasible. There's some more paperwork to be signed and such before it's 100% for sure, but I think we've got the house, with a closing date of April 10th, which means hopefully baby will not come extremely early. If we plan it right we should be able to get all moved in and have some semblance of organization before he gets here. Once the paperwork is all done and it's 100% for sure I will post more information about what a lovely house it is. I am already planning on painting the inside different colors, and re-doing a little bit of the landscaping so I can have a few veggies and herbs around the backyard, and I am full of ideas of wanting to upgrade this or that eventually and it's such a pretty little house in such a great location. I'm really excited.

Also new, Dusey's job stuff finally got all sorted out, so now he's only working one job, full-time. Yay! We are both super-excited about that (no more substituting, regular hours every day, a set dependable income that doesn't change because he's always working the same number of days, less driving overall, etc). We're hoping to get the insurance information soon so we can get that all figured out, as well as whether he'll get time off for when baby comes, etc.

Another new thing is that I finally went and got myself a library card. I even checked out several books with it. I've been interested in trying out natural birth (though I'm willing to change my mind depending on circumstances once I'm in the thick of it). So, I decided (helped a lot by the advice of my oldest sister) that I better start reading up on it and getting all informed so I know what to expect. The library branch I went to didn't have the three books I really wanted to read (Birthing From Within, the Bradley method book, and Ina May Gaskin's book), so I checked out a book called "The Big Book of Birth" instead, along with some cookbooks to look through for fun. I absolutely loved the book. It was very informative about what happens during a birth, as well as what all the options are and pros and cons of all of them, without being horribly biased toward any single birthing option. Plus, it was entertaining. I'm going to make Dusey read it before I take it back, I think. I've got the other books on hold, so as soon as they're available, I'm going to read them as well. And with the news about the house, I looked up online and discovered my new library card will still be valid and useable even after we move to a different city, plus there's a library branch not too far away from the house.

I am having a baby shower in a couple weeks. I am suddenly a bit conflicted as to who to invite from the ward, now that we'll probably be moving so soon after. There's less than 8 weeks left, and I am excited to meet my baby guy. People keep telling me lately that my belly is little and that I don't look like I'm 7 months pregnant, so that's been a nice little boost to my self-confidence. Baby guy is still definitely sideways in my belly. I'm hoping he decides to turn around head-down soon. The doctor hasn't said anything about it yet, and there's still plenty of time for him to turn, but now is supposedly the normal time for baby to turn, and being a first-time pregnant lady, I am of course worried that he won't turn in time and they'll have to do the supposedly uncomfortable manual turn attempt or something. Regarding circumcision, I don't think I want to have him circumcised, because I don't see any reason to do so. The likelihood of infection is quite small, and easily preventable through cleaning. I don't much care about the "like father like son" thing (and neither does Dusey), so that's not an issue. Nobody has given me any other reasons for doing it, other than those two, so I don't really want to.

Now that things are finally happening and I'm no longer stuck in a constant state of limbo, I am no longer waking up longing for Easter every single morning like I was a few weeks ago. I would wake up, and see the dim light coming through the tree and blinds through my window, and hear the birds chirping, and it reminded me of an Easter morning when I was younger. And I got this urge to put on a pretty Easter dress, and go to the kitchen to discover an Easter basket (with peeps, and jelly beans, and some little chocolate malt eggs, and maybe a Cadbury egg, and gumdrops, and possibly some other little candies varying each year), not necessarily in a basket (it was often an Easter cereal bowl), but always with Easter grass. And I wanted to eat a peep and some jelly beans, and then eat breakfast, and then go to church and have a lovely quiet meeting, and then come home and dye eggs, and go on an Easter Egg hunt (with lots of plastic eggs full of jelly beans and m&m's cleverly hidden by either parents or older siblings), and eat more candy, and then have a nice dinner with a honey-baked ham (with Dijon mustard) and some potatoes of some sort, and peas, and juice, and other foods varying each year. So, for about two weeks, I had this longing to have an Easter just like the ones I had growing up, to have that sense of happiness and security and that joy upon waking up and seeing that light and hearing the birds and knowing that it was going to be a lovely day full of lovely happy activities and family time and good food. And I was wanting to not be in charge of any of it, just have it all be taken care of and there, ready for me to enjoy. Now that we're not in a state of supreme limbo though, I'm not waking up longing for it anymore, and I probably won't do anything special for Easter with just me and Dusey (though I'm sure we'll have a nice dinner with his family). I was going to write a big long pretty post all about Easter and those longings, but I'm not having them anymore, because I'm happy and excited about all these other things, so all you're getting is this rather longish paragraph.

I think that about covers everything I've been wanting to talk about lately. Ooh, I've also been on several hikes lately, out to the desert to see the gorgeous wildflowers and the pretty sunsets and have a picnic, and then another trip to A Mountain (the mountain that the ASU stadium is built into the side of, that sticks up out of nowhere in the middle of the valley, that has the letter A on the side). A Mountain is really little, the whole thing is barely taller than the Y that's on the mountain in Provo (yes, the whole mountain is barely bigger than the letter Y), so we hiked all the way up to the top. Short hike, but very steep, so we took it nice and slow. I've been feeling a bit better and more energetic with all the hiking and walks I've been going on even though I was extremely sore in some weird spots for a couple of days after. It's been fun though, and the energy boost and added optimism and excitement about life has been great, so I need to keep up the exercising. It's beautiful spring weather here, in the 70's or 80's most every day, often with a nice cool breeze. By April it will probably be solidly summer-time and hot. So I'm enjoying the weather now, and all the sunshine.

The power blinked twice last night for absolutely no apparent reason. That was exciting. I lit a candle, and was contemplating how I could cook dinner on the grill outside if the power went out completely, but it didn't.

And that definitely covers everything I've been wanting to blog about lately. :)


K la said...

Hooray!! Baby Showers!! I suppose I can't come, but send me a mailing address so I can send a present.

TLC Tugger said...

Congrats and good for you recognizing (like 95% of the non-Muslim world) that circumcision is a choice for an adult to make about himself.

I would caution you about what your friends say about "cleaning" the penis. Treat it like eyelids. You don't force them back to clean under them. Sterile urine leaving the body is sufficient to keep the space within the foreskin hygenic. (How do you suppose humans - and all mammals - survived before the advent of surgery or soap)?

Premature forced retraction of the foreskin is associated with malformations, skin bridges, and adhesions. His foreskin will gradually naturaly become retractable by puberty. ONLY the owner should ever retract a foreskin. Be prepared to FIGHT off ignorant doctors.