Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy Pi Day!


best celebrated at 1:59 with the consumption of what else but pie? I also recommend listening to 3.14 from Cowboy Bebop if you've got the soundtrack. Good song for Pi Day. It might also be a good day for watching the movie Pi, but I haven't seen it and therefore can't recommend it (and it's rated R for some stuff that I think might freak me out a little bit).

I think I'm going to make some cup pies today. I have just enough of several different kinds of fruit for it to work well, I think. We'll have to see how they turn out. I'm excited about it. If I hadn't already seen all the episodes that are out, I think I'd watch one of the more pie-centric episodes of Pushing Daisies today.

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Flaw said...

You know, I never connected the Cowboy Bebop song with Pi before. Interesting.

Indeed, you would not like the icky parts of Arronofsky's Pi. I was out-squeamed myself.