Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy First Day of Spring!

So, I finally gave in and made a FaceBook account. I haven't added very many people as friends yet because, I dunno, I'm shy, or I get bored easily, or I'm taking it slow, or something like that.

After stressing out all day yesterday and getting nothing done, today I made Mike take the truck to work instead of the car, so now I have absolutely no excuse to not go do some errands. Like, buy some food. And finish the baby registry. Oh, I need to renew a library book too, but I can do that online. I'm going to do a load of laundry today too. I feel so productive, and I haven't even started on any of it yet!

I'm still stressing about sideways baby though. And I will probably continue to do so until I can talk to the doctor about it, and possibly will continue to do so after that, too. My next appointment isn't until Tuesday so I have several days in which I can stress about it and try methods of getting him to turn around at home (taking brisk walks, lying with my feet and hips elevated, kneeling with my butt in the air, making Mike talk to the base of my belly, eating lots of potassium...oh wait...that one's for the edema, gotta remember the bananas when I go shopping). I am hoping the slight swelling in my hands will go away in the next several days but it will probably just stay there until baby's born, based on what I remember of my sisters' pregnancies.

I'm going to buy some Easter stuff at the store today. I do not know when we will have time to dye Easter eggs, but we are going to do it, because it's fun, and I want to. And I am going to buy Peeps. And jelly beans. And I'm going to fantasize about the Easter dress that has lived only in my imagination for years now. Maybe I'll go to the mall and look at the maternity clothes store just for fun. And then tomorrow, if I complete all my errands today, I can start packing! Whoo! Or at least finish the top of my t-shirt quilt, which is kind of like packing, since I can stuff it away in a bin to store again once it's done. Or something. Maybe I'll take a trip to the dump tomorrow and get rid of some stuff. That can be pretty fun.

Oh, we went to the Easter Pageant at the temple a couple of nights ago. It was nice, although a little more road-show-ish than I expected (random music and dance numbers throughout the show, which I found a bit distracting honestly). But it was nice. And yesterday night, we started watching Escaflowne with some friends who haven't ever seen it before, and I got to be quite amazed by how much of it I didn't remember from the one other time I've watched it. And we're watching some Cowboy Bebop tonight with another friend who hasn't seen it ever, so that should be fun. And then maybe we'll do the Easter eggs on Friday night or Saturday night or something. Mike started his new schedule today so he'll be getting home an hour earlier every night (though he leaves an hour earlier in the mornings), so that'll be really nice for allowing for dinner time and then time to do stuff together.

Okay, time to go get started on the whole being productive thing! Gotta do it now while I can still move without massive amounts of pain and difficulty (only minor amounts right now, I expect it will only get worse as baby guy keeps growing).

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Mr. Fob said...

Can I be your FaceBook friend? I tried searching for your blog name and for your real first name (don't know your last) and didn't find you.

Also: I know the stress of sideways baby.

Also: As far as natural childbirth books go (as I'm catching up on your last few posts), FoxyJ really likes Spiritual Midwifery. It's very hippie-ish, which may or may not be your thing, but Foxy says it's good.