Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I'm not wearing any green today, but that is because I am still in my grungy comfy clothes that I wore to bed last night. If I get around to actually getting dressed today, I will put on a green shirt.

I think I have the bestest husband ever. He was getting ready for work this morning, and I told him that I wanted doughnuts (I often mention wanting random foodstuffs that we don't have, not really cravings, just this or that sounds good). He kissed me goodbye and left, and after a bit I wandered to the kitchen, resigned to eating cereal, only to remember that we didn't have any milk. So I pulled out the cottage cheese and an apple to start munching away at something, when the doorbell rang. There, on the doorstep, was a bag of doughnuts and a gallon of milk, that my most darling husband had run to the store and picked up and dropped off before actually leaving for work. And this is after he took care of me all day yesterday because I was feeling really icky all day and stayed home from church. He is adorable.

The Ides of March went well. I went to my first ever NBA game with Dusey's family. The Suns played very well, they won by about 30 points or so, and I got to see Shaquille O'Neal make several dunks, and Steve Nash make several 3-pointers, and I got to see The Gorilla do lots of cool stuff 'cause it was his birthday game. I ate pizza and breadsticks and a red Icee which is probably why I ended up feeling sick all day yesterday. And I managed to not get horribly uncomfortable during the game because I thought ahead and stuffed one of our throw pillows into my big purse and put it behind my back for most of the game (the pillow, not the purse).

Pi Day was lots of fun too. I played the Cowboy Bebop song for Dusey when he got home, and we had homemade pizza pie for dinner (tomato and green pepper), with cherry and blueberry cup pies for dessert. The cup pies were very tasty, though they looked funny and ended up way liquidy. I think the recipes for the fillings I used would work better in a full-sized pie, cooked for a long time.

I have been looking at paint colors for the new house. We are thinking of painting the kitchen and attached room (is it the living room or the family room? I don't know) a nice blue color, probably kind of cornflower-ish. And the front room (it's whichever the other one isn't) I think we'll paint a nice soft green color, with maybe a little bit an of orange accent wall. A soft, light orange. I figure if we paint the walls nice soft colors we'll be able to achieve more punch with our decorations. Have the walls compliment everything else, rather than being the center of attention themselves. Also, soft colors will match the floor better. The travertine's got a whole lot of beigy brown in it that would look rather odd next to really bright paint colors. I think it will end up being nice and cheerful yet peaceful at the same time. I haven't contemplated colors for the bedrooms or what to do about the hallway yet at all. I think I'm only going to worry about getting the main rooms painted before baby gets here.

Speaking of baby, there's only six weeks left until my due date. I am excited. I really ought to start worrying about having everything ready for him, and about getting all packed up before I get even bigger and more uncomfortable (my belly is starting to balloon out, and quite a few of my maternity shirts no longer fit over it). He still hasn't turned around yet, he seems quite comfortable lying sideways in my tummy. I guess I'll ask at my appointment next week when I ought to start worrying about him turning head down. I'm also planning on letting the doctor know that I want to try the no epidural thing. I've finally read all the really highly recommended books about it, and am feeling pretty confident (though my favorite book is still the random one I found that nobody recommended to me, The Big Book of Birth, all the other three I read did not provide nearly as balanced of perspectives). As long as baby cooperates, I think I can handle it.

I've been having lots of bizarre dreams lately. At least I'm still sleeping through the night, which I know is pretty rare, and I'm grateful for it.

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